UFO – A Conspiracy Of Stars

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Reviewed: March 2015
Released: 2015, SPV GmbH
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Since my return to Metal-Rules after a brief hiatus I sort have taken on the role of a champion for British Melodic Metal like Saxon, Deep Purple and Magnum and of course UFO fall into that category very nicely. All of the above mentioned bands are experienced a major renaissance and perhaps even more success than ever before and, again, UFO is no exception.

Still safely on SPV, UFO are back with their 22nd studio album and they are on an unstoppable roll. Ever since their comeback with COVENANT in 2000 they have churned out seven albums of stellar quality, basically one every 2-3 years. The new album is not really any different from the last several, same line-up putting out roughly ten songs for about an hours’ worth of melodic Metal in the finest British tradition. The band has defined it’s signature sound so well that it would almost futile to compare the albums as there are few, if any radical changes to the bands sound. If you had to compare A CONSPRIRACY OF STARS is not quite as heavy as SEVEN DEADLY but heavier than THE VISITOR. See what I mean? These are really subtle differences perhaps only die-hard fans with multiple listens could accurately identify and describe. Vinnie Moore has cemented his place as the longest standing UFO guitarist and adds some real firepower to the record with fiery solos on cuts like ‘Sugar Cane’. While the loss of Pete Way is disappointing on paper, he has already been out of the band for almost seven years and three albums and Rob DeLuca does a fine job. Mogg’s voice is indestructible and riffs are classic and the band rumbles a long at a nice mid-pace with ‘The Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun’ being one of the stand-out cuts and anything but a ballad.

I would argue these last seven albums are as good or better than the early years, the band mature, confident, nothing left to prove except making great music and A CONSPIRACY OF STARS is just that.


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Track Listing:
01. The Killing Kind
02. Run Boy Run
03. Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun
04. Sugar Cane
05. Devils In The Detail
06. Precious Cargo
07. The Real Deal
08. One And Only
09. Messiah Of Love
10. Rolling Rolling

Rob De Luca- Bass
Phil Mogg – Vocals
Andy Parker – Drums
Vinnie Moore – Guitar
Paul Raymond – Keyboards, Guitar