Kenn Nardi – Dancing With The Past

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Reviewed: February 2015
Released: 2014, Tribunal Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Back in 2013, Anacrisus made a surprise but welcome appearance on the third 70,000Tons Of Metal cruise. I had the pleasure of chatting with Ken Nardi during the week and I believe the overall assessment that it was a qualified success. True fans got to see them for the first time in years however not as many people remembered the American Progressive Metal band as I had hoped and attendance was low. The cruise mat not have ignited a global resurgence and demand for Anacrusis but it did perhaps rekindle Nardi’s love of writing music and now two short years later he has issued an utterly massive double solo album.

DANCING WITH THE PAST as I said is massive. It is a double CD; 28 songs running over 2.5 hours, it seems like Nardi really had to get some pent up creativity out into the world. My friend and expert on Anacrusis, Randy was disappointed that it was ONLY 2.5 hours and he hoped there would be some Japanese bonus tracks to beef it up! Nevertheless, fans get a treat with tons of material.

Much of DANCING WITH THE PAST has a Anacrusis-lite sound which is not to be unexpected considering the source of the song-writing! Nardi shows his vintage a little with some classic touches of things like cowbell on the cut, ‘Untouchables’. One thing that hasn’t aged is his voice. It’s still strong and although he may not hit some of those mighty screams any longer he can still belt it out. There was also not a ton of guitar solos on the shows, there could have been more to give the album a bit more firepower. The pace of the songs could use a bit of variation, nothing extremely fast or slow, just mid-tempo and solid all the way along. He does a bit of orchestration on some songs like ‘Symbiotic’ and some songs are more straight ahead like ‘Blood in The Water’. Most of the songs are in the five to six minute range so they are interesting and well written but don’t get too overwrought or self-indulgent. I must admit I do like some of the faster, heavier cuts like ‘Blinding Lies’ and ‘Lament In Rust’. Many of the slower songs are atmospheric and often quite intense with a slower brooding pace. There is something for everyone on here.

It’s a shame that this got a low-key digital release and not much push for a physical version in late 2014, or I believe it would have caught the attention of more people. I feel this is an extremely enjoyable album. If that is not enough of an endorsement, Jeff Wagner author of MEAN DEVIATION and former Editor at Metal Maniacs loves this album and if it is good enough for Jeff, all Progressive Metal fans should check this out.


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Track Listing:
1. Unnecessary Evil
2. Fragile
3. Made
4. Armies Of One
5. Lament In Rust
6. Dead Letters
7. Submerged
8. Await The Setting Sun
9. This Killer In My House
10. Straining The Frayed
11. The Dark And The Light
12. Untouchable
13. The Telling Skies
14. The Scarlet Letter
15. Blinding Lies
16. Spitting Bitter
17. Ordinary
18. Dancing With The Past
19. One World
20. Creve Coeur (a place called \”broken heart\”)
21. A Little Light
22. Blood In The Water
23. Climbing
24. Stabbing Sorrow
25. Dead Men\’s Bones
26. Symbiotic
27. Beside Myself
28. The Runt

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