Downfall of Gaia / Sapremia / Sakrilejist, Mojo 13, Wilmington, DE, January 24, 2015

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Downfall of Gaia / Sapremia / Sakrilejist

Live at Mojo 13: Wilmington, DE
January 24, 2014

Review by InfamousButcher, Photos by SheWolf

Downfall of Gaia

Doomy / sludge / black metal anyone? In town tonight we have Germany’s Downfall of Gaia to blow our fucking minds! Fresh off the release of their 3rd album AEON UNVEILS IN THE THRONES OF DECAY, the quartet is touring the US extensively. I am new to this band, so I was curious what the atmospheric black doom would sound like live. Time to dive into a sea of lead and depression!


Tonight’s venue is Mojo 13 in Wilmington, Delaware. I love this fucking place! Holds about 250 people, main room has a small stage about two feet off the ground (watch your fucking knees when the moshing starts!) and amazing sound quality. Entire room is a pit, fun stuff. If you are winded there are a few very old wooden church pews (!) you can sit down on. Don’t ask where those came from. The other room is a large bar with some tables, chairs, and even couches. Sound fucking cozy or what? So if you wanna mosh, you can and if you want to chill out and watch from the bar, that’s cool too.



Hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, new band Sakrilejist played their 3rd gig ever tonight. The band is composed of Aaron Celsus (guitar, vocals), Mark Vizza (drums), and Brian Divver (bass). Sakrilejist play blackened death metal, if you like Morbid Angel and Goatwhore you’ll love these guys! Frontman Aaron cranked out some killer riffs and solos, his guitar playing was fast and fluid. Vox were more black metal than death metal. Mark’s drumming just smoked – lightning fast but precise, no trigger effects, just the real fucking deal. Brian’s bass playing was frenzied and intense. Best song of the set was “Samael” with its shredding riffs and tempo changes. Great stuff – check these guys out when you’re in the Philadelphia area!


Sakrilejist set list

Curse of Lucifer

Apocalypse Dawn

Bile of The Gods

Lamb of God, Goat of Satan








New Jersey band Sapremia has been playing festivals and opening up for big death metal acts for years, often blowing away the headliners and winning over crowds. Tonight is the first show of their 25th anniversary tour, how awesome is that?!? The band is a 3 piece led by bassist / vocalist Lou Ferrara, guitarist Brian Rulli, and drummer Ryan Hill. They tore into their set with “Spawn of Desolation” and right away you could tell they were an experienced killing machine. Brutal but precise, the band was very tight and together. Lou’s vocals were a feral mid range growl with high pitched screams, killer! Brian cranked out some great riffs and solos. Ryan’s drumming was fucking intense double bass insanity, I dug it. My fave of their set was “Open Grave”. Good old school death metal folks, no melodic bullshit here!


Sapremia set list

Spawn of Desolation

Open Grave

The Despair of Winter

Scattered Ash

Threads of Sanity

Ambitious Suffering

The Moon in Autumn





Downfall of Gaia came on like a wrecking ball at 11:30, firing on all cylinders and destroying the room! Opening with “Darkness Inflames These Sapphire Eyes”, Dominik (guitar, vocals), Peter (guitar, vocals), Anton (bass, vocals), and Michael (drums) hit us with a thick enveloping doom and an amazing energy filled the room. Vocals were delivered with power and pathos, it was quite moving. Musicianship was stellar throughout the set, which was very focused on AEON UNVEILS IN THE THRONES OF DECAY. The only song played from a prior album was “Drowning by Wing Beats” from SUFFOCATING IN THE SWARM OF CRANES.


The new music was well received by the crowd. Afterwards we all felt as if we had experienced something new, powerful, and emotional. It was a new musical style for me and I enjoyed the experience. Downfall of Gaia is at the top of their game now; catch them when they come to your city.


Downfall of Gaia set list

Darkness Inflames These Sapphire Eyes

Carved Into Shadows

Drowning By Wing Beats

Ascending The Throne

Of Stillness And Solitude

To Carry Myself To The Grave