Best of 2014 – Anders Sandvall

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Best of 2014 – Anders Sandvall

1. At The Gates “At War With Reality”

At The Gates – At War With Reality
At The Gates – At War With Reality

The legendary band from Gothenburg, Sweden that created their own genre of metal decades back – the infamous Gothenburg sound. After 19 years is the band back with not just another “Slaughter Of The Soul” album, instead they did something else with the brilliant AT WAR WITH REALITY. I’m glad to be Swedish!

2. Unisonic “Light Of Dawn”


Kiske and Hansen do it all over again with the new album which is a testament to what a powerful voice Kiske has to this day. And what a collection of songs this album includes. There is not any given single hit on this second album but a row of equally strong songs. This is how melodic metal should be done.

3. Accept “Blind Rage”

Accept - Blind Rage
Accept – Blind Rage

With BLIND RAGE Accept shows that they still are a force to be reckoned with. This album kills, to say the least, and keeps the band as one of the top acts within the heavy metal genre. Their show at Wacken Open Air Festival was great and the tour kick off at Amager Bio, Copenhagen was one of the best shows this year.

4.  Evil Masquerade “The Digital Crucifix”

Evil Masquerade “The Digital Crucifix”
Evil Masquerade “The Digital Crucifix”

Bandleader/guitarist Henrik Flyman have held the band alive for 10 years this year and I have to congratulate the band. I really hope that the band continues to deliver strong material for the next decade. The band has a new singer in Tobias Jansson (Saffire) which does a great job. The album is packed with great metal songs and I hope that Flyman and his band get some more recognition because Evil Masquerade deserves much more success than what they have achieved so far.

5. Arch Enemy “War Eternal”

6. The Haunted “Exit Wounds”

7. Drömriket “S/t”

8. Electric Boys “Starflight United”

9. Sister Sin “Black Lotus”

10. Steel Panther “All You Can Eat”

11. Adrenaline Mob “Man Of Honor”

12. Lacuna Coil “Broken Crown Halo”

13. Judas Prist “Redeemer Of Souls”

14. Place Vendome “Thunder In The Distance”

15. Vanderberg’s MoonKings “S/t”

16. Gus G “I’m The Fire”

17. Astral Doors “Notes Fram The Shadows”

18. Gamma Ray “Empire Of The Undead”

19. Within Temptations “Hydra”

20. In Flames “Sirens Charms”

Best DVD

Rage “The Soundchaser Archives – 30th Anniversary”

Best Concert

  1. Twisted Sister at Copenhell Festival in Copenhagen,Denmark
  2. Avantasia at Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany
  3. Accept at Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany
  4. The Haunted at Kultubolaget in Malmö,Sweden

Major Events 2014

  1. Entombed A.D’s new album “Back to the Front”. Unfortunately the band didn’t manage to deliver anything memorable at all.
  2. All the controversy around Entombed, it’s time to stop the circus now.
  3. Iron Maiden at Copenhell Festival was not one of the best shows I have seen this year. It was a very tired band that was on stage in Copenhagen. It hurts my soul to write this since I’ve been a Maiden fan since 1981 but I have to be honest.
  4. Hammerfall “(R)Evolution” is nothing to brag about at all, bad songs and a very week album in all kinds of ways.
  5. At The Gates live at Kuturbolaget in Malmö, Sweden was memorable in all kind of ways.

Predictions For 2015

  • At The Gates are going to do more show under 2015 which is going to be fun.
  • Rob Zombie is coming to Europe which is something I’m not going to miss.
  • I think it is time for D.A.D. to release a new studio album under next year, it is time now guys!
  • Looking forward to see the new Jorn Lande metal opera album hit the streets.
  • Backyard Babies is about to head out on the roads doing festival shows during 2015. I also wish for a new album during next year.
  • Hopefully we won’t hear anything from Ghost next year.
  • It would be fun if the Swedish all star band Drömriket would more shows in 2015.
  • I really hope that Hardcore Superstar releases something new next year. Their latest album came 2010, in other words it’s time!

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