Accept with support on Blind Rage European Tour 2014 at Amager Bio Copenhagen, Denmark

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Accept Blind Rage European Tour 2014

Damnations Day – support act

Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark
19/9 – 2014

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall


The German metal legends Accept are back on the attack with their brand new album BLIND RAGE which is a totally brilliant album. The band began to do a few shows during the summer and the band did a special live performance at Wacken Open Air in Germany where they played the entire RESTLESS AND WILD album. The tour kicked off in September in America and then it was time for Europe and Scandinavia to host the metal icons. The European tour began this particular day in Copenhagen at Amager Bio after which it was time for the band to visit Sweden and Norway. Damnations Day from Australia was the support act. Damnations Day was scheduled to kick off the evening at 9 o clock and the doors opened one hour earlier. A few weeks before the show was the tickets almost gone so there were big hopes for the show to be totally sold out.

The venue takes about 1050 people and as the show was scheduled for Friday, and since the Danes surely love their beer, there were possibilities that the audience was going to be totally crazy. I arrived as always a bit early and already had fans began to gather outside the club. There was a sign on the door saying that the show was sold out and when it was time for the doors to open, a long line of fans was lined up in order to come in. I could hear that also a lot of Swedes had taken the bridge over to Denmark to see the show and the mix of fans was fun to see. There were both older guys, who were around when the band started, as well as their kids and wives. The doors to the old movie theater opened at 8 and the masses made their way in. Even though there were quite a lot of people, the staff and security didn’t let the stress get to them and they were as nice as always when they welcomed the fans.

Since the venue it’s an old movie theater the stage is wide but located quite close to the floor. The balcony across the stage was also opened and that could only mean that a lot of people was going to come. When it was about 15 minutes before Damnations Day enter the stage I was let into the pit and the pit was a bit crowded.

Damnations Day

The band kicked off their show right away and the members were pumped up and ready to give their all right from the start. Lead singer/guitarist Mark said that the band had traveled all the way from Australia to be playing for us this night and that the band was really happy to be in Denmark. The band played standard melodic metal that really didn’t impress me much to be honest. The line up is:

Mark – lead vocals, guitar
Jon – guitar
Luke – bass
Dean – drums

The lead singer looked a bit shy and stood mostly put behind his mic during the show but that was something the entire band did. There weren’t much moving around at all instead they focused on playing and the audience shortly lost interest in the band and went over to the bar. I even got a bit bored of the music and socialized with my friends instead of paying the band any further interest. Their music was nothing but standard metal and nothing else. Luckily had the band only 35 minutes to play for and the show was soon over. And since I don’t really have anything positive to say about the band, I’ll just leave it there.


During the show more people arrived and the temperature inside the club was already starting to rise and soon it had gone tropical. In Denmark, people show up in time to see the headline act, in Sweden everyone is in time to see the support act. A back drop with the cover art of the new album BLIND RAGE was now shown on stage as well as a huge drum kit and a lot of amps. After about 25 minutes was the stage in order for Accept and about 10 o clock went the venue dark and the intro began to play and the fans started to clap their hands and cheer for their German metal heroes.



As soon as the members showed up on stage, the fans screamed even louder than before and the show kicked off instantly with the song “Stampede”. The show continued right away with “Stalingrad” and in the middle of the song singer Tornillo came out with a flag he waved with through out the song. “Hellfire” followed after which Tornillo thanked the fans so much for the applause. He said that it’s now time for the band to play a song from their new album and it was the song “200 years”. Even though the song was new, the fans had no problems with singing along in it.

Accept is:

Mark Tornillo – lead vocals
Wolf Hoffmann – guitar
Stefan Schwarzmann – drums
Peter Baltes – bass
Herman Frank – guitar

The band was really solid and tight and the dynamic duo Hoffmann and Baltes moved around across the stage during the entire show. The duo showed no sign of tiredness and they seemed to be having a great time together. Tornillo also moved around however when he had sung his parts he backed away and let Baltes and Hoffmann take over the show. Smoke blew up from the stage in “200 Years” which looked really cool. Tornillo once again thanked the fans for being there and said it was nice to see them again, now it’s time for an older song he said and “Losers And Winners” followed. That song really fired up the audience a notch and everyone sang a long with Tornillo. Tornillo urged everyone to sing a long with him in “London Leatherboys” and the temperature rised several degrees inside the club. The roof was dripping from sweat powered condensation this early into the show and there was no sign that was going to change.


The un-expected classical song “Starlight” taken from the 1981 album BREAKER followed and it was quite a surprise that the band unpacked this song. Hoffmann and Frank shared the lead guitar parts and for once was Frank allowed to show his skills on the stage. A few more current songs then followed in “Dying Breed” and “Final Journey” where Baltes and Hoffmann once again took over the show. As always at Amager Bio was the lighting and sound system perfect and the only one that stood in dark for the most part of the show was Frank. I’m not sure if that was what he wanted to do or if Baltes and Hoffman told him to but he was the one member besides the drummer that hardly took any place on the stage. The crowd was no ecstatic and there was no limits for the love they showed the band. They did what the band told them to do and waved their hands and arms in “Shadow Soldiers” just as Tornillo told them to do. The fans also took over the chorus in the song and Tornillo seemed to be very pleased with their efforts. “From The Ashes We Rise” continued the show and Tornillo made a very competent and solid performance.


He has really grown as a frontman and it felt like the fans also have gotten used to be hearing him singing the old classical Accept songs now. The hesitations I had towards him in the beginning have vanished and I really think he is a worthy replacement to Udo Dirkschneider. Tornillo said it was now time to play something older and fired off “Restless And Wild” which made the audience freak out. Tornillo let the fans sing most of the lyrics and Tornillo thanked everyone for singing along with him in the song. Then it was time for “Ahead Of the Pack” which is another song from the legendary album RESTLESS AND WILD. For the first time during the show went Hoffmann, Baltes and Frank walk to the edge of the stage together and the two guitarists shared the lead guitar parts. Hoffmann’s smile went from ear to ear during the show and he seemed to be having the time of his life. The German metal legends ran over the crowd like a tank and it was only to surrender for the icons. Metal music doesn’t get better than this.


“No Shelter” followed and Hoffman and Baltes had a duel going on in the middle of the song during which Frank and Tornillo went off the stage. When he got back Tornillo thanked the fans for the amazing support and asked if the crowd was ready to sing again and it was time for the fans to air their throats in the epic song “Princess Of the Dawn”. As expected was this song one of the most anticipated ones and Tornillo got the crowd even more ecstatic when he urged everyone to sing along and go crazy and jump up and down. “Dark Side Of My Heart” and “Pandemic” followed and the bands more current songs worked as well as the old ones. The intro to “Fast As A Shark” was played in the speakers and the fans went ballistic. It was a while since I heard such a sing a long from fans and Tornillo didn’t have to sing the song, the fans did it for him. A few middle aged men besides me started to play air guitar and if you see air guitars during a song you know it’s popular ha ha. That song ended the ordinary 90 minute show and the band went off stage. They returned shortly after and fired off “Metal Heart” as the first encore. Then followed “Teutonic Terror” after which it was time for the monumental song that everyone’s waited for – “Balls To The Wall”. Once again air guitars were played and the fans jumped around and sang their lungs out in the song. The chorus was sung by the fans accompanied by only drums and bass. The smoke machine was fired off when Tornillo ended the song and the band went off the stage for the second time and altogether had the band been performing for about 2 hours.


The show was completely brilliant and it was so nice to see my child hood heroes back on stage again. I don’t grieve the loss of Udo Dirkschneider so much now and if I want to hear Accept songs sung by him it’s only to go to a U.D.O show somewhere. Tornillo had really grown into the position as frontman and I do think he’s the right man on the right place. The set list was excellent and all of the old favorite songs that I love were on it. But the most fun of all was to see how happy the members were on stage and there was no doubt about that Hoffmann had the time of his life. The support from the fans was extra ordinary and it’s obvious that Accept is here to stay. If the band success is going in this pace it might be an idea to play at bigger venues. Metal music doesn’t get much better than this! The show the band did at Wacken Open Air was amazing but this show doesn’t land too far from that.


Set list
200 Years
Losers And Winners
London Leatherboys
Dying Breed
Final Journey
Shadow Soldiers
From the Ashes We Rise
Restless And Wild
Ahead Of the Pack
No Shelter
Princess Of the Dawn
Dark Side Of My Heart
Fast As A Shark
Metal Heart
Teutonic Terror
Balls To The Wall


Thanks to Markus Wosgien at Nuclear Blast Germany HQ for help with press/photo pass to the show.

Thanks to the nice staff and security and Amager Bio.

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