Gary Moore – Live At Bush Hall 2007

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Gary Moore
Live At Bush Hall 2007
2014, Eagle Rock Ent.
Rating: 4

The late great Gary Moore gave us some of the best Blues-based Rock and Roll of all time. Much of it was more Blues than Rock and that shows in places on this live 2007 recording. I have always liked his music and became aware of him due to his involvement in Thin Lizzy. This live recording is quite different from his Lizzy days.

This recording is a heavy blues laden Rock album. Moore’s playing is very much leaning toward the Blues but with Rock elements. Case in point is the Thin Lizzy song “Don’t Believe A Word” which begins as a mellow Blues number that is barely recognizable as a Lizzy song then it kick’s in towards the end as an all out hard rockin’ tune. It’s this ability to switch direction mid-note that has helped Moore become one of the most respected players in the business. There are times on this disc that I could picture Clapton playing it many moons ago. It has that old feel to it that brings you back to a time when Classic Rock was new and fresh and not yet Classic.

LIVE AT BUSH HALL 2007 is a nice sampling of how good Moore was as a musician. It shows a few sides to him and doesn’t stick him to one specific style or genre. He was a fantastic musician and is surely missed.