Frozen Ocean – The Dyson Swarm

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Reviewed: October 2014
Released: 2014, Kristallblut Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Journeying from Earth to the distant stars and darkness of space, the one man band Frozen Ocean plunges into philosophy and celestial spheres with the release of The Dyson Swarm.

Unravelling with electronic and guitar led textures, ‘Syzgy’ sets the tone for a dark swept atmosphere that engulfs the entirety of the opening track which slides effortlessly into the delicate sounding ‘CE-4’. Carrying forward many of the aforementioned qualities, the infernal shrieks rupture with a strong sense of urgency within its cosmic exploration.

Much of the record is devised in a similar manner with the primary focus being geared toward the far reaches of space and sweeping tones riveting throughout. ’Exoplanet (HD 85512 b)’ is a great standout point as the guitars offer up a more darker edge amidst the layers of synth that culminate into something far more sinister than what was found before.

Meanwhile, the piano led ‘The Dyson Swarm’ is another juncture within the Frozen Ocean’s journey that is truly noteworthy as the solid riffs and an orchestral back drop serve as a portal of true escapism.

What worked with this record was the band’s ability to capture your senses and pull you into their world. Whilst the direction suffered at times with a lack of progression it was Frozen Ocean’s ability to keep you suspended within their claustrophobic walls of sound that made them stand out. Great work guys.

Review by Ben Spencer


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Track Listing:
1. Syzygy
2. CE-4
3. Sloan Great Wall
4. SHGb02+14a
5. Exoplanet (HD 85512 b)
6. The Dyson Swarm
7. UDFj-39546284

Vaarwel: All instrumentation


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