METALPUBS.COM Launches; Goal is to shows a map of all heavy metal pubs and bars near each user

Spread the metal:

Developed by heavy metal fanatics METALPUBS.COM is a new website which features a geographical

location instrument that shows a map of all heavy metal pubs and bars near each user.

A webpage will be created for each pub/bar where every user will be able to leave reviews, add

photos or simply find info about the pub itself.

METALPUBS.COM wants to become the reference website for all the heavy metal fanatics worldwide

that are looking for a place in which to listen to our favourite music.


Whether you are travelling for work or leisure through the use of METALPUBS.COM each Metalhead

will quickly be able to find the closest pub or bar sorted by distance form his/her current location.

METALPUBS.COM differs from all the other metal dedicated websites as each registered user will be

able to provide an opinion on the places visited by leaving a review. This will help to maintain an

updated database and also gives users the possibility to leave recommendations/opinions on the

place just visited.


Adding a new pub/bar to the website is also straightforward and an option available to both the

customer and the manager of any of these locals. The manager/owner also has the possibility to

claim its own dedicated space and add info for the users.


We have many future projects in mind. We are in the middle of developing a database dedicated to

live events to give the possibility to check which band is playing live in a location close to you at any

given point in time.


As METALPUBS.COM is a new project and something never done before, we ask you to gently leave

your opinions on the metal pubs/bars visited or add your favorite one. Registering is very simple and

it is possible to do it also through your own Facebook page or Twitter account.



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