Vredehammer interview @ London Scala 08/04/2015

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 Vredehammer Interview with Per Valla

Interview by Ashlinn Nash

Vredehammer is comprised of Per Valla and Kristoffer Hansen [later joined as the solo project expanded] have three impressive EP-releases.


Vredehammer has begun to turn more heads with their combination of aggressive guitars and Norse melodies as well as delivering newest offering Vinteroffer. Metal Rules managed to catch up with the creative force and frontman of the band before their support slot at London’s Scala.

How are you and how has the tour been going so far?

It’s been hell [laughs] but we’re getting there. We had problems with our camper so we’ve been actually just vising, the tour a few times when we’re playing just due to the logistics which added up to finding new buses and going by train and stuff. So it’s like we have a curse [smiles] on this tour. When we play and we see the audience everything is wiped away.

That doesn’t sound good, so from the tour so far, what has been your favourite venue to play?

We’ve had some problems with the time schedules so the only show we got to play a full set was in Paris, so Paris so far.

How did you get involved with touring with these bands?

We are all on the same label so I basically saw the poster for the tour rang up and I think they only meant to bring one band but said if we could get our own transport we could come [smiles] so we found the camper from hell!


Sorry to hear about that, let’s talk about the new album – where did you cite inspiration from?

Fifty per cent of the album is material I had lying around for up to six years I just never had the right channel to put it out through and the rest of the inspiration comes very much from where you are at a specific time in your life. I think we grown up listening to music and we know what we like from that, as it emerges into a big bowl and that evolves to make you think how you think. It makes you go down the opposite way or make the same decisions other bands have. The short version would maybe be, I don’t know [laughs] it’s a hard question.

Where was it recorded and what was the writing process for it?

 As I said the writing process was from 5 years until one years ago it was recorded in our home town. We recently had a new studio built there so we made a good deal with them and recorded it with them and a little bit in my wardrobe [laughs] at home. It’s a walk in closet that my girlfriend has and its got great acoustics so I did the vocals in there [smiles] between the dresses and stuff. Then we sent it to Denmark to have it mixed and mastered.

Having started as a solo project,what has it been like to have grown into a band and to play live?

To play live of course is a natural step and a beautiful one because it rules to play live and there is no feeling like it on the other hand getting a full band when you’re a solo artist is a little bit difficult. So after playing live for about a year there have been several people coming in and out of the band because they have trouble working with me.

As a general nightmare I need to have control as many songwriters do so I need to find people who are okay with this. I need to have the last say and some people tell me to go fuck myself and I understand that totally and I respect that, then we can’t play together that is all.

Is this a good line-up for you?

This is a really good line-up for me [smiles] we were playing a headline show a few months ago and one of the warm up bands where from Bergen -the band Canvas Black they are working as session musicians on this tour the drummer and the bassist. It’s just me and guitarist who are permanent members. So this tour is a test to see how we get along and it seems to be great so far.


How would you sum up the band in a few words for those who haven’t heard of you before?

Many people call us the second wave of black metal that is kind of right as we have a good sound which we will continue we quite like power and we’re not into that necro sound. We implement in a lot of folk music as long as it sounds good it’s cool.

What are the plans for the rest of the year?

I think we’re home 1st May, then we have twelve days off then we start recording the next album. Then we’ll do a couple of festivals in our home town we will probably release the album in October and then we’ll be touring.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. 

Pleasure, thank you.


Per Valla was an engaging frontman, fully focused and interesting to have had the chance to speak with. To follow the bands activity online please check out their Facebook and website.

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