Malmo Festival 2014 with The Sounds, Imperial State Electric, Graveyard, Watain, Heavy Tiger, Tiger Bell

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Malmo Festival 2014

Big stage – The Sounds
Posthus stage – Imperial State Electric, Graveyard, Watain
Gustav stage – Heavy Tiger, Tiger Bell

17-18-21/8 – 2014

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall



The annual city festival of Malmo turned 30 this year and I had hoped that the festival was going to offer something special with that in mind but no, sadly, it was the same as every year. The festival treated visitors with a lot of various kinds of food from all over the world, music for all kinds of tastes, happenings, cultural gatherings and carousels and fun for teenagers and kids. The first acts that was presented earlier this year were First Aid Kit, Charli XCX, Icona Pop, and Warpaint. Not much for fans of harder music as you can see. In the middle of July was Rebecca & Fiona and Nause revealed and still no sign of harder acts. The festival is held during one week in the center of the city in August every year and is totally free. No fees are taken to see bands and such, so for one week is the city jammed with locals and tourists. The Big stage is located at the Grand square and the second largest stage is situated behind the railway station a few blocks down called Posthus stage.


There are also a lots of tents where smaller stages are situated where you can listen to 60’s music, blues, swing and so on. This year was the fireworks that close the festival back after a few years of rest. A few years back the festival always included one day of harder music where bands like Entombed, The Haunted and Hardcore Superstar, to mention a few, performed, but for some reason that day has  been excluded from the program. The festival brags about offer something for everyone but I feel that the majority of the headbangers and rockers are definitely excluded from most parts of the festival. It can’t be correct to offer 3 or 4 “harder” acts during one week when all the pop-house-light rock fans have an entire week to enjoy. Many people I talked with said that they were really disappointed to only have a few harder acts to see and thought that the festival should offer more with the thought of the 30 year celebration. Imperial State Electric and Graveyard was the first rock acts that was announced and the festival promised to release harder acts later on. The single harder metal act that was presented was Watain. Sure, it was nice with a metal act but only one metal act during one week? Come on!

Whover took care of the festivals website seemed to be on vacation because a few bands canceled their appearances but no replacements came up on the site. No news or updates followed on the website it only said TBA. At the first day of the festival I picked up my photo pass and went over to the grand square to check out the big stage. And boy was it big. It was huge and it was impossible to see the artists from the photo pit if they weren’t standing on the very edge of the stage. Many photographers in the pit that I later spoke to was really upset with how the stage was built. And many of them was going to get in touch with the organizers to ask what they were thinking about when they designed the stage.