Macabre Rock Favorite NIM VIND to Release New Album “Saturday Night Séance Songs” on October 14th via House of Vind

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There was a time when rock n’ roll was the pulse of an entire generation, with millions finding salvation in “the Devil’s music” – its rhythm causing hips to gyrate, hair to grow longer than ever before, and the need to rebel against authority. Rock n’ roll swept the globe like a plague infecting the youth. Yet, here we are in 2014, half a century later, and it seems that time has forgotten the true genre. Does anyone crave the rawness, long for the hook, or yearn for the live sound? Or have we all become pixilated, force-fed, digi-pop drones?

Retro-styled, horror-punk influenced rock n’ rollerNIM VIND is set to satiate that craving, with his brand new record,Saturday Night Séance Songs, set to hit stores on October 14, 2014 via front man Nim’s own House of Vind label. NIM VIND invites the listener’s mind into his dark and stormy world with Saturday Night Séance Songs. Tracks like the 1980’s arena style track ‘Astronomicon’ and a modern death rock Danzig/Misfits summoning ‘Philistine Beat’ are just part of the story.

“When I first heard ‘Rumble’ by Link Wray, or ‘Bella Lugosi’s Dead’ by Bauhaus, or ‘Last Caress’ by Danzig‘s Misfits, I knew there was another form of communicating with people that was void of barriers of language, color or any predisposition. It’s a storm recognized as such by anyone who crosses its path. It’s slamming into your brain like a tornado. It can’t be denied,” offers Vind.

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None of this throwback influence is surprising, seeing as that NIM VIND and his real life band of brothers (drummer Anthony Kilz and bassist Robbie K) were raised by a symphony musician father and CBGB’s first-wave uncles. These influences also inspired Vind’s production choices, as he looked to legendary rock producer Todd Rundgren for mixing on his other worldly track ‘Astronomicon’. Only Todd, the writer of such monumental hits as ‘Hello It’s Me’ and ‘Bang The Drum All Day’, would know how to properly handle a track like this, even added his famous “haunted” guitar playing on this track!

“Todd Rundgren and I were both on Panacea Entertainment’s Management roster out of LA. I pretty much just begged them to show him my song ‘Astronomicon’ the entire time I was with them,”adds Vind.“One day I got a forwarded message: “I’m ready now, send the track”. He was done and had it back in two hours. No recalls. Nothing. The guy rules. I loved it. I met him later that month and nervously asked him how he was doing. All he said was “astronomical” with a wry smile. That’s all I needed.”

In addition, NIM VIND sought out power mixer Jay Ruston (Stone Sour, Anthrax, MeatloafSteel Panther) for Saturday Night Séance Songs, who has taken the NIM VIND signature sound to heightened frenzy. More underground additions to the critical team are Canadian music veteran engineer Doug Fury (Bif Naked) and up-and-coming Anaheim, CA mixer David Irish (sound tech for punk band “X“).

NIM VIND’s cult following is steadily anticipating the new release. If you haven’t heard of NIM VIND by now, you’ll quickly learn that his underground following has been increasing for years. Vind boasts two prior tomes released on independent German labels and a good deal of international touring, as well as stints as the front man of family project and ghoul-core greats Mr. Underhill, which segued into a position as the dreamy bassist with Vans Warped Tour sweethearts The Vincent Black Shadow.

Fast forward to present day, when NIM VIND and his band of horror punks turn nightly shows into Sci-Fi sock hops. Throwback guitar riffs coupled with in-the-pocket pounding drum beats highlight sickening bass grooves, skillfully driven by Nim’s smooth baritone vocals soaked in mentally ill-laden poetry.

NIMVIND is continually assembling the masses of underground believers, recently teaming up with heavy metal forefather Jonny Zazula to create his new label, House of Vind, withSaturday Night Séance Songs leading the charge as their first release. More information on future releases will be released soon.

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Nim Vind – Chris Kirkham: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Anthony Kilz – Tony Kirkham: Drums, Vocals
Robbie K – Rob Kirkham: Bass, Vocals

Additional Saturday Night Séance Songs credits:
Doug Fury – Bif Naked Guitar Player and Song writer:  Additional Guitar on various tracks
Chloe Hurst – Vancouver Acadamy of Music Teacher: Piano
Todd Rundgren – Additional Guitar on “Astronomicon”