Deicide / Abysmal Dawn, Santos Party House, NYC, October 9, 2014

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Deicide / Abysmal Dawn

Santos Party House

New York City, New York

October 9, 2014

Review by InfamousButcher, Photos by SheWolf

Deicde tour poster 3

For 27 years, Deicide has been cranking out the best satanic death metal known to man, demon, and beast! Hailing from the US capital of Death Metal which is Tampa, Florida, Glen Benton and co. have recorded 11 albums of masterful blasphemy, the most recent of which is last year’s IN THE MINDS OF EVIL. Once a year I get to catch Deicide in NYC or Philly, so when the North American Tour with Abysmal Dawn, Inquisition, and SepticFlesh was announced my fucking head rotated 360 degrees in delight! TIME TO BURN!


Venue tonight is Santos Party House, this little (500 people max) club in lower Manhattan that you would never notice driving down the street. After a very long wait in line to get in (not sure what the fuck was up with that), we were in this little room with pillars(!) that are good for banging people’s heads into while moshing. The place was well kept with a small stage and a few bars, sound quality was ok. They kept blowing blue mist into the venue which was disorienting at times. Ok enough bitching! I just wanna see fucking Deicide ok?!? I’ll go wherever I have to for that!



Up first was LA’s Abysmal Dawn, who I had never seen before but guitarist / vocalist Charles Elliot did a great job with the first Death to All tour in 2012. Formed in 2003, the band has recorded 4 full length albums including their new release OBSOLECENSE. They took the stage at 7:30 and blasted us with an awesome blend of brutality and musicianship! Abysmal Dawn’s style is akin to later Death and Gorguts, heavy but technical. Charles commanded the stage, delivering killer growls and savage riffs. His bandmates Eliseo Garcia (bass) and Andy Nelson (guitar) also provided vocals for some of the songs, which was really cool. The whole set was killer, if I have to choose my favorites I’m going with “The Inevitable Return to Darkness” and “Inanimate” Great stuff, have to check out their albums!


Abysmal Dawn Set List:

1. Servants to Their Knees

2. Rapture Renowned

3. Perfecting Slavery

4. Inanimate

5. The Inevitable Return to Darkness

6. In Service of Time






Next up was Inquisition, a 2 piece (a guitarist / vocalist and a drummer) black metal band with a bit of a following. In typical black metal fashion, they wore corpse paint, never spoke a word to the audience, and didn’t have any spotlights directly on them. Music was redundant and I didn’t care for the singers altered vocals (he was singing through some kind of harmonizer). Most of the crowd ate it up though. 25 years ago the death metal guys acted all ominous too, but the music was fucking brutal and the vibe was kind of scary. At this point in 2014, it just doesn’t work anymore.

Then came the trendy SepticFlesh, which is so called “symphonic” death metal. Instead of having an actual orchestra or even fucking keyboards, they had different music samples that they wove into watered down death metal songs. Yes, it was as shitty as it sounds. Think the Faceless meets As I Lay Dying. The Greek band has a big following among the kids and the crowd response was good. I just don’t get it. Worst of all, Septic Flesh took forever to get their samples right, and their delay cut into Deicide’s set time. AAAARRRGGHH!



Time to cleanse our fucking palates! Finally, the familiar creepy intro from “Satan Spawn the Caco-Daemon” played over the PA and for a brief jubilant moment I thought we were gonna get the opening track of LEGION live! The intro changed a bit and then ended with “Some men just want to watch the world burn” and I knew “In the Minds of Evil” was coming. Sporting a new white (?) bass, Glen, Steve, Jack, and Kevin took a no-nonsense approach and just started fucking destroying our minds with malevolent satanic death metal! In rapid hellfire succession, the band scourged us with the first 3 songs from IN THE MINDS OF EVIL and the crowd responded with intense moshing and headbanging! THIS IS MORE FUCKING LIKE IT!!


Sound quality was a little muddy tonight but I still thoroughly enjoyed Deicide’s set. Glen is the fucking man! His stage presence just demands a violent crowd response! The range of Glen’s voice was impressive; he did a lot more high pitched screams this time than the other two times I saw Deicide. His low end growl wasn’t as earth rumbling as it has been other times, but it was still fittingly menacing. To put it another way, Glen sounded more like he does on ONCE UPON THE CROSS than say TILL DEATH DO US PART. Rhythm guitarist Kevin Quirion also did not contribute backing / blended vocals as much as other tours, I don’t know if that was intentional or it was due to the sound issues. Jack Owen was on top of his game again, anyone who hasn’t seen this Deicide lineup needs to check it out because Jack and Kevin have infused better musicianship into the band without changing the evil brand. Steve Asheim is my favorite death metal drummer; his tireless blast beats and fills are amazing and seeing him perform live is a sight to behold. His performance is always flawless.


After the first 3 songs, Glen said the record label required them to open with new material and now they’ll play the stuff we REALLY want to hear! We all love IN THE MINDS OF EVIL but everyone is foaming at the mouth for the classic shit! Highlights of the set included a one two punch combination from my favorite album LEGION – “Trifixion” (complete with the triple roar! IN THE NAME OF SATAN, I CONDEMN THIS IMAGE OF GOD!) and “Dead But Dreaming” (LORD KUR BEYOND YOUR THRONE YOU SLEEP!), “They Are the Children of the Underworld”, “Once Upon the Cross” (KILL HIM KILL HIM KILL HIM SATAN!), and old classics “Dead by Dawn” (I AM UNSEEN!) and “Sacrificial Suicide” (SUICIDE, END MY LIFE, I MUST DIE!).


As the clock passed midnight, management informed Deicide that there was a curfew and the show had to end. WTF? A NYC club on a Thurs night has a midnight curfew? Glen politely asked for one more song, the crowd screamed for one, and the band began to play “Homage for Satan”. Unfortunately, Glen’s mike was cut off and they couldn’t finish the song. Despite this, Glen was in a great mood shaking hands with fans as he left the stage and everyone seemed pumped about the show afterwards. Other cities got classics “Lunatic of God’s Creation” and “Kill The Christian” but NYC did not. I blame SepticFlesh. Anyway, the show was still great. Deicide is still at the top of their game, consistently churning out slabs of Satanism and fucking killing it live. When Deicide comes to your town and all Hell breaks loose, go see them and pay your homage!



Deicide Set List: