Category VI Releases Music Video for “Silence Befalls the Crowd”

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Category VI Releases Music Video for "Silence Befalls the Crowd"
Category VI Releases Music Video for “Silence Befalls the Crowd”

St. John’s NL band Category VI is proud to announce the release of a very special music video for the song “Silence Befalls the Crowd”. Its message of hope is aimed at stopping the ignorance and stigma associated with issues of suicide, mental illness, addiction, and poverty, to inspire viewers to stand up and make a change. The song is taken from the bands debut self-released album FIREBORN.

Vocalist Amanda Marie comments, “I hope that this video will shed some light on the fact that in order to see change in our world we really need to reach out to the people that need help and not pretend that these issues do not exist. Ignorance, stigmatization, and lack of compassion are the reasons why a lot of times people end up falling through the cracks and not receiving proper medical treatment and supervision. We need to stand up for those who are afraid to speak, and for those who are tortured daily by emotional debilitating pain. Mental illness is just as important as every other disease or illness, and our thoughts and views on how we treat one another needs to change. If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out and talk to someone, or if you know someone is hurting please show them you care. It’s really that simple folks.”

The video was directed by Amanda Marie with Assistant Director Justin Foley. Production and editing was done by the talented Ritche Perez who also did Category VI’s first music video for “Reborn“. Camera work was done by Mike Hynes, Ritche Perez, and Rodger Price.

Silence Befalls the Crowd (video):

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Behind the scenes:

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Category VI screened the video at their live show on October 31 at the Rockhouse in St. John’s, NL.

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