Rush – Presto (SACD)

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Presto (SACD)
2014, Audio Fidelity
Rating: 4

Rush’s 1989 effort PRESTO is regarded by some as their most original album but in reality it isn’t much different than most of their albums. It may be slightly less progressive and more Rock but the changes are slight as it is still the Rush we all know. Apart from a few songs this is one band that I cannot get into and see their massive appeal. From a musical standpoint they are all great musicians but the output is just average. Nothing phenomenally mind blowing about them that many suggest.

PRESTO is much easier to digest compared to many of the albums. Maybe that is the original factor that is eluded to? Either way the extended instrumental breaks are not here in such magnitude so the average Rock fan might take a liking to this one easier. The electronic drums that the band utilized throughout the 80‘s is still quite prominent. Unfortunately they didn’t discard them in favour of a more traditional drum sound. The album spawned a pair of hits including the disc’s opening track “Show Don’t Tell” which was the more popular of the two with “Supercontuctor” being the other. Both received a lot of airplay here in Canada as the 80’s came to a close and the new decade began.

Rush are a timeless band with very dedicated fans. They are a love ‘em or hate ‘em for the most part with few that say they are OK. I am in the minority as I like some of their music. For me PRESTO has a couple of really good songs but all are well performed and sound better on this disc than I ever recall hearing them. Worth the investment and double dip for any Rush fan