KILLERS’ Albums Coming On Vinyl In December

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Metal Mind Productions is proud to present exclusive vinyl release of three albums by the heavy metal band Killers, led by Iron Maiden’s ex-vocalist – Paul Di’Anno. Coming together in 1991, Killers was one of the first metal super groups to exist. Featuring members of Iron Maiden, Tank, Raven, and Battlezone, they were hailed by the press as the “Natural successor to Judas Priest”.

Killers’ vinyl  will be available in the colours of the British flag: blue (“Murder One”), white (“Menace To Society”) and red (“South American Assault”).

Killers on vinyl

Cliff Evans, guitarist comments: “We’re really excited about the upcoming vinyl releases of the three Killers albums we made back in the early 90’s. They were all recorded on 24 track analog tape machines so it will be great to hear those records again on the original format they were designed for. There’s no doubt that vinyl does have a superior sound quality over the digital CD, especially when listening to rock and metal. ‘Murder One’ was recorded at the legendary Power Station studios in New York and was produced by Rob Fraboni who had previously worked with The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton among others. He captured one of Paul Dianno’s best vocal performances and the power of the band can really be best heard coming out of the grooves of a vinyl analog record. There’s also the satisfaction of holding the album in your hands and studying the liner notes and artwork. It’s not surprising that the vinyl album is making a comeback.
Can’t wait to get my hands on them.”

Killer’s vinyl are set for release on December, 2nd. All albums are also available in exclusive digipak CDs edition released by Metal Mind Productions in 2013.