From Hell’s Heart: Best Album Intros

Judas Priest - 1982 promo
Judas Priest - 1982 promo
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From Hells Heart

From Hell’s Heart: Best Album Intros

Some album intros are totally annoying and you always skip them when you put on the album. However, some are excellent, set the mood for the listening experience, and are totally memorable. Those are the ones we focus on for this week.

For our selections, we limit the choices to ALBUM intros, not just any ole song intro. It can be a spoken intro, sound effects, or a shorter musical piece…but is not a “song” or a part of a song, it is a stand alone track on the album. We asked our staff to give us their top 5 selections and some thoughts on them. Check out the results below….

The Best Album Intros

Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance
Judas Priest – Screaming For Vengeance

As there are so many album intros in metal, there is really no consensus on what the top 5 might be. The only clear thing that emerged when looking over our individual lists, is that a LOT of us had “The Hellion” in our lists, so we’ll call that one the winner.

On July 17, 1982, Judas Priest unleashed what has become known by many metal fans as a definitive HEAVY METAL album with SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE.  The album intro “The Hellion” is so ridiculously full of STEEL that no one can top this intro, not even Priest themselves.

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Check out the staff lists for a look into what we all thought of when it comes to excellent album intros.