Ex-Evile guitarist OL DRAKE mixing solo album with James Murphy; artwork revealed

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'Old Rake' cover art, created by 5fingerz
‘Old Rake’ cover art, created by 5fingerz

Former EVILE lead guitarist OL DRAKE is currently mixing his debut solo album with producer and former DEATH/OBITUARY/TESTAMENT guitarist JAMES MURPHY.

The six-string shredder has been working on his first album of extreme instrumental music, which was recorded in the guitarist’s home studio and is due to be released in 2015 under the title ‘Old Rake’.

OL DRAKE comments:

“Finally, I can reveal the artwork I’ve had for the 14 months I’ve spent finding my feet, laughing at the artwork, writing and recording this album.  Fans took to calling me ‘Old Rake’ instead of ‘Ol Drake’ and it kind of stuck, so I thought I’d honour their hugely creative moving of one letter by calling this solo debut ‘Old Rake’ by ‘Ol Drake’ and creating a logo (by Chris Gunnz) for the ‘Ol Drake’ album saying ‘Old Rake’; confusing, no?  Thought not.

“I’m honoured to have the great James Murphy mixing the album.  Since I was a teenager I’ve been a fan of James’ playing in Testament, Obituary and Death, so having worked with him on this has had the 16-year old in me shouting strange noises at me in my head.  You shan’t be disappointed!  Especially if you’re a guitarist.

“The album was produced by myself and James.  It has been recorded in my home studio, ‘StudiOliveR’ in Huddersbottom (I moved from Huddersfield to Ramsbottom in Bury amidst recording it) and it is now in the capable hands of Mr. James Murphy; he’s currently mixing it to shred-y perfection.

“In the album art, I wanted to show me raking lots of people up with a rake, because that seemed to make sense at the time.  It doesn’t now but it’s still funny.  I didn’t want a stock picture of me holding a guitar as if to say ‘Hey guys, I’m here holding a guitar and this is my album’.  I hope you enjoy it, and your support on its release will be hugely appreciated.”

Listen to a demo version of one of the tracks due to be featured on the album, “Spaceship Janitor”:

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dtz4HrAW_yM’]

Check out OL DRAKE‘s previous work with his former band EVILE in Europe at webstore.earache.com/evile or in North America at uswebstore.earache.com/evile

Get more OL DRAKE news and info:

Official site – www.oldrake.co.uk
Facebook – www.facebook.com/theoldrake
Twitter – twitter.com/old_rake


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