Yngwie Malmsteen – Elected to the Swedish Music Hall Of Fame

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malmsteen_live_1.jpgFor an artist to be elected to the Swedish Music Hall Of Fame, 20 years must have passed since their debut album in order to “guarantee an enduring historical value.”

The Swedish Music Hall Of Fame is situated on Djurgården in Stockholm by the ABBA museum.

From the Hall Of Fame jury:

The boy who would become known as Yngwie Malmsteen used to lock himself in his early-’70s bedroom in Hässelby with his electric guitar. His mother passed in trays of food now and again. The boy’s plan was not to come out again until he had mastered his instrument as well as Paganini, the Italian violin virtuoso who played so well it was rumoured that he had sold his soul to the devil. When Yngwie eventually emerged from his room, he brought with him albums such as ‘Rising Force’, which were to take the world by storm. Yngwie Malmsteen, with his dazzling technique and neo-classical metal style, has influenced electric guitarists on seven continents. Like a Paganini with smoke bombs and long hair, he has — in his own words — ‘unleashed the fucking fury’ and redefined Swedish music.

The Swedish Music Hall of Fame pays tribute to the diversity of the Swedish musical treasure builds bridges between generations. The inductees must have debuted at least 20 years ago. The long-term vision of the Swedish Music Hall of Fame is to pay tribute to the people who laid the foundation for Swedish popular music and thereby inspire to innovation and development within music. The inductees are also honored with a permanent part of the Swedish Music Hall of Fame exhibition on Djurgården, Stockholm.

The updated exhibition can be seen from the 13th of February 2015.

The jury consists of chairman Jan Gradvall, Per Sinding-Larsen, Ametist Azordegan and Kerstin Behrendtz. Previously inducted artists and musicians in the Swedish Music Hall of Fame also have the opportunity to be a part of the voting process to decide which new inductees they want to see by their side. The previous inductees to the Swedish Music Hall of Fame are: ABBA, Jan Johansson, Roxette, Eva Dahlgren, The Latin Kings, Evert Taube, Ebba Grön, Nationalteatern, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Entombed, Stina Nordenstam and Monica Zetterlund.

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