Wolf interview with Simon Johansson

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Wolf interview with Guitarist Simon Johansson

@ The Underworld, Camden

February 2015 London
Interview by Rowena Lamb
Photos by Jo Blackened
Altercarnated Photography

Wolf interview with Simon Johansson
Wolf – Simon Johansson by Jo Blackened

 Wolf have been one of my favourite live bands for since I first stumbled upon them (rather drunkenly I admit) at Bloodstock in 2009. So I was delighted to be going to see them play at The Underworld in Camden.

However, before the show could begin I managed to grab an interview with Simon Johansson. Below is just a teaser of what you can expect fro the interview. Enjoy!


So it’s the last night of The Devil Seed Tour.

Unfortunately, even though it’s kind of good coming back home it’s really good to be out on tour, and it’s been a really good one. But it will be really good to play London again and I’m looking forward to the show.

I heard that you thought Manchester was the best show so far, what made it so special?

Because it was a crazy crowd, it was totally packed and they were all just lunatics and it was really fun. It was really good yesterday in Nottingham also, it was right up there as well.

The entire tour has been really good so far. Down in Germany as well was really good, and we played a festival which of course is a lot more people there. We had a really good response and that was also awesome, but Manchester was something special.

Now you’ve just been announced to play the main stage at Bloodstock.

Yeah we knew it for quite a while but have kept it a secret, but we’re extreme happy. I think it’s the fourth time for Wolf. We play the main stage on Sunday 9th I think which will be really great.

It’s an awesome festival and its like our home festival or something because we play there so much and we also have a good crowd in the UK. It will be nice, I’m looking forward to that one very much. We are playing Sweden Rock also this year in Sweden, so we have a couple of festivals all over Europe, but Bloodstock and Sweden Rock will probably be something special.

With having now seven albums, how do you choose your set lists?

It’s kind of hard, you know there’s some songs that are automatically in the set like ‘Voodoo’ and ‘Evil Star’ and songs that will be there, but then you have to chose the feel. This time it’s a bit easier since it’s a headline tour as we play a 90 minute set tonight so we can squeeze more songs into it.

We will play songs from each album tonight but of course we will play a lot of the ones from the new album as it’s that one we’re out promoting. But I think it’s a good set, it has felt good throughout the tour and we haven’t changed it much, and every night we’ve played it pretty much through because it feels like a good one.

Do you ever try to wind each other up on stage by playing the wrong song?

It happened a couple of times on this tour out of mistakes. It was at one show, I think is was Germany and we were supposed to play ‘Full Moon Possession’ with a drum intro and Richard the drummer of course should start it. But he played ‘Skull Crusher’ and no-one else played and everyone was looking at us like what the fuck? He did it again and then the third time and it was like wrong song fucking moron. But it turned out to be kinda funny.

And with regards to future tours….

Hopefully we will be able to do a tour in the fall. We are talking about trying to get a European tour together and hopefully we will play the UK then as well. Probably we will do it. If the tour happens of course we will be in the UK because here is where we have a really good following.

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