Malevolent Creation, The Paper Box, Brooklyn, NY, March 6, 2015

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Malevolent Creation

The Paper Box

Brooklyn, New York

March 6, 2015

Review by InfamousButcher, Photos by SheWolf


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Nearly 30 years after their formation in Buffalo NY, death metal legends Malevolent Creation continue to destroy audiences like an unstoppable force. Their ferocious style of blistering death, thrash undertones, and Brett Hoffman’s subhuman lung capacity vocal delivery is fucking amazing! I first discovered the band in 1992 when RETRIBUTION came out and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. Part of the band’s rabid following is due to their reputation of being a notorious live act, check out “Live Death – From the 1992 Milwaukee Metal Fest” and “Australian Onslaught” to hear why. 2015 promises to be a big year for Malevolent. Their first album since 2010’s INVIDIOUS DOMINION is nearly finished mixing and extensive touring will follow. Tonight is Malevolent’s first show of 2015; no flesh shall be spared, so onward into Brooklyn we go!


Tonight’s venue is the Paper Box on Meadow Street. Great place for a show! From the outside, it almost looks fucking abandoned and the neighborhood is not great. I think former Heavyweight Champ Mike Tyson patrolled this area as a youth. Inside however, the place is clean, well kept, and most importantly, has excellent sound! Standing room only, holds 250 in the main room, 150 in the adjoining room. Pit area is spacious and there is no barrier, but the stage is low so not conducive to stage diving. Bar is on the right side and there is actually 1 row seat by the soundboard that you can rest on. Turnout was good, place was close to sold out.


Malevolent came on at 11:30 and immediately hammered us with “Manic Demise.” It was a fast and furious assault with scorching vox from Brett, killer riffs from Phil Fasciana and Gio Geraca, and a thunderous low end from Jason Blachowicz (bass) and Justin DiPinto (drums). After that they gave us an excellent one two punch of old school – “Multiple Stab Wounds” from THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and “Coronation of Our Domain” from RETRIBUTION! FUCK YEAH! IT’S ON NOW MOTHERFUCKERS! This woke the crowd up a bit and there was some pit action (more on that later). “Coronation” was dedicated to NYDM legend Will Rahmer of Mortician, who was in attendance selling merch. Things were off to an awesome start!


Brett is one of the very best frontmen in metal. While singing he is very demonstrative and expressive, acting out some of the subject matter. His feral voice sounded exactly like it does on RETRIBUTION, which I feel is his best studio performance. Vicious, deep, powerful, great range, and nobody can hold a growl longer than Brett, and I’ve seen em all! The elongated growls / screams on the albums are real, not studio trickery with overdubs. How awesome is that?!? Brett is the fucking man!


Drummer Justin DiPinto has been back with Malevolent for about a year, replacing Gus Rios. When I last saw Malevolent it was with Gus, so I was curious if the difference would be noticeable. Justin fucking smoked the kit! Effortless blast beats and fills! I was damn impressed.


Tonight’s show was for Ed Farshtey’s birthday. Ed is a friend of the band from back in the Roadrunner days, he helped the band get started and has remained in contact with them even though Malevolent has been off Roadrunner for a long time. Set was an out-fucking-standing mix of material that spanned their entire career. My faves of the night included their ode to crack cocaine, “Monster” (SEIZE THE PIPE, OFFER YOUR LIFE!), “Eve of the Apocalypse” (HENRY PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER intro! – RELIGION HAS DIED!), “Antagonized” (killer song from INVIDIOUS DOMINION), and of course the best band name song of all time, “Malevolent Creation”! Brett’s roar in the beginning of the song was even longer than the one on the album, and that one is 14 seconds, I’ve timed the fucker! Pit was weak throughout the night; a few very drunk people hit the deck and had to be removed. Moshing only occurred in spurts. For the last song I took matters into my own hands and just crashed into as many people as possible while yelling the chorus – MALEVOLENT HATRED OF LIFE, SEEING DEATH FALL FROM THE SKY, RESISTING THE VEIW FROM MY EYES, RECEIVING PLEASURE FROM WATCHING YOU DIE! This is what a death metal show is all about, fuck some shit up! Afterwards we were all smiles, everyone loved the set and a feeling of after show metal harmony kicked in. Damn that was amazing!


Why do all extreme metal fans love Malevolent Creation? Because they consistently fucking deliver brutal albums and performances year in and year out, always remaining true to the underground. Nothing but pure old school death metal and that’s the way we like it! This is going to be a great year for the band. The new album is nearly finished, former Malevolent member Jim Nickles is handling the mixing and mastering. It will be available through Century Media / Sony later this year, hopefully in the summer. Touring will follow; it’s been many years since Malevolent has done a tour of the US, so I am pumped for that. I’m hoping they get added to the Metal Alliance Tour with Deicide, Entombed AD, Hate Eternal, and Black Crown Initiate! Or how about a US tour with Century Media label mates Broken Hope? We can all dream about the possibilities. Be on the lookout for the album and the tour, anytime these guys play live, it’s a must see! NO ONE CAN DESTROY THIS MALEVOLENT CREEEEEAAAAAATTTTTIIIIIOOONN!!!


  1. Manic Demise
  2. Multiple Stab Wounds
  3. Coronation of Our Domain
  4. Slaughterhouse
  5. Blood Brothers
  6. To Die is at Hand
  7. Eve of the Apocalypse
  8. Antagonized
  9. Infernal Desire
  10. Living In Fear
  11. Monster
  12. Malevolent Creation