Steve DiGiorgio reveals he came pretty close to missing out on Testament gig

Caleb ‘Sick’ Smith of Heavy Metal Thrash, The Sickroom Podcast recently conducted a 2 part interview with legendary Testament bass player Steve DiGiorgio talking about the bands up and coming studio album and his near miss on rejoining Testament. You can now listen to the chat below:

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Steve DiGiorgio - Death To All
Steve DiGiorgio – Death To All

Steve DiGiorgio talks new Testament All the songs will be fast, all the songs will be brutal and aggressive. This isn’t about a bunch of old guys cashing in on something it’s about true thrash legends maintaining pace with what they helped created.

DiGiorgio on Greg Christian departure:

I’m aware of some stuff of what happened between them and Greg, but somewhere along the way the just decided they didn’t want to work together anymore and having that history from when I was in the band in 1998 to 2004  I had a long run, good times, I didn’t leave or get kicked out, they just morphed in to the reunion of the original line up.  We kept in touch over the years, Chuck has been a good friend, we live in the same town, we weren’t working together, but we still maintained contact. When you lose a member in Testament, there’s not a lot of mystery when you call back somebody who has been in the band before, they’ve had a lot of line up changes and some times that doesn’t even matter to the fans they just see a cohesive unit falling apart, so I think there’s something to be said about a member coming back to replace and original guy, I’m not an original in Testament but I had a long stretch, you know, I recorded actual real albums and I got a pretty good chunk in to their history, and I guess calling me back seemed like a pretty logical point of view and I knew what I was walking in to. Chuck called me on the phone one day, I was kinda busy at the time and came pretty close to missing a good chance, and then he called me a second time. Then we met in person, and when you look at the guy in the eye you don’t want to say no, and I mean why I would I! What a powerful band to be apart of I’m pretty fucking lucky actually.

DiGiorgio on direction of up and coming Testament Studio Album:

All the songs will be fast, all the songs will be brutal and aggressive. This isn’t about a bunch of old guys cashing in on something it’s about true thrash legends maintaining pace with what they helped created. When you look at the talent in the band like Gene Hoglan, you better not be playing a ballad, you know, that guy can cook he’s the energizer bunny, and Alex you know there’s a reason he’s called a legend because he’s so freaking good. You can call a lot of guitarists stars, legends, gods all these things, but really the essence the basis of what the description comes of is ‘really fucking good’ Eric is always in the trenches writing the songs and shaping the sound of Testament, and Chuck , I mean what can I say, the dude is larger than life. It’s pretty exciting, it’s cool the way the timing turned out with me coming in on the tail end of the Dark Roots cycle, to kind of, you know, to get back in to the vibe and feel like a band going in to a writing session. When I came in to the band in 98 they scraped their whole line up and got me and Dave Lombardo, and we started writing songs with Eric right away, and that took a little longer because we were all new to each other. The song writing has already started and everybody already knows each others playing and the chemistry is there, and the band has high hopes, so it’s an exciting ride.

DiGiorgio on his contribution to new Testament Studio album:

Well, I’m gonna bring me, just like they want from me. The goal is to keep that bottom moving, the goal is to keep trudging along at a fast pace, all the upper stuff is going to seem that much quicker. Me and Gene, we’re revitalized to maintain our place as this fucking rhythm section from hell, we’ve worked a lot together and known each since the 80’s when Dark Angel and Sadus played together you know you can’t replace time, you can’t replace time, we like to compliment each others playing, if he picks up those kick drums, my fingers are following, and we’re gonna keep that bottom moving along and keep everything at a really quick place, Eric has the right hand – rhythm wise, and Chuck’s bellowing out the iron man vocals and it’s what metal should be. It’s fast, aggressive, powerful and angry. As far as my contribution as a bass player will go , I have a vision in my head of what they need, for bass, and I think they’re ready for it. Every album is like a new chapter, they’ve been in this mode to open the blinds and let it shine in, it’s going to be like an assault man.

DiGiorgio on Dark Roots of Thrash 2 tour:

I’m involved, I’m giving it, whether you like my style or not the on thing you can count on from me is it’s honest, I’m an entertainer, what comes out is completely natural and spontaneous, the band like, in Testaments and they require that type, you know, they don’t want background players.

Stay tuned to Heavy Metal Thrash The Sickroom Podcast for part 2 coming April 28th at 4pmEST , Steve talking about Death DTA, and the legacy of Death’s Chuck Schuldiner

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