The Best Of Bread (SACD)

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The Best Of Bread
2015, Audio Fidelity
Rating: 5

My familiarity with Bread was the hit song “If” and that was it, or so I thought. Never owning an album by the group but always on my ‘list’ to pick up a compilation to hear more by them. Here we are in 2015 and the fine folks at Audio Fidelity must have taken a gander at my ‘list’ and released THE BEST OF BREAD, their compilation from 1973.

As I just said in my opening paragraph, I only knew one song by Bread or so I thought. After playing this disc I knew a few of the songs from hearing them in my youth in a way similar to The Guess Who songs in my last review, just not as predominant. Maybe it is a cultural thing? It was songs such as “Baby I’m-a Want You”, “Make It With You” and “If” that I recall hearing all those years ago as a wee little lad. Again, I never knew who it was on the radio until now. This disc is filled with beautiful soft rock songs. The music of Bread is not my normal day to day listening but since receiving this disc I have played it several times and enjoyed each and every spin. It is an excellent album to but on if you are in a mellow mood or want to sit back, relax or even chill out with that special someone in your life.

The sound is top shelf and I am willing to bet there isn’t a better sounding disc of Bread out there. For me personally this is the perfect introduction to the band and quite possibly all I may ever need. Simply wonderful!

Make It with You
Everything I Own
Baby I’m-a Want You
It Don’t Matter to Me
Mother Freedom
Down on My Knees
Too Much Love
Let Your Love Go
Look What You’ve Done