The Best Of The Guess Who (SACD)

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The Best Of The Guess Who (SACD)
2015, Audio Fidelity
Rating: 5

As a Canadian born in the early 70’s The Guess Who were always on the radio growing up. I may not of known who was performing the songs that I heard but they were imbedded in my brain. Years later as I learned who sang the songs that were in the background of my youth The Guess Who played many of them.

When I received a press release saying that Audio Fidelity was issuing the infamous THE BEST OF THE GUESS WHO album my anticipation began. With AF’s track record I knew this should be good and I wouldn’t be disappointed. Finally after what seemed like eons the disc arrived in a well packaged box. Luckily for me I had time for a quick play before heading to work. The sounds that emitted from my speakers were wonderful. The disc begins with “These Eyes” and it never sounded better. Much better than I can ever remember it sounding and I have heard this song hundreds if not thousands of times over the course of my life. Similar with “Laughing” which just needs the volume turned up a little. By the time you get to “American Woman” that knob is already 11 and if not it should be. ALL of these tunes need to be loud and this disc allows that to be done with clarity.

This ‘Best Of’ was initially released in 1971 and contains essential Guess Who tracks with the exception of “Clap For The Wolfman” and “Follow Your Daughter Home” which were on latter albums (ROAD FOOD and ARTIFICIAL PARADISE respectively). An Audio Fidelity issue of these albums, especially ROAD FOOD would be most welcomed to accompany this essential release. As I have said above, The Guess Who have never sounded better. This is a must buy for every Canadian and lovers of some excellent Rock and Roll.

1. These Eyes
2. Laughing
3. Undun
4. No Time
5. American Woman
6. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
7. Hand Me Down World
8. Bus Rider
9. Share The Land
10. Do You Miss Me Darlin’?
11. Hang On To Your Life