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The British black metal scene is currently bursting and exciting; many would claim. The British black metal scene is currently bursting and exciting; Andy Horry from Leeds sets out to prove. To capture the essence of what makes the UK’s bleak landscape so special at this moment in time, the young film maker’s project, entitled British Black Metal: The Extreme Underground encompasses the best and the biggest of the nation’s thriving scene, including the glorious Winterfylleth, Northern folklore masters Old Corpse Road, and the war torn Eastern Front. With the film still in the making, I had a few words with Andy Horry about just why this documentary needs to be made, and why it deserves your pledging support.

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“The idea for the documentary actually came up in conversation with my former band, “Slaughter Throne”. Andy tells me. “I’d made a few vlogs for the band that had a documentary feel to them and because of all the bands that were around in the UK, and especially Yorkshire it seemed like it would be a good idea to cover what is out there right now.”

The idea then became  part of Andy’s university dissertation at Leeds Beckett, and has been exceptionally warmly received, with almost all artists involved showing explicit online enthusiasm and support. Perhaps the UK bands appreciate the recognition; after all through the many documentaries that have been made on the topic of black metal, few have highlighted the UK’s output- save for Cradle Of Filth mentions. Andy seems to agree- “British black metal hasn’t really been covered all that much in a documentary before so I’m sure it (The Extreme Undergound) will be different in that way. Venom has of course been covered before; being the founders of black metal, but this film is specifically looking at how Britain is doing right now.”

It really is a broad scene, from the charming and weird aesthetics of A Forest of Stars to the dirty and stripped back roars of Forneus, and all aspects aim to be covered in the up and coming doc- “I think it will be a more diverse look on black metal than what has already been looked at,” The film maker claims, also dismissing the myth that BM fans are too backward thinking to appreciate this interesting and deep musical evolution.

Plain-sailing it has not been however, despite the masses of support behind him “the main struggle is being a one man crew. Issues can come into play when interviewing a band, such as not being able to monitor the camera at all times, which can lead to later realizing there’s something wrong with the footage you didn’t notice at the time.” Rest assured however, anyone who saw the mini-movie “Misanthropy” Horry recently uploaded onto YouTube will be certain that an excellent product is to come out of all of this hard work.

The documentary is intended to be released in May/June and will be available to watch on YouTube. To pledge to the British Black Metal: The Extreme Underground, visit the Indiegogo page below, and offer £1 to have your name featured in the credits, and £3 to receive to a digital compilation, featuring some of the hidden UK gems that there are to discover.

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Post by Jarod Lawley