Negură Bunget – Tău

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Reviewed: February 2015
Released: 2015, Prophecy Productions
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

With the new album “Tău”, Romanian folk/black metallers Negură Bunget present their first album released by Prophecy Productions. “Tău” is the first part of the band’s \”Transilvanian Trilogy”, a visual tribute to their homeland.

The opening track “Nămetenie” starts in a calm and smooth folkloric tone till the distorted guitar slowly bursts into scene supported by a timid keyboard. After this kind of intro, we are led into a black metal soundscape in which the vocalist’s growls stand out in an avant-garde passage offered by the guitar riffs. These aggressive moments are alternated by smooth sections in which some sort of ceremonial choirs are sung. A weird sound is also applied giving to the song a witchery environment.

The growling technique is usually low-pitched recalling bands like Hate Forest or Blood Of Kingu. The keyboards are always present in the beginning of the songs or supporting the guitar riffs. In “La hotaru cu cinci culmi”, the keyboards are even present as the song\’s body offering an epic and nature emphasis. But sadly I\’ve felt that these arrangements aren\’t provided with full intensity and passion – it seems they were composed without great care.

It can be felt at times, like in “La hotaru cu cinci culmi” or “Curgerea muntelui”, that Negură Bunget are telling stories, not only because of spoken-word verses, but also because of the balance that the clean voices possess.

The track “Tărîm vîlhovnicesc” features Rotting Christ’s Sakis Tolis who sings with some echo effects in his voice. This song is essentially gloomy in the metal parts, but at the same time it can be festive due to the folkloric instruments. “Împodobeala timpului” also has a guest musician: Rune Eriksen (ex-Mayhem, ex-Ava Inferi). This is a song that can make us remind of the legendary Goran Bregović and that would easily be part of any film directed by Emir Kusturica.

I’m afraid that this is not the way that some of us would like to have Negură Bunget after five years since their last album, since I believe that there is not any astonishing moment that can be kept in our memory during the record. Like I have previously said, this new work contains some uninspired moments and without the proper passion. The production is somehow synthetic and that’s something that doesn’t suit well in a band or genre that wishes to invoke ancestral themes.

Reviewed by Diogo Ferreira


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Track Listing:
1. Nămetenie
2. Izbucul galbenei
3. La hotaru cu cinci culmi
4. Curgerea muntelui
5. Tărîm vîlhovnicesc
6. Împodobeala timpului
7. Picur viu foc
8. Schimnicește

Negru – Drums, Percussion
Tibor Kati – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
OQ – Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Petrică Ionuţescu – Pipes, Horns, Pan flute
Ovidiu Corodan – Bass


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