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immortal_live_8.jpgAccording to, Immortal frontman Abbath (real name Olve Eikemo) has tried to claim rights to the Immortal logo via his sole proprietorship Eikemo Compositions. The application has been stopped by a lawyer representing lyricist/guitarist Demonaz (real name Harald Nævdal) and drummer Horgh (Reidar Horghagen), who want the Immortal trademark to be shared by all three members. Abbath has until this Friday (December 12th) to respond to the opposition, before the Norwegian Patent Office makes a decision in January/February.

The core trio Abbath, Demonaz and Horgh have been together since 1997’s Blizzard Beasts and created the band’s triumphant black metal triumvirate At The Heart Of Winter (1999), Damned In Black (2000) and Sons Of Northern Darkness (2002) along with 2009’s reunion album, All Shall Fall.

The band members have failed to comment. More news as it develops.

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