D.A.D. with support act’s on Disn30land Af30r D30k – 30 years tour 2014 – last show Ballerup Super Arena Copenhagen, Denmark

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Disn30land Af30r D30k – 30 years tour 2014 – last show
Go Go Berlin – special guest
Taras – support act

Ballerup Super Arena
Copenhagen, Denmark
15/11 – 2014

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall
Guest contributor: Ulrika Henriksson


The Danish rock/hard rock legends D.A.D. have been out touring for all of 2014 supporting and celebrating their 30th birthday as a band. The band did 30 shows in their homecountry of Denmark as well as 30 shows in Europe and a bunch of festival shows. The band did a total of about 100+ shows this year and it all ended with the show at Ballerup Super Arena located about 30 minutes outside central Copenhagen. Go Go Berlin and the all female act Taras supported D.A.D. on this particular occasion. The Super arena can hold about 7500 people. Before the show we asked ourselves a few questions like: would the band manage to fill the arena?, what songs were they going to play?, and how many different bass guitars would Stigge Nasty use? You see, all essential life questions were handled on the train to the arena. Even though the band announced the show a long time in advance, we hadn’t seen or read anything about if it was sold out. However, we were prepared for an great evening with crazy D.A.D. fans. Prior to the show the band won the award as band of the year at the Danish Music Awards which was really well deserved. The darkness had set when we arrived to the arena and the entrance went really smooth. We killed a little time looking at the merchandise before we went out on the floor. The stage was really big and included a ramp in the middle where the artists could go out on and get closer to the fans. On stage gear was placed which belonged to the two support acts who were going to play in a little while. In the ceiling hung 3 or 4 huge nets which carried balloons and we figured out that the balloons belonged to D.A.D. and they were going to drop sometime during their show. After what had seemed to be a long while for us, the music suddenly silenced and it was time for the first band to enter the stage.


The band consists of three young girls and they fired off the show the moment they got on stage. The bass player / singer, Cecile Maria, asked if the arena was ready to rock and the audience screamed yes. The singer introduced the band by saying “We are Taras, are you ready for some rock?”

The line up is:
Cecile Maria – lead vocals, bass
Natasja Irene – guitar
Sara – drums

The best way of describing the music of Taras would maybe be cheerleader punk/rock n roll. The band seemed to be a little nervous and the sound system didn’t work in their favor so the show felt a little scattered. The vocals and bass were put too low in the mix and the drums and guitar was too high. The guitarist was however the most solid musician in the band and she did a great job along with the charismatic singer. Cecile Marie thanked the audience for the support and said that Taras wanted to thank D.A.D. for letting Taras open for them and congratulated D.A.D. for rocking the world for 30 years.


The band has potential to go far in the future but on this night they felt too nervous and need to go back and rehearse a bit more before they take on a crowd of this size again. At the end of the show, the band took in another girl who sang a duet with Cecile Marie and then it all got much better. The music got more dynamic and she really had a set of lungs and maybe she fit better to be singing in Taras? The show lasted for 30 minutes and even though we applaud girls who wants to play rock we both thought that this gang ought to rehearse a bit more before they take on a bigger crowd. Maybe the band works out better in a smaller and more intimate club rather than a large arena.


So was it time for a break before it was time for the next band which was Go Go Berlin. Apparently the band is big in Denmark but we had never heard of them before. The band comes from Silkeborg in Denmark and released their debut album last year called NEW GOLD. Their equipment was already in place so the necessary change of gear went pretty fast and at 8.20 it was time to listen to what Go Go Berlin sounded like.

Go Go Berlin

The most memorable thing with the band’s show was the gigantic and good looking backdrop that portrayed a tiger. The crowd seemed to love the band and gave the guys a warm welcome when they entered the stage. The singer/guitarist used the ramp several times to go out and connect with the fans on and he was also the main frontman. Go Go Berlin is:

Christian Vium – lead vocals, guitar
Mikkel Dyrehave – guitar
Anders Sondergaard – organ
Christoffer Ostergaard – drums
Emil Rothmann – bass

Their music was rock with hints of 70’s influences and Go Go Berlin had the sound system working with them instead of against them as Taras had. It was also obvious that this band is used to playing for a larger crowd because their stage presence was secure and solid. However, this was not our cup of tea and we waited for the headline to do their thing. We lost interest in Go Go Berlins 70’s rock music pretty fast and we were quite glad when their 40 minutes were up. Their music didn’t fit well to opening for D.A.D. at all but they did know how to take on an audience and that was positive.


The clock was now 9 and D.A.D. was about to head the stage at 9.30. We went out, took a smoke, bought a coke, and talked to some friends we met and started to prepare ourselves for the highlight of the evening. Even though the arena was packed with people, it wasn’t sold out. There weren’t enough bathroom facilities for all the people, so there were portable toilets outside in the smoking area. Strange.

The stage was now unveiled and we could see that the band was going to use the same show as they did during the outside shows this summer. At the back hung the big cow head called Molly, and on each side of the drums was where the amplifiers were placed. D.A.D. always bring a very thought through show with them and this one was no exception to that. At 9.30 we were let into the photo pit and about 10 minutes later it was time for the band to kick off their show. The band was of course greeted with cheers from the dedicated fans on the floor.



The amazing “Jihad – No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims” kicked off the night and the roar from the crowd was breathtaking. The band and the crowd were in it from the beginning and all fans sang a long in the song straight away. Jesper ran out on the ramp to face the crowd and he met a wall of hands trying to reach him. Flames burst out from the front of the stage and framed the band on and off during the show which made the fans scream even louder. Jesper took off his guitar and the song “Evil Twin” followed immediately. It was the perfect way of starting the show and we wondered where this show was going to end. The bands line-up is solid and consists of:

Jesper Binzer – lead vocals, guitar
Jacob Binzer – guitar
Stig Pedersen – bass
Laust Sonne – drums

Jesper and Pedersen used the entire stage to their advantage when Jacob used the space more moderate and only headed out on the ramp a few times (mostly when he did his guitar solos). Jesper asked if Ballerup was ready for some more, and then fired off “Overmuch” while more fire and flames came out from the stage. Pedersen had, as always, a wide variety of bass guitars with him and during this song he played on the see-through one that glows with a blue light in the dark. The cow head, which is the bands mascot, now glowed with lights behind the band and it looked really cool. Jesper introduced the drummer, Sonne, in the middle of the song and wanted the fans to shout “come on Laust we know you got it” higher and higher while Sonne did his drum solo. Jesper told the crowd that the band had played in Germany the day before but the Ballerup fans were way better than the German crowd. He urged the fans to sing a long in the next song which was the notorious “Girl Nation” and Jesper looked really happy with the response from the fans. Jacob walked out on the ramp while doing his solo in “A New Age Moving In” which extended the song to say the least. Why does the band always jam so long guitar solos in most of the songs?


Pedersen changed his bass guitar to the one with the cow head and the next song up was “Ninteenhundredandyesterday” taken from the excellent EVERYTHING GLOWS album from 2000. The band was really tight and solid and knew exactly what they were doing on stage…but what else can be expected from professionals? Even on a bad day, D.A.D. is one of the absolute best live acts in the world. It’s also really special to see the band perform at home in Denmark because the fans are really devoted and crazy.

Pedersen took the mic and said “How do you do?, Riding with Sue” and the fans screamed on the top of their lungs when they understood it was time for one of the bands all time classical songs in “Riding With Sue”. Personally, we had hoped for maybe some other song sung by Pedersen. He always sings this song, and don’t get us wrong, it’s great, but since it was the bands 30 year celebration, it would have been nice to hear him sing something else like maybe “Black Crickets” or “Johnnie”.


“Grow Or Pay” followed and Jesper asked if the crowd had a good time. The fans danced around and sang along in the song and everyone as well as the band seemed to be having a great time together. The Binzer brothers walked out on the ramp and finished the song out on it. Jesper spoke in Danish in between the songs, and even though Denmark and Sweden are neighbors, it was a bit hard to understand what he said. Luckily he didn’t do much talking. Instead, he let the music speak and fired off “The Last Time In Neverland”. The song is taken from the album DIC.NIL.AND.AFTERD.ARK from 2011 and isn’t one of the strongest tracks from the album. “Scare Yourself” followed right away and it felt like the band lost a bit of speed and pace with those two songs. The show started out strong but lost pace in the middle. However, we understand that they can’t play all of the big hits from the older albums and by now had they played almost all of the hits from JIHAD NO FUEL LEFT FOR THE PILGRIMS album.


Smoke and fire rose from the stage and Pedersen had once again changed his bass into the chevy one and Jesper asked if the fans wanted to hear Sonne play metal. One again the fans shouted “Come on Laust we know you can do it” and Sonne started to play some thrash metal drums in “Scare Yourself” which turned into a totally different kind of song with Sonne on metal drums. “Reconstrucdead” taken from the bands most boring album HELPYOURSELFISH followed and the brothers once again entered the ramp together. In the middle of the song a really long guitar solo followed which extended an already boring song by several minutes. It was not the highlight of the show for us. We already know that Jacob is great at guitar, so he doesn’t have to convince the fans of that all the time. Sonne did a shorter drum solo in the song before it was time to leave it for “Monster Philosophy” and “I Want What She’s Got”. The entire stage was lit up in red light which looked really cool. Pedersen walked out on the ramp while the rest of the band stood on the stage and he was greeted by the fans with open arms. Sonne kicked off “Everything Glows” and Sonne and the crowd helped out with singing parts of the lead chorus. A smaller drumkit was positioned on the ramp during the song and Sonne went out and seated himself behind it and fired off an amazing drum solo all accompanied with the support from fans that shouted ‘Come on Laust we know you can do it’. That solo ended the ordinary show that lasted for about 1h 20 minutes. It ended a bit abruptly and it felt like the fans  didn’t really understand the show was over. The band didn’t say thank you or anything like that; they only walked off the stage.


The guys soon came back on the stage again and fired off the huge hit “Bad Craziness” which was one of the songs the fans really had been waiting for to hear. The red balloons all fell down from the ceiling and the fans bounced the balloons all over the arena. The temperature rose when fans heard the song and when it was followed by the crowd pleaser “Sleeping My Day Away”; the happiness reached new highs. The song included the usual sing a long part by the fans in the first verse, and it was as expected, one of the highlights of the show. Pedersen had a cigarette in his mouth during the song and he looked cool playing the bass while smoking. Molly the cow head shined during the song and it framed the band perfectly when they all walked out on the ramp finishing the song. The guys left the stage once again after that song and 15 more minutes was over. But as all fans of the band know, the show isn’t over until one certain song has been played. The brothers again re-entered the stage with acoustic guitars playing the very unusual live song “Jacketless In December” which we never heard live before. It’s the band’s Christmas song that was released as bonus track on the live disc PSYCHOPATICO From 1998. So you see, it was a real rare moment when the brothers played it live. The brothers stayed with the acoustics and played one of Ulrika’s all time favorite songs with D.A.D. – “Laugh N A ½”. Everyone in the arena sang a long in the song and it’s sure a magical moment every time you hear the song live. Jacob snuck in a long acoustic solo in the song and played and played until Jesper made a gesture which meant that’s enough!


When Pedersen and Sonne also joined the brothers on the stage we knew that it was time for the final song sung by Pedersen. The band usually ends 90% of their shows with “It’s After Dark Now” and so they also did for this show. The song is one of our personal favorite songs and it was magical to once again hear and witness the love and support the fans have for the band when the audience sang so loud they almost overpowered Pedersen. Pedersen sang as good as always, and it’s too bad he doesn’t sing more lead vocals. That song closed the evening and the band met the fans’ cheers at the front of the stage. Nearly 1h45minutes of excellent music was over for now.


The show was great, but what else can be expected from a band of D.A.D.’s caliber. However, we had expected a little more of an unusual set list with more rare songs because, after all, this is the last ordinary show on this tour. We had liked to hear Pedersen sing something else than “Riding With Sue” and why didn’t the band play “Johnnie” or the rap version they made of “Counting The Cattle” or the mash up of “Monster Philosophy/Trucker” at Gra Hallen in Copenhagen a few months earlier. Pedersen had also left out the helmet that threw sparks which he always runs out in during the last segments of the show. The show began strong and solid but lacked speed and tempo at the middle when too many current songs came after each other. There are a few songs we had wished to hear and think there were too many songs taken from the later albums featured this night. But it was nice to hear classics like “Grow Or Pay”, “Girl Nation” and the very unexpected “Jacketless In December”. The long guitar solos by Jacob could also been cut down on a bit. Instead of extending the songs the band could have played a few more songs. There were more to wish for when it came to make this night really memorable, but overall the show was more proof of how solid and tight D.A.D. are live.

We congratulate the band for 30 years in the business and hope that the band continues to deliver strong shows and albums for a long time to come. Their latest studio album was released 2011, isn’t it time for a new studio album instead of touring all the time? We suggest, take a break and record a new studio album and bring us a hell of an album 2015.


Highlights of the show include the stunning backline, the great “Grow Or Pay”, “Girl Nation”, “Evil Twin” and the most un-expected “Jacketless In December”. During the show we were convinced of the fact that Pedersen is one of the coolest bass players in the world.

Note: The band is already now confirming shows for 2015 and they are scheduled to perform at Sweden Rock Festival in June.

Set list
Jihad – No Fuel Left For the Pilgrims
Evil Twin
Overmuch – drum solo
Girl Nation
A New Age Moving In
Riding With Sue
Grow Or Pay
The Last Time In Neverland
Scare Yourself – thrash metal drum solo
Monster Philosophy
I Want What She’s Got
Everything Glows – drum solo
Encore I
Bad Craziness
Sleeping My Day Away
Encore II
Jacketless In December – acoustic
Laugh N A ½
It’s After Dark


Thanks to Katja Monsted at Beatbox Bookings and Concerts for help with press/photo pass.
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