SLIPKNOT – Live at Ice Hall, Helsinki

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The 15th of February 2015
Ice Hall Helsinki Finland


”Jump the Fuck Up” – as Corey Taylor commended the Finnish audience jump into air to cause the ballistic reaction in the godforsaken old Ice Hall in Helsinki.  Slipknot has been touring Europe supporting the latest 5: THE GRAY CHAPTER on the well named tour “Prepare for Hell”. The old Ice Hall was totally packed when the mask monsters arrived for the long wait gig. The show was a real controlled mayhem and outburst of aggression by the band who has been to hell and came back alive. Despite the editor-in-Chief of Metal-Rules.Com doesn’t consider Slipknot a metal of any kind, Slipknot pulled over 7000 metal fans in Helsinki.


The rising act called King 810 had been booked to kick the night. The four piece offered utter sonic torment with the total restless and out-of-control vocalist. The band had about 30 minute to conquer the Slipknot fans and it is obvious that King 810 now gained the new fan base from Finland.

King 810
King 810

The massive curtain was pulled over meanwhile the roadies prepared the stage for Slipknot’s merciless show. The show was kicked off by the new album opening intro XIX and was immediately followed by “Sarcastrophe”. Even though THE GRAY CHAPTER is the strong offer with the four songs played at the show, but all five Slipknot albums were present in the set.  For obvious reasons both new album singles “The Devil In I” and “The Negative One” got great reception. The more aggressive songs from the early albums such as “Spit It Out” and “People=Shit” made the kids go even crazier in the pit, swarming like tsunami to hit the barrier like tons of bricks whereas the more mid tempo and more peaceful songs like“Dead Memories” calmed the kids down to take the breathe. All in all the set list was well built. For some reason “Wait and Bleed” wasn’t on the list but without that exception the set included all the biggest hits and also a few surprises such as rarely played “Opium of the People”.

The stage construction was massive with load of pyros and fire. The front man Corey Taylor definitely has a wide range of vocals from the utter growling to the beautiful sounding singing. However Taylor definitely had the control over the audience by commanding them to jump and go utter bezerk. Taylor made the audience down meanwhile Shawn “Clown” Crahan started wandering the audience with the security for obvious reason, taking selfiepics with fans and signing autographs. The current drummer Jay Weinberg turned out to be a real skilled beast handling perfectly all the blasting drumming with the intensive drive and grip. The original drummer Joey Jordison is surely missed by the fans but Weinberg seems to be a perfect replacement for him. The whole show was nothing but entertaining and above all awesome way to conclude the last day on the massive European tour in front of the Finnish Knot maniacs.



The Heretic Anthem
My Plague
The Devil in I
The Negative One
Opium of the People
Dead Memories
Before I Forget
The Blister Exists
Spit It Out

People = Shit

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