Interview with Mortarium

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Interview with Mortarium

by Addison Herron-Wheeler


Mortarium’s claim to fame is that they are the only all-female doom band from Brazil, but they are a lot more than that. They are also a great doom band regardless of gender and nationality, and some pretty rad chicks, to boot. Check out this exclusive interview with the one and only Mortarium below. How long have you all been making music, and what inspired you to get together?

Tainá Domingues: Since 2010, Julie and me were already friends and together with other girls we decided to form a band. Only a few people supported us, some thought it was nothing but a momentary enthusiasm. Everything in metal and related to it (folk, etc…) inspires me. I think we should listen to a bit of everything and realize the richness in possibilities.

Vivi Alves: I’ve started in music at age 13, but in metal just in 2006, when I started guitar and bass lessons. I joined Mortarium in 2011.

Julie Sousa: I’ve started on drums since 2008. About what inspires us, this I don’t know what to say… many things inspired us. I think our will of expressing ourselves through the music was the main one.

Mortarium It’s pretty cool that you’re the only all-female doom band from Brazil! What’s that like? Do you get a lot of support from the metal scene? From other women? 

Vivi Alves: It’s a clear fact that a band formed only by women draws much attention, it creates curiosity. Even so metal scene support is almost null.

Julie Sousa: It’s a great responsibility and a pity also. I’d really like there were more female doom metal bands in our country. Who are your biggest musical influences, female or otherwise?

Julie Sousa: Dana Duffey, Igor Cavalera, Vera Figueiredo, Nicko McBrain, among others.

Vivi Alves: Andre Matos, Tarja Turunen, Morten Veland, Vibeke Stene. How would you describe your sound?

Vivi Alves: I think we make our very own sound, without titles. A very free sound. 

Julie Sousa: It’s a genuine expression for our feelings, more concerned on reflecting our personal experiences than on pre-established titles. kind of doom are you into? What other metal do you like?

Tainá Domingues: Doom/Death, Gothic Funeral Metal. I like very much listening to other metal genres, but the ones I often listen to are heavy metal, hard rock and doom metal.

Vivi Alves: Power, Thrash, Heavy, Symphonic Metal.

Julie Sousa: Doom/Death, Thrash Metal, Folk, Rockabilly, and others. Have you encountered any issues with sexism in the metal scene? If so, what would you say could get rid of those issues?

Tainá Domingues: yes, there’s prejudice. I think to minimize these problems we should ignore them simply. It’s useless to argue with not-intellectually-grown people. Time will show them it’s unnecessary to be sexist.

Vivi Alves: I went personally through some situations of prejudice. It’s necessary people stop thinking only men can perform heavy metal well.

Julie Sousa: We always hear jokes about being a band formed by women only. I just ignore and do my own looking for means to improve my abilities to show them every time what we can do.


Mortarium What bands do you normally play shows with in your local scene?

Tainá Domingues: As here we don’t have many doom metal events, we usually play with metal bands in general.

Julie Sousa: We play with bands of metal in general. I enjoy playing with bands of other kinds and this way present our sound to an audience that maybe wouldn’t go to an exclusively doom metal event. What was the most fun show you ever played? Who was the coolest band to get to open up for or play with?

Tainá Domingues: This isn’t to belittle the other bands, but HellLight for sure. They’re extremely talented, humble, and friendly and more adjectives, and I’m proud of having played with them.

Vivi Alves: HellLight

Julie Sousa: HellLight, no doubt. Are you all signed? To what label?

Mortarium: No, not yet. Our work is completely independent. What music do you have out so far? What have you accomplished?

Vivi Alves: We have a not so long set list, and we’re working on it and on some other works to join all in a debut album. How can people hear your music?

Julie Sousa: On the website you can listen to and download our very first record, a single called “The awakening of the Spirit.” On our fan page we post the band news, dates and other stuff.