Summer Breeze 2014 – Dinkelsbuhl, Germany

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Summer Breeze 2014 SATURDAY


If Primal Fear and Gamma Ray offered the more traditional power metal whereas Brainstorm focused more on the traditional heavy metal approach. Even though the band has been around for ages, but the success has remained unreached. The German metallers burst eight songs and sounded pretty solid.

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Kampfar was for some reason the one and the only Norwegian black metal on the bill. How odd, well the four piece should have played in the dark as playing the grim eerie sounding metal in the daylight wasn’t that perfect environment to get into it. Well however Kampfar did songs from albums such as KVASS, DJEVELMAKT, HEIMGANG and FRA UNDERVERDENEN. The frontman appeared to be in extreme wild mood while being on the stage. Solid gig from the Norwegians.


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The Long time Floridian death metaller Obituary did absolutely heavy gig at 70000tons of Metal in January. Therefore expecting to see and feel the same kind of insane slowly we rot gig at Summer Breeze would have been theoretically impossible and hypocritical. However Obituary’s sounded as vicious and brutal as they are supposed.

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The former Nightwish singer Tarja … The lady is a great performer with her own habits, but somehow the gig appeared to be a bit coldish and breathless. She does sing beautifully and has an enormous charisma, but somehow it wasn’t convincing.  Tarja has a large following in Germany and in general in Central European countries, but the symphonic b-class metal didn’t stand out of that genre with thousands of bands doing the same replica over and over again.  Hey cmon what the heck are the German metal fans with obscure death metal t-shirts on watching the b class symphonic metal ?


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I saw Rotting Christ doing their Thy Mighty contract set a few years ago and can’t say that I was too impressed with that one particular performance (at Hell’s Pleasure festival). It seemed to lack the right spirit and dedication. Therefore it was a great experience to witness the band doing something that actually seems to inspire them a lot more. The set still included two numbers from their mighty debut, but quite logically also three songs from the latest album Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού. Dunno how other people felt it, but atleast I left the place with a feeling that it was the new numbers that made this concert such an hypnotic and dark experience that it was.


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This was the second time that I managed to catch Septicflesh live. I’ve been a great admirer of their work, since the comeback record “Communion” came out in 2008. There is something about their dark symphonic death metal rooted stuff that stands out from the masses. While their show was quite enjoyable to someone who knows their recent catalog quite well, there seem to be also some elements included in their live performance that are indeed a bit irritating. It is mainly the lead vocalist and bassist Seth’s style to ignore his bass parts and to use the bass as an show instrument instead. I guess for this reason his bass guitar is hidden down in the mix, instead of having it as a vital part of such powerful music performance. Despite all this, I enjoyed their set a lot and do wish to see them again.


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Hail Of Bullets came and conquered the massive sounds making head blow and ears bleed. The Dutch warmongers unleashed the pure blitzkrieg, rolling over the audience like a legion of soldiers or a division of panzerfaust tanks smashing killing and mauling and unleashing tons of bullets . HOB sounded extreme brutal and crushing.



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The Dutch deathrashers Legion Of The Damned do not slow down or not wimping out, instead pushing the thrashing limits to the extremity. Even though LOTD may sound generic, but they still kick ass and brutal by offering a slice of uncompromising deathrash in the vein of the old school style.


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I have seen very powerful and mesmerizing club & tent stage size performances from Watain in the past, so I had high expectations for this one as well. However it was a huge disappointment to witness that they haven’t yet managed to bring that captivating feeling to huge festival size ambience. I don’t know if climbing up the metal festival hierarchy is the thing that they want to go for, but after this performance I would say that something very essential did not find its’ way to Summerbreeze’s Pain Stage surroundings tonight. Or maybe I’m wrong, after all it was boring as hell.


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The legendary NY/HC outfit Biohazard concluded the final day on the third stage. The band was on fire from the beginning to the end. The four piece unleashed one hell of a set of the fiery and vicious and raging hardcore blast, making the audience go utter beserk. The whole gig was a total blast to be honest. Finally the crowd was asked to get on the  stage, where the crowd divided and crowd surfer. Now that is what gigs are supposed to be, pure violent surfing and diving – not any Sunday school ceremony.

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