Damn Pigeon – Re-Coop

Damn Pigeon
2014, Independent
Rating: 4/5

Former Syre frontman Doug Weir’s new band Damn Pigeon released this album of excellent Melodic Rock songs in 2014. While I am a little slow writing this review I have not stopped playing and enjoying this disc. Doug replaced the original vocalist a couple of years ago and this is the new album featuring Doug’s fantastic singing.

In the past few years I have been brushing up on my Southern Ontario bands thanks to friends. One band I discovered was Syre who’s LP I am still tracking down. The singer of that band was Doug Weir who I heard of through a mutual friend and in turn his band Animate which lead me to Damn Pigeon. After getting this album and putting it on my stereo I really liked the sounds instantly. It was familiar yet different. It was melodic yet had heavy aspects to it. It was raw with some great production. I liked it and it hasn’t been far from my player ever since. The song “Gift Horse” really stands out as an all out rocker. It just kicks on all levels, the groove, the beat…everything. Another of my favourite tracks is “Asshole Lives” with it’s true to life lyrics. This is probably the heaviest song on the album with the bass just really prominent in the mix then an over the top guitar solo just brings it home. The other standout to me is “Dead Man’s Shoes” with more of that upfront bass. Just a killer track all around. Melodic Rock at it’s finest.

Excellent CD from this independent Southern Ontario band. Definitely recommended you check out if you want some great Melodic Rock with an edge.

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