Malmo Festival 2014 with The Sounds, Imperial State Electric, Graveyard, Watain, Heavy Tiger, Tiger Bell

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For me the first day of the festival was the Sunday when it was time for The Sounds to hit the big stage. Sunday was also the day the rain came and the longer the day proceeded the more rain it came. I was at the grand square about one hour before it was time for the show to start and by then was Steve Earle and the Dukes about to finish off their show. The Sounds come from a town nearby Malmo called Helsingborg and their latest album came last year titled WEEKEND. The bands indie rock/post punk attracts people from all kinds of music genres and a lot of people started to gather in front of the stage. The Sounds was about to end the agenda on the big stage and was schedule to perform in between 9.30-10.55 pm. When it was 10 minutes left before the show we was let into the pit and we could literally didn’t see hardly anything of the stage. It was almost impossible to take a single great shot of the band because of the high stage. The front of the stage lacked roof so when the rain started to drizzle the band got even further back on stage and then we couldn’t see a single person up there.


The Sounds

The band showed apparently up on stage during the intro (I don’t know because I couldn’t see them) and fired off “Emperor” and the hit “Song With A Mission”. When singer Ivarsson showed up at the edge of the stage all the photographers hurried up to get a photo of her while she was urging the audience to clap their hands and scream. Ivarsson thanked for the support and said she was sorry that the gap in between the stage and the fans was so huge but there was nothing to do about that. “Shake Shake Shake” followed and Ivarsson said it was nice to be playing here and that it felt almost like being home and “Painted By Numbers” continued the show. The Sounds is:

Maja Ivarsson – lead vocals
Felix Rodriguez – guitar
Jesper Anderberg – guitar, keyboards
John Bengtsson – bass
Fredrik Blond – drums

Ivarsson said she wanted the fans to do her a favor and that was to sing a long in “Painted By Numbers”. First it was time for the girls and then the guys to sing after Ivarsson’s instructions. Ivarsson is a very charismatic singer and it was fun to see her having the crowd in the palm of his hand during the entire show. The band didn’t have a backdrop but a huge tv-screen that showed the band name and a lot of circles. “Seven Days A Week” and “Something To Die For” followed and Ivarsson once again thanked the fans for being there supporting the band. She said that the last time the band performed at the festival was back in 2009 and that it was time that the band returned. “Take It The Wrong Way” followed and as the darkness began to fall you could see that the lighting was quite poor. Most of the lights went towards the audience and not on the band. Something that was positive was the great sound and the fans didn’t seem to mind that the members at the back of the stage almost stood in darkness. “Hit Me” followed and the crowd responded really well on both the new songs as well as the older ones. “The Best Of Me”, “Dorchester Hotel” and “Wish You Were Here” continued the evening and even though I’m not a hardcore fan of the band I was impressed by how tight the band was on stage.


The main focus was on lead singer Ivarsson and she really put herself out for the fans. “Midnight Sun” followed and Ivarsson thanked for the amazing support the fans gave the band and said it was time to play “Weekend” which is the title track from the 2013 year album. It wasn’t hard to be impressed by Ivarsson and her amazing approach at the stage. She really is the born fronwoman and it’s easy to see why so many young girls have her as a role model. She really is a tough rock chick that demands attention and isn’t as afraid to speak her mind which is very refreshing in a world filled with egocentric male rockstars. This show was clearly a lot better than the one I saw at the Summer Rock Festival a few weeks back. It felt like this was a totally different band than the one I saw in Svedala.

The band was happier and felt more focused now and delivered a solid rock show. It was Ivarsson that did all of the talking as well as the connecting with the fans and it felt like she was the solo star and the rest of the band was her session musicians. The big hit “No One Sleeps When I’m Awake” followed and the floored fans in front of the stage sang from the top of their lungs. The scream that followed when Ivarsson announced “Living In America” was enormous and that song made the entire crowd come to life. Ivarsson let the fans sing the chorus and she looked really satisfied with the respond. Ivarsson wanted the crowd to help her out in the next song which was “Outlaw” and the screaming crowd didn’t seem to mind doing that. She thanked everyone for staying even though the rain poured down quite heavily now. “Ego” ended the show and as soon as the song was over waved Ivarsson to the crowd and the band went of the stage. The fans screamed for encores and the band shortly returned back and Ivarsson said that the band had fans from Finland and Spain in the crowd and she switched to talking in English so that everyone would understand her. “Tony The Beat” and “Rock N Roll” followed as the first two encores and “Hope You’re Happy Now” ended the show. The band took of their instruments and walked off the stage one final time.


As mentioned earlier was this show much better compared to the one I saw a few weeks back. The set list was great and Ivarsson was the star of the show with her intense presence. The biggest complaint I have is towards the stage design and that is nothing the band can do anything about. The lighting was also terrible luckily the sound system worked better. It was a great way of ending a Sunday evening and if it hadn’t been for the rain it would have been an even better evening.


Set list Note: Set-list not in order, I may have missed out on a few songs.
Song With A Mission
Shake Shake Shake
Painted By Numbers
Seven Days A Week
Something To Die For
Take It The Wrong Way
Hit Me
The Best Of Me
Dorchester Hotel
Wish You Were Here
Midnight Sun
4 Songs And A Fight
No One Sleeps When I’m Awake
Living in America
Tony The Beat
Rock N Roll
Hope You’re Happy Now