Hardcore Superstar with support on Bandit Insanity Tour Sweden 2015 at Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

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Hardcore Superstar
Bandit Insanity Tour Sweden 2015
H.E.A.T – special guest
Outtrigger – support act
Smash Into Pieces – support act
Crunge – support act

Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden
7/2 – 2015

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


After a few weeks rest from concerts, it was finally time for me to attend the first show for 2015 and the year began with the Bandit Insanity Tour that stopped by Malmo and Kulturbolaget. This is a package tour including the well known and excellent Hardcore Superstar. Along with them were three other Swedish forces. The tour package name is taken from one of the bigger hardrock/metal radio shows in Sweden – Bandit Radio. For me, the purpose was to once again see one of the worlds best sleaze/metal acts in Hardcore Superstar. The rest of the bands were not of any bigger importance. Hardcore Superstar haven’t toured much in Scandinavia since they were out supporting their latest studio album from 2013 called C’MON TAKE ON ME. The band recently went in the studio to record a new album and the first single came at the end of last year with “Glue”.  The new album is about to be released in April.

The club opened already at 6 o clock and the first band was scheduled to be on stage at 6.30. Since the show took place on a Saturday, the club was hosting their night club so the hard rock evening had to end at 11.30. I came to the club about 10 minutes before it opened and it was a long 10 minutes to wait outside because of the harsh winter storm that ravaged the town. The first thing I looked for when I came in was if there was a photo pit and there wasn’t. The major part of the crowd was pretty young and many of the younger clientele was there to see H.E.A.T. and the first bands. The place in front of the stage was quickly filled with people and I understood pretty soon that it was going to be hard to take pictures without a photo pit. Already 15 minutes after the club had open it was time for the first band out for the night at Bandit Insanity Tour and it was Crunge that opened the show.


The members all walked out on the stage and kicked off the show right away. Two songs was played after which the bands singer/guitarist thanked the crowd and said it was fun to be on the stage tonight in Malmo. The 4-piece band played a melodic kind of metal. They played a descent set and even though I hadn’t heard them before, it was quite a nice new acquaintance. The members stood mostly solid on their spots during the show and didn’t move around connecting much with the crowd. The lighting was quite poor but the sound system worked better and it felt like the crowd was quiet reluctant towards the band. Crunge’s show lasted for 25 minutes and even though the band didn’t bring much action on to the stage the band did a good job warming up for the rest.


Crunge and the following band used the same drumkit so the change of gear went pretty fast and it took about 10 minutes for the crew to prepare the stage for the next act. While the preparation went on more people had arrived to the club and it started to get a little crowded when it was time for Smash Into Pieces to do their thing.

Smash Into Pieces

The crowd gave the band a warm welcome and it seemed like many fans had been waiting for SIP to get on stage. The band consists of five young guys and the singer ran around like a tornado on stage with the other three members after him. The singer said it was nice to be in Malmo and said it was time to play their biggest hit and that made the crowd go crazy. SIP music can best be described as ordinary mallcore with added samplings and keyboards, not my cup of tea. The bands other big hit followed and the crowd sang a long in the song throwing their fists in the air supporting the band. The singer said the band was in the process of making a new album and that it was time for the fans to get a taste of the first song from it and the fans really seemed to enjoy every minute of the new song. Even though the band didn’t impress me, I have to admit that the guys were really skilled technically and the singer did a great job. After the last song the singer thanked for the support and said that the fans should make sure to buy their new album as soon as it arrives.

Another 25 minutes had passed and by now was the clock 7.20. The audience loved SIP but I wasn’t that blown away at all. However, the mood in the club was high and people seemed to be having a really good time. And once again the crew prepared the stage for the third band for the evening. I met another photographer which also was worried about how hard it was to get great pics without a photo pit. It was hard already and we dreaded a bit to take pics when Hardcore Superstar was going to play. Suddenly the music silenced and the stage lit up and so was it time for the third act to enter Kulturbolaget.


It felt like this act was one of the most longed for and the screams from the fans was deafening! The band pushed play from the very start and it was full speed ahead. The band ran through two songs after which the singer thanked the fans and said “We’re Outtrigger from Helsinborg, nice to see you all here tonight”. Helsingborg is a town located a few minutes outside Malmo so there were a lot of local fans there to support the guys. The singer said it was the first time the band played at Kulturbolaget in Malmo. The band plays mallcore with elements of keyboards but not as much keyboards as the previous band had and instead of only having ordinary vocals does Outrigger’s singer growl as well as sing regular vocals.

The music seemed to appeal everyone in front of the stage and the temperature rose a bit after a few songs. The sound system worked great but for some reason this band suffered poor lighting. So was it time for the band to play a song from the latest album which made the crowd go crazy. Outtrigger included five guys but they lacked the power and energy that Smash Into Pieces brought out on stage. The members did their best to get the crowd going and ran around on stage jumping up and down and even though the fans loved the band they didn’t manage to reach the same level of craziness as SIP did. The singer said that this was the last show for the band on this tour and that they wanted to thank the rest of the bands for a great time on the road. After the last song went the band of the stage and 25 minutes of Outtrigger music was over.

It felt like the band wanted a lot but didn’t manage to get it all. The music was not so exiting mallcore, and if I had to choose, I’d rather see Smash Into Pieces again rather than Outtrigger.

So was it time for one of the bigger bands to make their entrance to the stage and it was H.E.A.T. that was the next band up. Now, all the gears on stage were changed and a new backdrop hung behind the drums. I could sense a bit of excitement in the air now that it soon was time for H.E.A.T. and many of the young fans in front of the stage were eager to see the band. The band comes from Upplands Väsby, a small town outside Stockholm, Sweden and released their self-titled debut album back in 2008. The album was released by the label StormVox which is owned by the Swedish actor Peter Stormare. The band toured as support to Edguy in 2009 and after that they entered the Swedish outtake to Eurovision Song Contest. The band got a new singer in 2010 and to replace Kenny Leckremo came the Swedish Idol contester Erik Grönwall. It was somewhere back then amongst Eurovision and Idol singer I lost the interest in the band. H.E.A.T.’s music has always been a little too melodic for me and I wasn’t impressed by the new singer. Last year came the bands brand new studio album TEARING DOWN THE WALLS which earned the band some great reviews in media. Now was it time for the band to enter the stage in Malmo and face the fans and to win over the doubtful.



The members made their way on to the stage while the intro played and faced the joy of the fans. “Point Of No Return” and “A Shot At Redemption” marked the beginning of the show and all of the members seemed to be really happy to be on stage this night. The members in the band are:

Erik Grönwall – lead vocals
Eric Rivers – guitar
Jona Tee – keyboards
Jimmy Jay – bass
Crash – drums

Grönwall looked really happy and smiled when the thanked for the support. “Better Of Alone” followed and Grönwall, dressed in leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans, was all over the stage and knelt in front of the fans of the stage. It was already pretty hot on stage so Grönwall took of his jacket and said that we should be proud of the music that comes from Sweden, we have so many great bands in Sweden and people are talking about Swedish music all over the world. We should be proud of that. “It’s All About Tonight” continued the show and Grönwall worked really hard to get the crowd going, and he sure got the fans in the palm of his hand from the very start. “Inferno” followed and Grönwall jumped down beside the ramp in the middle of the stage, which was surrounded of a fence, in order to come even closer to the crowd. H.E.A.T.’s music sounds a lot harder and more guitar-based live compared to on album which only benefits the sound. The band have narrowed down the keyboards a bit live, and that’s a good thing. Grönwall took on an acoustic guitar and said it was time to play the title track from the new album and “Tearing Down The Wall” continued. The fans sang it together with a very satisfied Grönwall and as soon it was time for chorus he let the crowd sing it.


It was obvious that the fans really had listen and studied not only the older albums but also the new one and almost everyone sang a long in most of the songs. “Mannequin Show” and “Beg, Beg, Beg” followed and the new songs worked as well as the older ones. Grönwall shadow boxed during the song and then he walked over to his mic, took a sip of Jack Daniels and introduced the band members. A short piece of the Deep Purple song “Highway Star” was played and then “Beg Beg Beg” continued. Grönwall took one more sip of the whiskey and said that he wanted everyone in the club to sing and all of the fans screamed a long in the chorus.

Finally the show continued with “Emergency”, Grönwall said that the show soon was about to end but there was one song left to play. “Living On the Run” was fired off and the crowd loved the last song. The band thanked the fans and Grönwall said that it was now time for Hardcore Superstar to enter the stage.

Now was the clock about 9.10 and H.E.A.T. had been performing for about 50 minutes. Even though the band isn’t one of my favorite acts, there was nothing to complain about when it came to the show. The new songs worked great live and to my surprise and joy, the music was more guitar-based than keyboard based live. Grönwall did a good job as frontman and singer and have really grown into his position. The only complaint I can come up with is that the music sounds a bit thin with only one guitarist, the music should benefit of taking in another guitar.


Set list : Not in order

Point Of No Return
A Shot Of Redemption
Better Of Alone
It’s All About Tonight
Tearing Down The Walls
Mannequin Show
Late Night Lady
Beg Beg Beg
Living On the Run

And finally it was time for the main act to do their thing. Hardcore Superstar from Gothenburg Sweden is one of the biggest bands we have in Sweden today. They are one of the worlds best live bands in my opinion. The latest album C’MON TAKE ON ME came 2013 but just before the band headed out on this tour they released the single “Glue” taken from the new album which is due to come out in April. The fans was really eager to see the band live and after about 30 minutes of preparation was it finally time for the band to make their entrance. The clock had turned 9.40 and it was time for the head line act Hardcore Superstar.


Hardcore Superstar

The fans gave the band a huge applause and a warm welcome when they entered the stage. The first song out for the night was the amazing “Moonshine” which pretty much set the tone for the night. “Kick On the Upperclass” followed and the show started out intense and energetic. The club was already hot and sweaty before HCSS came on, but it got even hotter after a few songs. Many fans made their way through from the back to the front in order to see their favorite act. There was no rest for the wicked and the brilliant “My Good Reputation” continued the night. HCSS is:

Jocke Berg – lead vocals
Martin Sandvik – bass
Adde – drums
Vic Zino – guitar

Berg was like a whirlwind on stage and the audience followed his every move. Sandvik and Zino also moved a round on the stage and the three complete each other perfectly as front trio. It was full speed ahead right from the very start and the fans barely had the time to catch their breath until it was time for another classic HCSS song in “Dreamin In A Casket”. Berg said it was really nice to be in Malmo and he asked if the fans had missed them. The band had missed performing in here as Berg said. HCSS clearly showed the audience which band is the best, biggest and have the best live-routine this night. None of the previous bands came even close to deliver such a solid show as HCSS. HCSS is like a raging bull and the audience loved it. The previous sound contained a longer guitar solo by Zino until it ended. Berg wanted to see everybody’s hands in the air, and that also included the ones in the back he said. “She’s Offbeat” and “Wild Boys” followed and it was not only the band that was soaking in sweat by now, the crowd joined them in that. Berg let the fans sing the chorus and the band looked really happy with the fans efforts.


Berg said that the fans looked really lovely tonight and fired off “Guestlist” in which he wanted everyone to clap their hands once again. One crazy fan began to crowd surf but was stopped and pulled down when he reached the stage. In Sweden, you are not allowed to crowdsurf at clubs. Berg dedicated the following song to everyone in the club and it was the classic “Someone Special”. It’s not often the band treats the crowd with golden oldies but “Someone Special” sure is a classic tune and taken from the band’s debut album BAD SNEAKERS AND A PINA COLADA from 2000. Berg let the fans sing the chorus which they did with only Adde and Sandvik joining them on drums and bass. The band did an awesome version of the song and surely added a new flavor to it. Berg say that way do we not do one more old song when we are going so one more came in a another classic in “Liberation” followed and the sing a long from the fans was massive. That song is also taken from the debut album and sounded as good as ever.

The guys put off a enormous live routine and not many bands are as great as HCSS on stage. “Above The Law” followed which Berg introduced with giving the finger screaming Fuck the law and the fans opened their arms and embraced the band and the ass-kicking songs they delivered throughout the show. That song also ended the ordinary 50 minute show but that wasn’t enough for the fans.

They wanted to hear more and shouted pretty loudly for encores. A really sweaty Berg re-entered the stage asking if the fans wanted to hear more, took a look at the set list, and fired off “Run To Your Mama” taken from the 2010 album SPLIT YOUR LIP. And as soon as the fans the song they began to sing a long. The song was given a new approach with only a keyboard accompanying Bergs lead vocals. Berg also once again let the fans take care of the chorus which they gladly did. Berg wanted the fans to lift the rook with their voices and the fans sang even louder. The rest of the band showed up when the song was over and plugged in their gear. Berg said that the fans made him teary eyed with their amazing sing a long and said that the band would love to come back to play for the Malmoe fans. The fans shouted Jocke, Jocke and Berg seemed to be a little moved when he heard the fans chanting his name. He said the band has is in the process of releasing a new album and that it was their producers birthday today and he asked if we wanted to sing Happy Birthday to him. The band brought out a video camera and filmed while the fans sang for him and Berg looked really satisfied when he heard the singing. So was it time for the fans to hear the new single which is called “Glue” and the song sounded really promising.

The huge hit “Last Call For Alcohol” followed and the song made the fans go even crazier than before. Berg invited the fans to come up on the stage and sing the song with them and a hoard of fans made their way on to the stage. A roadie came up with a tray with shot glasses and handed them out to the fans on stage. Berg shouted cheers and the fans sang the chorus a few times more until it was time to head back to the floor and join the ones in the front of the stage. Berg introduced the band members but before he introduced the Malmo born guitarist Zino he said he needed to have a shot and laughed. We love you Malmo and if it wasn’t for you the fans we wouldn’t be here Berg continued. We have a Zlatan in the band Berg said, Zlatan may be the king when it comes to soccer but we have our own hardrock Zlatan in the band and it’s Vic Zino. (Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of the world best known soccer pros comes from Malmo Sweden). And the fans shouted and screamed extra loud to support the city’s own guitar hero Vic Zino. The security started to take a look at the clock which meant it was time for the band to wrap things up and Berg once again thanked for the warm support and said that the last song for the night was the epic “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays” which was the perfect song to end the show with. In the middle of the song Berg wanted all of the fans to reach their hands up in the air. The encores reached for almost 50 more minutes and the fans as well as the band were really happy with the show. Everyone in the club walked out with a smile on their face and everyone could agree that we had been witnessing one hell of a show.

And what a show HCSS delivered! It was jammed with some spectacular songs, a great band that knows exactly how to get a crowd in the right mood and a singer who’s getting better and better each time I see them. It was really nice to hear some of the older songs because the band usually doesn’t spoil the fans with older tunes. It looked like the band had a great time on stage and that transcended out into the audience and made everyone in the club in a great mood. I’m really looking forward to hear the new album in April and make sure you’re attend a show if they passing through your town during the spring when the band is out on their European tour. The Bandit Insanity tour was a co-operation with record label Gain (where most of the bands are signed to) and thank you for bringing Hardcore Superstar to Malmo.


Set list
This Worm’s For Ennio (intro)
Kick On the Upperclass
My Good Reputation
Dreamin In A Casket
She’s Offbeat
Wild Boys
Someone Special
Above The Law
Run To Your Mama
Last Call For Alcohol
We Don’t Celebrate Sundays


Thanks to head of Kulturbolaget Totte Lundberg for help with press/photo pass to the show
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Thanks to the security/staff for a nice treatment.


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