Anvil – Nosturi Helsinki Finland


with supporters ( Ranger and Scene X Dream )

The 10th of December 2014

Nosturi Helsinki Finland

The legendary Canadian metallers Anvil have forged the iron and metal since 1977 with the neverending force and relentless persistence. The band’s  core and the driving force Robb Reiner and Lips Kudlow have been pounding albums after albums  as die hard metal workers and was about to hit the jackpot in the 80s. The fate had decided a little bit different. Years passed by and Anvil had disappeared into the depths of the catacombs of the forgotten jewels. The one mighty document changed the world, well at least two Canadian metalheads’, when Anvil unexpectedly got catapulted to the immense success during the long career. Anvil finally reached its obvious cult status and the old school metal fans re-discovered the long forgotten jewel and Anvil had got the entire rebirth.  Anvil had been on the long tour supporting the most recent album HOPE IN HELL by touring every corner of the world. Last time the Canadian metal trio unleashed metal on metal in Finland as a supporter act for Saxon.

These mid week gigs are more or less awful what comes to the  number of attendances. Approximately 150-200 people have entered the Nosturi club to witness the third visit by Anvil. The domestic power/speed squad Ranger had been booked to open up the night. The young four piece has admitted dreaming of having an opportunity of opening for Anvil. At least this was definitely dream-come-true for the rising Finnish metal forces. Ranger present the true old school power/speed metal approach with the young and wild attitude. The lads have carefully listened to the old 80s metal albums, cos obvious Agent Steel/Exciter connotations popped up in a good way to please the old school metal worshippers. Ranger has already proved one hell of a powerful unit of true old school speed metal.


The second supporter was an entire unknown acquaintance from Germany named Scene X Dream. Despite the eccentric name, the German four piece offered the more progressive oriented rock with the certain metal elements involved. The members of the progerock outfit have to have had the experience with the past bands, as not being any teen kids anymore. Frankly the squad played well, but Scene X Dream was kind of way to get rid of the everyday routines for guys to have a little bit fun on the road. Obviously they had been paid to have a chance to tour with Anvil.

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The small roadie break (30 minute) followed next to get the stage prepared for a plenty of power and speed of sounds by Anvil. The vocalist/guitarist Lips is definitely one hell of a man with the full of joy and happy going thru the whole gig. His original enthusiastic passion is ineffable for sure. Other musicians should take a few lessons from him. The gig started out with March of the Crabs which parts were played by Lips.  Even though the club wasn’t even close to the sold-out, but the audience was totally obsessed by Anvil’s old school offering, banging like maniacs. Lips thanked the audience for making his dream come true. In general his sense of humour and the face twisting just create the impression of the band’s positive attitude toward to the success that has been gained during the past few years. The just new recruited bassplayer definitely took the stage with the hyperactive moving and sharing the spot on stage with Lips like well-trained long distance runners. Robb Reiner’s playing behind the massive drumkit was superior. Obviously the drumkits have taken Anvil to the next level, as Rob’s playing with the intensive grip boosted Anvil to sound much tighter. The set list consisted of the old stuff even from the early days up til the present album HOPE IN HELL. For obvious reasons the old material was definitely the more wellknown and more well received amongst the audience, as the older materials like 666, School Love made the audience bang like maniacs,  whereas f:ex Thirteen, Badass Rock’N’Roll presented the newer approach. Lips’ guitarsolo with the dildo proves the Anvil guys’ funny humour. However Anvil has stayed loyal to the basic Anvil roots in the newer songs; simple guitar, and pounding drums. Anvi’s app. 90 minute set of pure old school metal was like a flashback to the 80s where bands still breathed, lived and died for metal. Taking a hat off for Anvil for keeping the torch up during these hard diabolical years is sure, but it has been worth of every penny. Hopefully Anvil will return back with some package touring cos people are getting older and wanna see more old school heroes from old days for sure.

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