In Solitude Interview with Pelle Åhman

In Solitude Interview with Pelle Åhman

Interview by Jarod Lawley
Photos & Video by Jo Blackened

15th October 2014

@ Underworld, Camden London

In Solitude are one of the most exciting and innovating bands around. In the middle of an enduring European headline tour, we managed to catch up with vocalist Pelle Ahman before their astonishing performance in London’s Camden Underworld.

In Solitude Interview
In Solitude Interview

Watch the Interview Below:

Later that night, once In Solitude had finished their set and came off stage, we managed to have another quick chat with Pelle, before they set off on the tour bus!

Interview by Jo Blackened

So Pelle, you’ve just come off stage. How was it for you?
For me, it was umm…very good! Last night we had a very special night in Paris, so everyone had really high expectations of themselves, so some members were not as satisfied as the others, but to me it was very vibrant and very good.

Do you prefer the smaller venues, which are more intimate rather than playing to the larger ones?
I think the Underworld is a good size, where we played yesterday was slightly similar. I like the combination of both, I mean everything was set up for a really good night.

Where are you guys off to now?
Hmm…Manchester or Scotland actually I think now. We have a lot of people we need to say goodbye to first.

Do you have a lot of friends here with you tonight?
Yeh, the sound guy is a good friend aswell as some others and of course Andy from the label and we have some new friends here.
I have been on tour where I have despised most of the people where this has been different cause you are surrounded by friends, so yeh.

Is it the ego’s of some bands that are off-putting?
I don’t know if it’s ego, but some people can be very pretentious which surprises me. It’s destroying, that part of yourself.

You said in an interview afew years ago, you wanted to be consumed and lose yourself in In Solitude. Do you think this has happened?
Yes, some what. The music itself has changed my preconceptions what it is about, so yeah it has destroyed me in that way. I am not probably thinking of music in general, like I used to before.

You recently stated you were worried about the future of In Solitude. Do you think In Solitude will still be around in 2-3 years from now?I have no idea. I mean, if you play in a rock band you should never be thinking of tomorrow. Rock n’Roll is about the next second.

When do you think you will start to write the next album?
We already are! It is in a defuse state, we are not thinking of the actual album yet, but just thinking of the music, as it should be. We all like to play together as a band.

Is it important to you that everyone in the band has an equal contribution?
Not everyone has to contribute of course, but everybody has an important part and say in everything.

Is there anywhere in the world you’d really like to play, where you haven’t yet?
Hmm… I don’t know? Russia, North Korea? Erm…South America. We’d really like to play London again actually.

You’ve only previously played here at the Forum?
Yeh! I dunno, it’s like UK has never given up on us here. In some other places, you know in some certain parts of Germany, we had a huge following but then it calmed down a lot, but it seems to be coming back again now. There is a great energy in London, it is an important thing.

Do you find time to watch the other bands on tour?
Yes, as much as I can. I really need an hour or two on my own, I think we all do before we go on stage.
It can be hard all of us, in one small room, like today where you see our moods change.
It does depend on the day, I would say , so yeh.

What other bands are you listening to at the moment?
There is a Swedish organist called Olof Åhlström, he has created probably the most important music in my life.
Also music, right now aswell as before…

[It is at this point the other members & crew need help with carrying equipment to the tour bus]

Thank you for your time today Pelle, we shall trouble you no more…
Oh no, it is no problem at all. Thank you and see you next time!

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