S.F.D. (Australia) – The Complete Works (Thrash Metal, 2014, Into the Pit)

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S.F.D. from Australia are a reminder of the timeless quality of thrash metal. Originally active around 1991-1993 (the ‘Regression’ album happened later and was probably unreleased), the band put out some of the most potent thrash music to come out of their region. It’s clearly not as derivative as you’d think – more listens would only unravel the thought put behind the song structuring beyond the obvious relentless shredding (read – ceaseless headbanging momentum). It’s like an itch that you can’t get enough of. It’s sufficiently heavy, undeniably juicy and just as raw as you’d like to get your blood rushing and fists swinging. The music brings to mind classic thrash of Bay Area in parts, old Teutonic thrash, as well as the more technical kind such as CORONER’s style of thrash – evidently, S.F.D. have been mixing it up and serving it with a shot of adrenaline and immeasurable passion. Take any material from this release – it won’t leave much to be desired, and will deliver fairly raging, involved and varied thrash metal that will lure you in with each listen.

YOUTUBE  – www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPqTsAUmWJI

INTO THE PIT RECORDS – www.intothepitrecords.com/

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Line up (according to the archives) –
Daryl Taveira – Bass
Grant McKinnon – Drums
Paul Giltrow – Guitars
Jax Murray – Guitars
Chris Robson – Vocals

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