Monster magnet plus guests @Electric Ballroom, London

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Monster Magnet plus guests
@Electirc ballroom,London

15th February 2015
Review by Ashlinn Nash


The Electric ballroom is a house of musical delight within Camden’s entertainment hub. That not complete without beer stains, pretty good prices for London and a good bubbly atmosphere the night is set for a good time

Prosperina [3.5/5] open up as the crowd fills into the ballroom, the troupe from Swansea, UK comprised of Gethin Woolcock on soaring Vocal and Guitar duties, Liam Scanell on Bass, Yotin Walsh on Drums and Chris Dean on guitar. Bringing with them a bluesy turned day in the sun melodies which really kick start the crowd after the first few rhythms. With influences in the sound such as Queen of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, some moments of Tool and, of course tonight’s headliners the band are picked perfectly for the night’s festivities. The band are young but play like they’ve been in the game for a lot longer, watch this space!

Bombus [4/5] is comprised of Feffe and Matte the two frontmen on equal parts vocals and guitar, Peter on percussion duty and Jonas on the thundering bass lines. They have a hard job following the pure energy of Prosperina’s performance. Formed in 2008 the Swedish band have been working hard making two studio albums, the band bring with them a nice set of chunky tunes that ring out the strength of their song writing capabilities.

There are some moments within the set where a stoner meets black metal influence may have met each other. With punching melodies and characteristics forged of their own merits they were enjoyable to watch and got the crowd thoroughly pumped for the headliners tonight.

Monster magnet [4/5] has made something of a habit by playing London on Valentine’s Day for the last few years. Whether this is intentional or not they sure know how to rock a love fuelled party, with hundreds of couples gathered with friends alike to enjoy the groovy rock tunes that the band are so good at.

With their feast on the eyes display presentations of swirling and captivating projections they pack a power punch of retinal excitement. With every beating tune they rhythmically deliver all the right moves to get the party in action. Hailing from Red Bank, New Jersey the American’s bring love, progressive tunes all with their unique space lord blend.

Playing new tracks from Last Patrol (2013) and the newest re-imagining of the same album; milking the Stars: A Re-Imagining of Last Patrol (2014) while its been brave and ambitious to not play a good mix of their back catalogue, it’s easy to forget just how long they’ve been going for and being consistently good. Heck, even Lemmy gets sick of playing “ace of spades”, but the lack of “Power trip” does leave a bit of a sour taste in the mouth to the chanters demanding it.

The band tonight brought their hypnotic combination of magical music, fresh and always great live styling’s came together to make this a beautiful ballroom show.


The Right Stuff (Robert Calvert cover)
Dopes to Infinity
Look to Your Orb for the Warning
Twin Earth
I Live Behind the Clouds
Last Patrol
Spine of God / American Pie
End of Time
Stay Tuned


Three Kingfishers (Donovan cover)
Space Lord