Summer Breeze 2014 – Dinkelsbuhl, Germany

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Summer Breeze 2014 THURSDAY


The Swiss folk metallers Eluveitie have managed to gain the massive following all around. This kind of metal seems to appeal to the Central European metal masses like the fake money. Well, Eluveitie has created and conquered the heart of metal fans digging the pagan folk and medieval stuff. However the Swiss pagans may fit to the smaller club atmosphere even though the songs were bombastic with various instruments. Nice gig, but groundshaking or breaking.


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Arch Enemy has been on the intensive festival tour run during the whole summer, by playing several festivals all around Europe with the new current vocalist. Alissa White-Gluz The new frontlady has turned out to be a real pack of full force energy and pure charmastic stage performance.  The set included  a number of so called Arch Enemy classic tunes picked up from several albums, even from the first one. The five piece sounded tight and well rehearsed and got the new energy and force to the playing and the performance.


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Anselmo’s solo band didn’t manage to get that impression due to the kind of chaotic and out-of-control playing. Instead Down’s down-to-earth show with Anselmo’s funny speeches and a bit of the stand-up comedian stuff was both amusing and of course killer. However Anselmo’s speeches took the lionshare of the whole set. Down’s show was the pure trip to the swampland of Louisiana and enjoy the weed. The gig was concluded by “Bury Me Smoke” with the visits of the Machine Head guys.



Testament has been soldiered on thru the mud and rain since Spain via Finland and now at Summer Breeze, Gods of Weather whipped the ground of a few festivals, such as Jalometalli, the rain was tremendous heavy and extreme that people remained watching bands from the solid distance. As for Summer Breeze, well the rain had stopped on time before the comments to get into the pit was announced by Chuck Billy asking Alissa White-Gluz to growl the chorus parts. Even though the sounds were a bit unbalanced, but Testament came and conquered again.

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“It is good to be fucken alive” screamed the frontman Nergal in the night of the German rural landscape, when Behemoth unleashed the total deadly amount of pure blasphemous extreme metal. The whole gig was a pure and total of maelstrom of pure Behemoth at its barbaric and brutal peak. The Polish extreme metallers showed no mercy , not slowing down any piece of second. Behemoth has ridden a long path and nowadays focus on these albums such as representing Behemoth in the current era. However with the stage set-up and as far as the visual side is concerned, the whole package looked fabulous with the massive pyro techs. Of course the Polish four piece proved being one hell of a merciless and barbaric live band.



The reactivated The Haunted hit the tent stage to made it happen again as the five piece offered a set of the technical thrash with Marco Aro as the current frontman. The Swedish band sounded extreme tight and prepared to unleash the real ballistic reaction for the audience. Aro is definitely one hell of a frontman demanding and making the audience to go utter beserk. The band has always been a tremendous tight live band even though singers have switched places a couple of times, but the Swedes have managed to keep the vital stage performance live thru these years.


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Summer Breeze 2014 FRIDAY



The British death metal veterans Benediction hit the stage to burst out the one hour lesson of the old school death metal. Obviously being on the stage right in the early afternoon wasn’t that perfect and idealistic for the British deathpunkers. However the legendary five-piece did a solid set with the bunch of old songs from the old classic album all the way up to the latest KILLING MUSIC album. Well hopefully Benediction would put the new album out sooner or later.

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It was reported earlier the long  time drummer Randy Black had decided to depart the band. Randy could be seen for the very last time. The German power metal veterans (well Primal Fear ain’t that old) kicked the set by delivering the safety and guaranteed powerful metal onslaught. A solid gig with routine grip without unexpected surprises. Nice one….

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The German power metal extravaganza was followed by Gamma Ray. The power metal outfit delivered a normal set of the best of songs. The gig was kicked off by the excellent song “Avalon”  and was followed a nice amount of the best known songs such as “Rebellion In Dreamland”, “Man On A Mission” and the heavily Judas Priest influenced “To The Metal”. But I want Out got an entire new handling with the crap reggae elements added. Gamma Ray like Primal Fear did a solid gig without any surprises.

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The legendary Carcass could be witnessed at various festivals all around Europe. The four piece has been in extreme vicious strike thru the whole year. The gore legends didn’t make exception as far as being brutal, tight and above all vicious and ripping sounding band on the stage. Carcass ruled and unleashed the hour of best of songs from the long career.


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Machine Fucking Head was the official headliner of Summer Breeze 2014. The whole stage had got the entire new set-up when the massive backdrops with the Machine Head logo had been placed to all around the stage. The Bay Area metallers literally crushed with the heavy head blowing set. The security was heavily overworked when several crowdsurfers sailed over the crowd and the massive pits were rising a massive cloud of dust over the festival area. As for Machine Head, the band was in the vicious strike. The show could be compared as an unleashed lion from a cage after the long period. The set was truly as awesome as it could be expected in the first place. The set had been built to cover songs from the long career. Classic Machine Head songs such as Ten Ton Hammer, Bulldozer, Davidian, Old were the obvious pickups. Of course the newer material from the brand new ep titled “Killer&Kings” and of course Locust, Halo presented the newer era. Besides that Machine Head invited the Ignite frontman to do the duet for the Ignite song. Machine Head have proved being one hell of live band and in a dangerous strike.


Beautiful Mourning


The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears

Ten Ton Hammer

Darkness Within


Killers & Kings



Aesthetics of Hate


Intro (Our Darkest Days) / Bleeding

(Ignite cover) (with Zoli Teglas)



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