Rare albums from Illdisposed, Invocator and HateSphere out on vinyl in April

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3 Danish metal classics to be released on vinyl
3 Danish metal classics to be released on vinyl

“For Depressive Seasons” by Illdisposed, “Through the Flesh to the Soul” by Invocator and “The Sickness Within” by HateSphere will come out on limited vinyl for the first time ever released by Heartburn Music in April.

Albums by three of Denmarks most respected and well known metal acts that now will come out on vinyl. Danish death metallers Illdisposed is the biggest Danish death metal band ever and their debut album “Four Depressive Seasons”, released in 1993, is rated a true classic in the genre. The cd version with the original artwork has been a rare and sought after release through out the years and now it’s finally gonna be available on vinyl with official license through the band. Since 1993 Illdisposed has never looked back and has only gained more and more attention. This release will for sure be a long awaited item for true Illdisposed fans.


One of the godfathers of Danish death/thrash metal is Invocator. The band basically kickstarted the Danish breed of more aggressive death and thrash metal bands when they emerged with their demos “Genetic Confusion” in 1988 and “Alterations” the year after. Now the latest album from Invocator, “Through the Flest to the Soul” will come out on vinyl. Originally released in 2003 on Scarlet Records this album shows a highly developed band with a high technical and nearly progressive approach with powerful vocals, impeccable lead guitar work and stellar songwriting with band founder/song writer Jacob Hansen (now famous producer for bands such as Volbeat, Aborted, Destruction and many more) on guitar and vocals. Already a modern thrash metal classic. www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTGghVxyk54

HateSphere is the biggest new thrash metal success from Denmark since the band emerged in the beginning of the millenium. With their straigh forward their music can best be described as a hard punch in the face. Direct, aggressive and very tight thrash metal with the varied and unique vocals on top from Jacob Bredahl, “The Sickness Within”, produced by Tue Madsen, is probably one of the most popular HateSphere albums ever. www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB5lqYZwCO4

The 3 vinyls is pressed in limited editions of 300 and 500 copies in varied colours and can be pre-ordered now through:

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