Ascension – The Dead Of The World

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Reviewed: February 2015
Released: Dece, W.T.C.Productions
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

OK this review never realy got of to a great start. Do a search on the band name and it brings up 8 bands under the same name, click on the bands Facebook page and select About (No information on the band what so ever). So with that start out of the way, lets get started. German black metal tyrants ASCENSION unveil their highly anticipated second album, The Dead of the World. Previewed by the Deathless Light EP, ASCENSION\’s The Dead of the World is a grandiose work of bold creativity and boundless imagination, of brilliant illumination and obsidian depth, all under the banner of orthodox black metal. The band\’s debut album, 2010\’s Consolamentum, became a classic in the underground not long after its release

Firing up the disc I was expecting some hard hitting soul destroying music, and that is what I got. The opening track (The Silence of Abel) slams you so hard against the floor you stand no chance in ever recovering after the first seconds. The shear pounding of the drums makes you wonder if the kit survived this track. There is one thing that the tracks have in common, and that is the instruments out-perform the vocals, so much is happening through each song it becomes hard to hear the growling vocals.

To me there is Black metal that can be heard and enjoyed and then there is Black Metal that is just pure noise and I am sorry to say that ASCENSION fall into the second group. Sorry guys, but too much is happening on this album.

Review by AWG


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Track Listing:
01.The Silence of Abel
02.Death\’s Golden Temple
03.Black Ember
04.Unlocking Tiamat
05.Deathless Light
06.The Dark Tomb Shines
07.Mortui Mundi

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