Copenhell Festival 2014 at Refshaleoen Copenhagen, Denmark



Copenhell Festival 2014: Friday

After a few hours sleep was it then time for me to attend the third and final day of Copenhell 2014. I woke up a bit late and when I took a look out of the window I could see the sun shining. Good! The last day of the festival was getting extra long due to the special show that D.A.D. was going to do as the last band out. D.A.D. was going to be on stage at 1 o clock in the morning so the extra hours of sleep was well needed. My aim was to be at the festival in order to see Kill Devil Hill kick off their show at 3.30 and besides them was Behemoth, Graveyard, D.A.D. and Obituary to perform this last day. The Swedish black metal act Watain was going to close the Hades stage and D.A.D. the Helviti stage. D.A.D. had sold single day tickets to the festival and usually Copenhell doesn’t sell these kinds of tickets but since it’s the bands 30th celebration show the band themselves sold exclusive single day tickets.


The ride to the festival went smooth and I was at the area about 30 minutes before Kill Devil Hill was about to play. There weren’t many people at all at the festival this early during the day but a few was standing in front of the Hades stage waiting for Kill Devil Hill. Even though the sun was shining the wind was blowing heavily so it stirred up dust from the ground that got into your eyes. Well, now it was time for me to focus on the super group Kill Devil Hill that includes Rex Brown from Pantera on bass. The bands self-titled debut came 2012 and was followed up the year after with REVOLUTION RISE. In March drummer Vinny Appice left  the band and he was replaced by Johnny Kelly (ex- Type O Negative). I was really looking forward to see the band but was a bit disappointed that Appice wasn’t sitting behind the drums. And a few minutes before scheduled time the narrator came out and introduced the band to the crowd.

Kill Devil Hill

“No Way Out” marked the beginning of the show and singer Bragg had on a jean vest with patches and sunglasses looking like a true rocker. It was full speed ahead from the very start of the show and Bragg thanked the festival for letting the band coming to Denmark and perform. The fans clapped their hands and gave the band a warm welcome and the show continued with “Crown Of Thorns”. The line-up is:

Dewey Bragg – lead vocals
Mark Zavon – guitar
Rex Brown – bass
Johnny Kelly – drums

Bragg worked really hard to connect with the fans but it was hard to get the audience to wake up and show enthusiasm this early during the day. Brown stood on the left of the stage looking really pleased with the support while playing “War Machine”. Bragg was all over the stage doing his best to encouraging the crowd to get crazy and even though the audience was a bit slow you couldn’t blame it on Bragg. Bragg said the band had travelled a long way to get here and he wanted to hear the crowd scream for the band. He wanted everyone who loved Black Sabbath, Pantera and Led Zeppelin to shout as lout as they could which many also did. He said that everyone who loved Dimebag should stand up directed that to the ones who was sitting on the hill across the stage looking at the show. “Wake Up The Dead” and “Rise From The Shadows” continued the show and the band was really tight and solid and knew exactly what to do on stage.


As frontman Bragg was perfect and really charismatic and he did a good job entertaining the fans. Bragg wanted the fans to give a shout out to Brown and he got a huge applause from the fans. He asked if there were any Pantera fans in the crowd and of course the majority of the crowd shouted yes to that. Bragg urged everyone to check out the new album REVOLUTION RISE and the next song “Leave It All Behind” was taken from that album. The bands alternative metal appealed to me and I really enjoyed the afternoon with Kill Devil Hill and it seemed like the small crowd shared my thought. Bragg said that it was really windy today and when the band arrived they thought they were going to fly away because of the wind. Bragg wanted us to say hello to Kelly behind the drums and fired off a song from the first album and it was “Strange”. Bragg looked out on the crowd and said he saw t-shirts with Kiss, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Slipknot and that it was nice to see such a mix of people with various taste in metal. He once again asked if there were any Pantera fans out there and that he wanted everyone to get up and join the band in the classic Pantera song “Mouth For War”.


That song made the crowd come to life and everyone sang a long with Bragg in the song. The band did a really solid and heavy version of the song and Bragg wanted the fans to clap one final time for the band before they went off the stage. “Mouth For War” was the perfect way of ending the 45 minute show and there were absolutely nothing bad to say about the performance at all. It was a great way to begin the last of the festival with seeing Kill Devil Hill.


Set list
No Way Out
Crown Of Thorns
War Machine
Wake Up the Dead
Rise From the Shadows
Life Goes On
Leave It All Behind
Mouth For War

The final day of the festival also felt like the weakest one bandwise and there were also a lot less people on the ground. It felt like the festival lacked a proper headline for the evening too. Next in line for me was the polish act Behemoth led by the mighty Nergal. The band is back more powerful and more evil than ever with the brand new album THE SATANIST. It’s the second time the band visits Copenhell and last time I saw them the performance left more to wish for. It’s always a bit strange to listen to the music of Behemoth in broad daylight, their kind of music ought to be performed later during the night when the sun sets. A big bunch of fans was already positioned in front of the Helviti stage and when the narrator said that Behemoth had released the best black metal of the year the fans screamed on the top of their lungs.


The intro came on and all of the members but one showed up. After the intro Nergal came in and he brought with him two torches that was lit and he lit up two huge bowls that stood on each side of the drums and then he threw away the torches and got his guitar and the show began with “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”. Behemoth is:

Nergal – lead vocals, guitar
Inferno – drums
Seth – guitar
Orion – bass

“Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer” followed instantly and the crowd formed a circle pit. All of the members wore the same outfit except for Nergal who had a hood over his head so that you only could see his face. He looked at the crowd and asked if they were with the band and fired off “Conquer All”. It was really hard to take pics of the band because they were mostly standing behind their mics which had a lot of metal on them. However both Orion and Nergal moved around from time to time and that was when I took the chance. Nergal had the audience in the palm of his hands right from the start and didn’t have to do much to fire up the crowd. Nergal used the ramp in “As Above So Below” to interact with the fans while Orion and Seth stood solid on their spots.


“Slaves Shall Serve”, “Christians To The Lions” and “The Satanist” brought the show forward and the band was ridiculously tight together. They put on an amazing show and Nergal sang really great and the music was as brutal as ever. It was really nice to see Nergal in such a good shape this night compared to how he was the last time I saw them. I’m really happy he’s beaten the cancer! Orion and Seth picked up a torch and lit the up side down crosses that was placed in front of the drums and the fire together with the smoke made the show really atmospheric. Circle pits and crowd surfing was going on during the entire show and the fans seemed to be loving every minute of the show. “Ov Fire And The Void” followed after which all of the guys went off the stage and intro music flooded out from the speaker while a crew member came in and lit up the fronts of the mic stands and the last song of the ordinary set “At The Left Hand Ov God” was played.


The fans didn’t want the show to end so the band came in again now having put on devil masks on their faces and fired off “Chant For Eschaton 2000”. The band once again went off the stage but Nergal shortly came back saying Thank you all for staying and watching us, here comes “O Father O Satan O Sun”. A lot of smoke dwelled on the stage and black confetti poured down on the band and that ended the final song for the show. Behemoth’s 60 minutes was a blast to see and experience and this band sure knows how to put on a show. It was black metal at its best and Behemoth is a furious live force on stage. The only thing I have to make a remark on was that the show was too short; I wanted to see and hear more from the underground lords from Poland.

Set list
Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
Conquer All
As Above So Below
Slaves Shall Serve
Christians To The Lions
The Satanist
Ov Fire And the Void
At The Left Hand Of God
Chant For The Eschaton 2000
O Father O Satan O Sun

So was it time to change focus and once again head over to the Hades stage where it soon was time for Obituary to air their lungs. The band is led by singer John Tardy and the bands latest studio album was released 2009 titled DARKEST DAY. In 2013 the band joined Kickstarter in order to raise money for the next album which apparently is going to be recorded independently. Even though it was 30 minutes left the fans had gathered in front of the stage chanting for the band to go on. I took the chance to rest my legs and feet for a while because it’s quite demanding to walk and stand on asphalt and gravel for 10 hours straight. The band had nothing but amps and mics on stage and a few minutes before scheduled one of the narrators came out to introduce the band.


“Stinkupuss” marked the beginning of the show and the fans gave the band a warm welcome. The wind had increased so the band members couldn’t see anything because of their hair that blew in their faces. It was a nightmare to take pictures because I couldn’t see any of their faces. However that didn’t seem to mind the band and they continued the frenzy with “Intoxicated” and as always when it comes to Obituary was it totally mayhem from beginning to the end. The band members are:

John Tardy – lead vocals
Donald Tardy – drums
Trevor Peres – guitar
Terry Butler – bass
Kenny Andrews – guitar

Singer Tardy said that it was great to be performing for the Danish fans this day and that the band was about to play a lot of their old songs. The audience screamed and clapped for that and it seemed like the band had a really strong fanbase in Denmark. “Bloodsoaked” followed the fans at the front of the stage went berserk and formed a circle pit.


“Immortal Visions”, “Infected” and “Visions In My Head” continued the show after which Tardy introduced the new song “Violence” to the fans. The temp was hard, furious and non-forgiving and the fans simply loved it. The wind kept blowing and the Hades stage is located at the end of the area so the wind blew much harder there than at the Helviti stage that’s located more in the middle of the area. “Chopped In Half”, “Turned Inside Out”, “Back To One” and “The End Complete” followed before it was time for Tardy to announce the last song for the show. It was “Dead Silence” that ended the ordinary show but when the band left the stage the fans shouted for more and the first encore out was “Inked In Blood”. That was a new song that the band tested out on the audience but as the very last song came the classical “Slowly We Rot” and the crowd went even crazier. As soon as the song was over thanked the band the fans and went off the stage and 50 minutes had flew by. The set was filled with good old Obituary songs and the fans loved every minute of the show.

Set list
Immortal Visions
Visions In My Head
Chopped in Half
Turned Inside Out
Back to One
The End Complete
Dead Silence
Invoked In Bloos
Slowly We Rot

Next up on the agenda was the Swedish Graveyard to do their thing on the Helviti stage at 7 o clock. I have never been a fan of the band and don’t like their music one bit. I don’t even understand why the band and the media label their music as hard rock or metal. In my ears the music sounds like 70’s prog rock and I can’t understand why they have won awards for best hard rock acts etc. Graveyard comes from Gothenburg Sweden and was formed back in 2006, released their debut album the year after and the highly praised follow up HISINGEN BLUES came 2011.

LIGHTS OUT was released 2012 and since then has the band been the medias darlings. Not many people were gathered to see Graveyard but the ones there did their best to welcome the band. The narrator said it now was time for some more mellow music than Obituary had treated us with and wanted us to give a hand for Graveyard. He said that Copenhell has a band for every kind of tastes in metal and I have to give him props for that.


“Seven Seven” kicked off the show and the song is taken from the latest album LIGHTS OUT. The members stood solid on their spot not connecting at all with the fans. The band has got a very introvert approach towards the audience and has always had since the first time I saw them live. The singer mostly stood still singing while looking at the floor and it was a lie to say that the show was energetic. After having tour so much I can’t understand why the members haven’t learned to take on a crowd. The members are:

Joakim Nilsson – lead vocals, guitar
Jonatan Larocca- Ramm – guitar
Rikard Edlund – bass
Axel Sjöberg – drums

Nilsson said thank you in Swedish but then switched to English and introduced the next song which was “Hisingen Blues” and the 70’s psychedelic rock took over the area. “Slow Motion Countdown”, “Uncomfortably Numb” and “Goliath” followed and the fans seemed to love every minute of the really slow show. The members are really skilled at their instruments but the vocal was really weak to be honest. The show ended with “Satan’s Finest” and “The Siren” and no encores followed. This show must be the dullest one I’ve seen so far during the festival and I didn’t know that 70 minutes could go by so slow.


Set list
Seven Seven
Hisingen Blues
Slow Motion Countdown
Uncomfortably Numb
Buying Truth
Ain’t Fit to Live Here
Hard Times Lovin’
Satan’s Finest
The Siren

Before it was time to see Suicide Silence I decided to go and get me some food. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats was about to kick off their show at the Hades stage but I decided to focus on Suicide Silence instead. Not many bands were left to play at Copenhell now and I was really looking forward to see what kind of show D.A.D. had planned to treat the festival visitors with.

For some reason it felt like more and more people left the show the closer it got to closing time and it felt like the third day of the festival was the poorest one when it came to visitors.  Suicide Silence was about to kick off their show at 9.30 and the band has been active since 2002. The debut came 2007 and four albums has been released since then, the latest one came in July this year titled YOU CAN’T STOP ME. The American band plays deathcore and I was really curious of the band because I hadn’t heard them before. The majority part of the people on the festival was gathered to see the band and it was nice to see a band that I hadn’t seen before.

Suicide Silence

Rex Brown came out and introduced the band and the band rushed on stage to the intro of “Revelations” and fired off the show with “Unanswered”. It was full speed ahead from the very start and they band definitely woke me up from the Graveyard mood I was in. “No Pity For a Coward” followed instantly and singer Hermida had the crowd in the palm of his hand from the get go. Suicide Silence is:

Hernan Eddie Hermida – lead vocals
Dan Kenny – bass
Alex Lopez – drums
Mark Heylman – guitar
Chris Garza – guitar

The audience was ecstatic and started circle pits and crowd surfed during most parts of the show. It felt like Suicide Silence was the band that most part of the visitors had been waiting for this last day of the festival. Hermida worked really hard to get the crowd going and said that it was nice to be at the festival and said he had heard that Denmark loves pot and dedicated “Bludgeoned To Death” to all the potheads. The darkness had now begun to put a blanket on the festival which made it all much cozier. Hermida wanted to see a huge circle pit formed during “No Time To Bleed” and the fans became even wilder when the band launched “Wake Up”. The band was a solid force that fired off bullet proof songs like crazy. “Lifted”, “You Can’t Stop Me” and “No Time To Bleed” followed and the show got even more intense.


The guitar playing by Heylman and Garza were perfect and the rhythm section contributed with a solid foundation, in other words did everyone in the band a really great job. The biggest circle pit of the festival also happened during the Suicide Silence show in the song “Disengage”. The darkness made justice to the great light show the band had which added more atmosphere and feeling to the music. Hermida asked the fans wanted to hear a song from the new album called YOU CAN’T STOP ME, it was the song “Cease To Exist”. Hermida said that it now was time for the highlight for him and that was a wall of death. He instructed the fans to form a wall of death and to go all in. “March To The Black Crown” began and Hermida counted to three and the crazy ass fans ran towards each other in a wall of death.


Hermida looked really satisfied and fired off next song in “Slaves To Substance”. The next song was a party song Hermida said and was dedicated to all the girls in the crowd. He wanted all the girls to get into the circle pit and show what they got during “O.C.D”. Sure, Suicide Silence delivered a strong show but at the end of the day the band plays mallcore and nothing more. They can label it as deathcore or whatever, I don’t care, in my ears are their music is nothing but mallcore. Hermida flagged for the final song for the show and wanted the fans to say fuck everything three times. He counted everybody in and the fans shouted fuck everything and that was the introduction to the song that was called “Fuck Everything”. That song seemed to be the bands biggest hits and the fans gave the band huge support during the song and when I took a look at the clock I saw to my surprise that the band only had played for 50 minutes. It felt like much longer – in a good way that is. The fans didn’t want that song to be the last one and shouted for encore which made the band return and fire off “You Only Live Once” which Hermida dedicated to their new friends in Kill Devil Hill. He said he heard that Twisted Sister had performed the other day and said he really had wanted to see them live. The band and the fans existed in perfect symbiosis during the encore and it was fun to see such a dedicated fanbase. Hermida thanked the fans and said that they were the best fans ever and that ended the 60 minute Suicide Silence show.

It was a blast to see such energy on stage and the band gave their absolute all in order to please their fans. In return the fans gave their all on the ground and that made the show pretty special. Even though I didn’t love the music it was awesome to feel the electricity the fans and the band shared for an hour.

Set list
Revelations (intro)
No Pity For A Coward
Bludgeoned To Death
In A Photograph
Wake Up
No Time To Bleed
Cease To Exist
March To The Black Crown
Slaves To Substance
Fuck Everything
You Only Live Once

Now the area was really dark and instead of seeing Watain perform at the Hades stage I met up with my friends in order to get ready for the D.A.D. show. My friends are hardcore D.A.D. fans like me and we spend a while getting psyched for the show. It was the first time my friends attended the festival so we took a walk on the area looking at merchandise and talked about whether D.A.D. was going to play the JIHAD album from the start or begin from the end and what special treats they were going to offer the fans this special night. D.A.D. was doing another show in Denmark this very night and it was because of that they played so late at Copenhell Festival.

The crew had begun to prepare the stage for D.A.D. and the stage looked really really impressive with two sets of cubical full of lights on each side of the drums and a huge bow with lights that reached above drummer Laust Sonne’s head when the show kicked off. D.A.D. is known for putting some hard work into their stage presence and this show seemed to be no exception to that rule. While my friends headed into the Jägermeister bus I started to assemble my gear while listening to the last song I heard from Watain on the other stage. I think it’s really nice that D.A.D. was the last headline act on the final day and it’s kind of suiting that a Danish act ends the festival. Last year played King Diamond the festival and do I dare to hope and wish for that maybe Volbeat is chosen to end the festival next year?


I saw a bunch of people leaving the festival after the Watain show but on the other hand if you like Watain you might not appreciate the music of D.A.D. and vice versa. Us photographers was let into the pit 15 minutes before the show and 10 minutes later came the narrators out and said that the festival turns 5 this year and thanked all the volunteers, all of the bands and all the people that had helped out and visited the festival through the years. They said that the festival is held for the people and that it’s the wildest party of the year. They brought a cake with candles on it on stage and one of the narrators jumped down into the pit, leaned out in the crowd, threw out the cake amongst the crowd and said “ladies and gentlemen I give you the 30 year anniversary band D.A.D.


All of the members but one showed up on stage during the intro and the first song for the night was “Ill Will”. When the intro had been played singer Jesper Binzer came out and as soon as he showed up the screams from the crowd went even bigger. He put on his guitar and it was time for “Wild Talk”. And as we had anticipated the band started the show in reversed order, with the last song on the JIHAD album first. Binzer said that the band had to rehearse the old songs quite a lot but was happy to finally get to play them live. Binzer said that next song was written when he did have a sex life which he didn’t have now. As soon as the crowd heard the intro to “Siamese Twin” it was party hard amongst the fans and it seemed like the fans had been waiting to hear that exact song. All in the crowd sang a long with singer Binzer and he wanted the fans to say hello to drummer Sonne who was about to kick off the next song in “Overmuch” in which Binzer only sang and didn’t play guitar. The line-up is:

Jesper Binzer – lead vocals, guitar
Jacob Binzer – lead guitar
Stig “Stigge Nasty” Pedersen – bass
Laust Sonne – drums

The band looked stylish as always and they are indeed one of the most well-dressed acts in the business. Singer Binzer was dressed in a shirt and jacket, guitarist Binzer had on his black hat and Pedersen wore a leather vest and leather pants. Back in the days Pedersen always used to dress up as an astronaut, a roman or as Zorro but he had quit doing that now. Binzer thanked for the warm welcome the band got and said it was time to play “Lord Of The Atlas”.


The sound system worked perfect and the light show was amazing and left nothing more to wish for. Both Binzer brothers used the ramp a lot and the fans got really happy when the guys came so close to them. Fire squirted up from the edge of the stage and as always did the band only give the fans the best when it comes to the visual experience. And so was it time for the first big hit from the JIHAD album with the song “Girl Nation” which made the fans scream on the top of their lungs. Binzer let the crowd take care of the chorus and everyone sang a long in the classical tune. Binzer thanked again for the enormous amount of support the fans gave the band and said that who thought D.A.D was ever going to play at Copenhell. “True Believer” followed and despite the fact they did two shows in one night they didn’t look tired or weary at all. It was the Binzer brothers that moved around on the stage the most while Pedersen mostly stood solid or walked a little here and there. Binzer messed up the set list a bit but got his act together and introduced “ZCMI” and the band really proved that they still are the biggest act alive out from Denmark today. The band are skilled, they have so many great songs to choose from and an amazing live show and first and foremost they seemed to be having fun on stage and that makes them the best live act from Denmark.

Binzer asked if the fans still liked to hear the old songs and the fans shouted YES. He continued with saying that it was time for the band to play the soundtrack to the festival and it was the amazing song “Rim Of Hell” that includes the piece – “They throw the best damn parties at the rim of hell. Oh lord let me live to tell. They throw the best damn parties at the rim of hell”. Binzer said that when they wrote the track 25 years ago they didn’t have any idea that they were writing the soundtrack to a festival that was going to be launched 30 years later. Guitarist Binzer instantly fired off the next song out on the ramp and it was the ground breaking “Jihad- No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims” which made all of the fans go completely mental. D.A.D has a tendency of extend most of the songs with a guitar solo when they play live and this evening was no exception.


Binzer asked what the fans was going to do tomorrow, nothing at all I hope he said, let’s “Sleeping My Day Away” which is one of the bands biggest hits ever and the entire festival was jumping and singing along in the song. As always let Binzer the crowd take care of the first verse and the fans sang at the top of their lungs. Really long guitars solo extended the song and why not dis the solos in favor of another song? If you add the time it takes to play a solo the band easily could have squeezed in another song instead. Pedersen always use a lot of different bass guitars during the shows and during this show he used his see-through one, the backwards ones and the ones that looks like a chevy car. At the end of the show ran Pedersen out in the back and put on his helmet that throws sparks and ran back on the stage with it on. He does that during almost every show and that always gets the crowd going a little harder. That small fire and spark inferno closed the ordinary set of the show and by know had the clock turned 2 in the morning.


However, that wasn’t enough for the fans which shouted for more and the band soon returned and fired off “Reconstrucdead” not one of my favorite songs but I guess it’s one of those songs that has to be featured in a D.A.D. show. Binzer’s guitar solo changed to a drum solo and singer Binzer wanted the fans to shout “Come On Laust we know you can do it” repeatedly. The song ended with some thrash metal drum play by Sonne and Binzer said that there is no one that can play the drums like Sonne. “Monster Philosphy” and “I Wan’t What She’s Got” continued the encores and again burst fire and flames up by the edge of the stage. Sonne kicked off “Everything Glows” and that is just another crowd pleaser and the fans sang a long in the entire song. I stood and was amazed by how great this band actually is and it’s hard to beat D.A.D in a live situation. At the end of the song the crew rolled in a smaller drum kit on stage and Sonne moved over to that one. He did a longer drum solo and the rest of the band went off stage while he played. As soon as he was done he moved over to the bigger drum kit and the small one began to burn and it looked amazing. It was really atmospheric with the pitch black surroundings and the amazing fire show. The band all walked out on the stage and kicked off the monster hit “Bad Craziness” and Binzer thanked for the amazing support the fans have given the band for the last 30 years.


They all walked off stage again but one song was still missing. The song they always end their show with hadn’t been played yet. And luckily the band re-entered the stage to properly end the show with “It’s After Dark”. Pedersen took care of the lead vocals and his voice is still as amazing as it was in the beginning of their career when he used to sing lead vocals much more than he does now. Parts of the lyrics were handed out to the crowd but they did quite a poor job singing so Pedersen took over the job. That song was the final one and the band once again thanked the fans so much for giving the band such a great support and that song ended 95 minutes of sheer magic.


It was simply amazing to hear the entire JIHAD – NO FUEL LEFT FOR THE PILGRIM in its whole but maybe the band could have changed some of the other songs that didn’t was featured on the album. Like why still have “Reconstrucdead” on the set list? And I had really wanted to hear Pedersen sing more lead vocals so why not add “Black Crickets” on to the list? But even though the band had done another gig before this one there were no sign of tiredness at all and the band delivered as so many times before a rock solid show.


Set list
Ill Will
Wild Talk
Siamese Twin
Lord Of the Atlas
Girl Nation
True Believer
Rim Of Hell
Point Of View
Jihad – No Fuel Left for The Pilgrims
Sleeping My Day Away
Encore I
Monster Philosophy
I Want What She’s Got
Everything Glows with drum solo
Encore II
Bad Craziness
Encore III
It’s After Dark

It’s only to congratulate the band to 30 years in the business and hope for another 30 years – the time had now struck 3 and it was really time to head home to a nice and comfy bed. My friends had really been celebrating the D.A.D. birthday hard so I had to cruise them through the masses of people and back to the shuttle busses. I’m happy to be a part of this 5 year anniversary and it was three days of fun and metal and for once good weather. The highlights during the last day of the festival were Kill Devil Hill, Behemoth and of course the Danish dynamite in D.A.D.

The conclusion of these three days was that the organizers sure know how to throw a party. It was three days of great bands, great experiences and luckily not much rain for the first time. It was amazing that the festival had managed to book huge acts like Iron Maiden and Twisted Sister and I really hope that the festival continue to expand the musical variety next year. From having been an extreme metal/mallcore festival, Copenhell has become a festival that has something to offer all kinds of metalheads. It doesn’t matter if you’re into extreme metal acts like Behemoth, heavy metal like Twisted Sister or Iron Maiden or more rock/prog acts like Graveyard or Monster Magnet, Copenhell has got it all. There were a lot of security and medical personnel to ensure the festival was safe and I didn’t see a single fight or anything like that during the three days. There were more food stands this year and the food was quite expensive. There were a lot of toilets and urinals and you didn’t have to queue to them and everywhere you were you were close to beer stands and you didn’t have to queue to them as well.

Copenhell is all about good music, good times, beer and making friends. If you haven’t paid a visit to the festival yet then don’t hesitate to go there next year, I promise you’re going to have a good time. I congratulate the festival for turning 5 and hope that the festival is going to last for a very long time. Denmark needs Copenhell. Thank you for this year and hope to see you next year.



Thanks to head of press at Copenhell Festival Mikkel Mo for the help with press/photo-pass to the festival.

Big thanks to Jeppe Nissen at Live Nation Denmark for the help.
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