Incite @ The Garage Attic bar

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Incite @ The Garage Attic bar



Photography and Review by Mia Metall

This being my first ever trip North of the border to Scotland, I was all out of sorts (and lost) but thankfully a very cheerful hooded Richie Cavalera from INCITE, found me in the drizzly carpark and holding the door open, like a true gentleman, he guided me towards the Venue in the Attic up many, many stairs!

The night got off to a cracking start with me having the opportunity to Interview Richie and speak to him in depth about INCITE, touring and what it is like being a Cavalera, so stay tuned to for the interview (once i have fixed the sound file on the video!)

Metal-Rules Interviewing Richie Cavalera from INCITE

After a very lengthy chat, including a discussion about the venue having a hot tub and a bouncy castle! I went upstairs and straight into the bands that had already started.

Nemecyst were the first band on and all i missed most of their set, it was clear that they were under prepared. The sound of the band is a modern Nu Metal mess and needs work.  Overall i feel they were left overwhelmed by the opportunity and need to take themselves back to basics if they wish to succeed in Music.

As Daylight Fades changed it us all most instantly. The band were musically sound and consistant, high energy and high impact. The band have a very modern tech-deathcore sound. I feel they are still following the same sound as many other bands at the moment, but do have the raw potential to pull through.

After speaking to Richie in depth before the gig, it is clear that he has put in the same leg work as Nemecyst and As Daylight Fades with Incite. The band drove the Van there, they watched the other bands in the audience with everyone else and they sell their merch with the same innocent enthuasuam, hand shakes and bear hugs as any other band would at this point in their careers. They are a humble band even with the frontman having a name like Cavalera!

In saying the above, they are leaps and bounds ahead musically.

Incite, The Garage, Glasgow

INCITE pounded onto the stage, everyone watched instantly. Richie has a stage presence that could see him tearing up the mainstage at any festival, he uses the space, his bandmates and the audience. His on stage mannerisms are thrash through and through reminding me of bands like Pantera, Machine head of obviously Cavalera Conspiracy!!!

Incite at the Garage, Glasgow

Incite at the Garage, Glasgow

Clearly he has the upbringing to make him worthy for the metal throne of the future, but lets not forget the rest of the band who have come so far in the last few years. Christpher “EL”  brings a strong under current of Bass, carrying the songs with Kevin and Dru’s neck breaking riffs and well constructed breakdowns and Derek’s tight, high impact drums all combining to a almighty punch in the gut!

Incite at the Garage, Glasgow


Incite at the Garage, Glasgow

Incite cracked out amazing riff after riff sampling songs from all three albums including the latest ( and name of the tour) Up in Hell. The Album title was explained by Vocalist Richie during our interview, “We live Up In Hell nowadays. The world’s getting crazier all the time. Nothing’s getting better (and) the album encapsulated these days, we are all on our own and we have to survive”

I can only wish I had heard of these guys sooner. You can’t help but like the boys and feel valued for attending. This is INCITE’s new fan girl telling you GO AND LISTEN!!!

Incite at the Garage, Glasgow