Aerosmith w/Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators

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w/Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators

Sept. 12th, 2014
Cape Fest, Sydney, NS Canada

Longtime Aerosmith fan here so when the opportunity arose to go see my favourite band for the second time I jumped at it. Granted after a few delays arrangements were made and I was on my way to see the bad boys of Boston once again. I was equally psyched to see Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators as I have never seen them live before AND The Conspirators featured a couple of fellow Canadians. I have seen drummer Brent Fitz play before and he is fantastic. I have never seen Todd “Dammit” Kerns live before and I have been listening to his music since “Ugly” by his old band Age Of Electric was a staple on Much Music. Seeing him play was a big part in the excitement of this trip.


After a couple of local bands performed it was time for Slash featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators to hit the stage. Needless to say I was psyched to the max to see them perform. They hit the stage with grand applause as they ripped into “You’re A Lie” from the last album. The band were firing on all cylinders as you’d expect despite the wind and frigid temperature at the open field venue. Slash was exactly as you’d expect, hidden behind a mop of black hair under the signature top hat. He played and sounded magnificently. The tone of the guitar blasting through the Marshall’s was pure and classic sounding. It was the perfect guitar sound. Just the right amount of distortion and cleanliness.


Myles Kennedy was amazing to say the least. First when I heard him on the SLASH album a few years ago I wasn’t too sure if I liked his vocals but by the last album I was sure. I often said he is similar in style to Slash’s old singer Axl just better. After seeing him live I can honestly say that the albums don’t do him justice. He is an amazing vocalist. Not once during the show do I recall him missing a note or anything.


Probably my biggest reason for being so psyched for this show was not not to see Slash himself live but to see Todd “Dammit” Kerns. I have been listening to Todd’s music since the “Ugly” days as I have mentioned, then the Static In Stereo project he did with his brothers. I lost track until he surfaced again with the Sin City Sinners a few years ago. His solo albums last year have been in constant rotation since they were released. A true musician in every way. Now he is a Conspirator with another fellow Canadian, Brent Fitz (Drums). Between Todd and Brent they make up one of the tightest rhythm sections in Rock today. These guys are amazing to put it simply. The only complaint I have is that Todd never sang lead during the show. His performance of “Dr. Alibi” on the MADE IN STOKE  Blu-Ray was that shows hi-light for me. Todd has an amazing voice and it would have been nice to hear him handle lead for a song seeing how it was the last night of the tour with Aerosmith and they were in Canada.


We did get treated to the new single “World On Fire” as well as “30 Years To Life” from the new album which had yet to come out at this point. Also mixed into the short setlist was some G’n’R music as well as a “Slither” from Velvet Revolver. A nice mix that spanned the guitarist’s career. Needless to say they stole the show.


Aerosmith are quite possibly my favorite band and this was my second time seeing them live. Photo restrictions prevented me from shooting them from the pit as they would only allow photographs from the sound and light board which is why only one photo was usable.


Tyler put on a fantastic show that was filled with hits and he looked to be having a good time up there on stage. The rest of the band including Joe Perry were more laid back and tended to take heed to the title of their comeback song and “Let The Music Do The Talking”. The hi-light of the show for me was when Perry took over lead vocals and did “Stop Messin’ Around” from the HONKIN’ ON BOBO album. It was the most real part of the show where the music appeared to mean more than the showmanship. It defined what Aerosmith were about. Real Blues-based Rock music.

Was their performance bad?  Not by a long shot.
Would I go see them again  Definite.
I was more impressed with Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. Their set was more real and musical.

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