Interview with Danny Page of Exquisite Ending

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Exquisite Ending Interview

With Cardinal Andra-Inanyus

2nd February 2015

Interview by Jarod Lawley

Exquisite Ending

Conducted before the trio’s appearance as the opening act to Stahlsarg at the London venue, The Unicorn, we caught Exquisite Ending frontman Danny for a quick, spontaneous interview outside.

Hi there, could you please introduce yourself?
I’m Danny Page from Exquisite Ending, also known as Cardinal Andra-Inanyus.

You’re supporting Stahlsarg tonight, are you excited for it?
Very much so, just quite stressed out at the moment cause I’ve organised the whole thing, so trying to make sure all the bands are ready and up and going is a bit stressful, but fun.

In terms of releases, you have one album out so far?
We’ve been going for about a year and a half, we do have one album out and a split EP. We just released a new EP January this year too.

How did you find forming the band a year and a half ago, was it an easy process?
Yeah it was pretty easy, it was mostly just a bunch of guys who’d known each other from other bands we’d worked with who realised we were all fans of black metal, and wanted to do something a little bit different, not just be another standard black metal band. It was quite a natural process. We briefly had a singer but he left to join another band so I’m the singer and the guitarist now, which is fine because I’ve been singing in other bands too so it’s never been an issue.

Where is the band from?
We’re Guildford and Surrey area, so we’re down south. In terms of gigs round our area there’s not really much in terms of black metal, it’s usually frowned upon. Everyone thinks you are going to burn churches or crucify people, which I’m not against!

What’s your stage set and show like?
We have a projection type imagery which we play through a very old fashion TV set which I recorded onto a VHS. On it there’s quite a lot of disturbing, occultish, satanic imagery, a few disturbing snuff films that I’ve collected over the years- rather horrible stuff, because we wanna make people feel really uncomfortable.

In terms of lyrical inspiration are you into films, books etc. ?
Yeah, I’m a heavy reader. This first album was mostly based around a crippling depression I was suffering around the time, so quite depressive. Then the new stuff is more based around a concept me and the bass player came up with our own concept which is a religion which is based around self-mutilation and suicide, so we’re channelling our own depression through creativity.

It’s quite angry, very misanthropic, but not really the traditional Satanist thing though, cause it’s kinda been done do death a bit now. I’ve got nothing against it, I like a lot of bands who do it, but we don’t really want to tread over what’s already been done- those bands have done so well already anyway, like Gorgoroth and Mayhem.

You’re supporting Stahlsarg tonight and they sing about WW2, what do you think about their theme?
I enjoy it, it’s nice! A lot of bands get a bad rep because they sing about World War Two because everyone presumes they’re gonna be singing about Nazis, so it’s nice they’re kinda doing a different perspective, it’s kind of interesting. I booked them after seeing them playing with Mayhem last year, I was so blown away by how they played I just had to get them headlining here because I love their stuff and I love their imagery.


What’s coming up for the future for Exquisite Ending?
We have another EP because we recorded two EPs and split that in half, which are The Rites Of Misanthopism Part I and Part II. We’ve released the first half, the second half should be released at some point towards the end of this year. We’ve got quite a nice few shows coming up, we’re playing Eradication festival in Cardiff- the line up on that is incredible, Old Corpse Road etc. We’ve also got a small tour coming up, laying Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield and then there’s another festival in Birmingham happening in late October. Apart from that, recording our second album at the moment and writing that. We don’t really like people, so we don’t leave the house very much.

Are you releasing this on Hibernacula Records then?
Yeah we release everything ourselves. I started the label because I done a lot of studying into the music business and have worked in the industry, and I noticed that it’s on a bit of a change, and I didn’t really like the traditional record label format, because I understand it’s nice having all your CDs and records paid for but I didn’t really fancy working myself into more debt, so far our music it doesn’t really benefit me putting myself into a fuckload of debt if I can do it all myself. It kind of started out just me doing it for myself and my bands, and then other bands we got into contact with were saying they’d really like to work with the label.

We have a CD duplication company that deals ridiculously good deals for us and really good quality, so the way that we do it is we do bundle deals, so if we get 5 or 6 products from different bands pressed up they charge it all as one big bulk, and we get like 100 plus CDs in jewel cases for just under £100, and it’s really good quality. So the beauty of that is either the band can pay for it themselves or we can take risks on any band, if we like it we get put it out and not have to worry about it being successful, and we get to take them out to all our gigs and sell them at the merch table.

Bands say scenes are dying, but actually scenes are just changing, obviously with the internet, the internet scene and the way things are spreading out, but actually I think the UK black metal scene is flourishing at the moment, and to those who claim “oh the scene is dying!” where are you? Are you actually at these gigs?


So do you embrace the change of the music industry, things going digital?
Yeah, I’ve always been a CD and vinyl fan, I’ll always buy CDs and vinyl, and I think the beauty of black metal is that it’s almost completely backwards as a genre in terms of marketing; you always have to have the obscure releases, you have to have tapes and people only want to buy things that’s only been pressed up to 100 copies and no-one’s heard of.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with digital, I rarely like to charge for digital releases I like to give away as much as possible, there’s a nature now though that people just like to buy digital. And in terms of the file sharing and piracy, if people hear it, come to a gig and then buy a CD or a t-shirt, then well who am I to judge?

Thanks very much for your interview, have you got anything you’d like to say before we close it up?
I hope everyone that came to the gig enjoyed it, I hope anyone that’s listened to our music enjoyed it, and anyone who wants to kill themselves, please go ahead.

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