Copenhell Festival 2014 at Refshaleoen Copenhagen, Denmark



Copenhell Festival 2014 Thursday

On the second day of the festival bands like Bad Religion, Sepultura, Within Temptation and Twisted Sister all performed. The two last mentioned were the headline acts. I was bit tired from the night before and I met up with my friend at 1 o clock and 30 minutes later he turned up. With a  bit of a hangover from the night before, he arrived a bit late but it was only to strap on a smile and a positive attitude and head over to the buses again. The subway went like clock work but we had to wait a bit for the shuttle buses in Copenhagen in order to take us to the festival. The day was hot and the sun was shining down on us from a clear blue sky, in other words – the perfect festival day. Even though we started our journey in good time, it was questionable if we were going to make it to Bad Religion who was going to kick off their show at 4.30pm.


Luckily we arrived to the festival about 30 minutes before Bad Religion was going on stage and I really looked forward to see the band live again. I salute the festival for changing the line-up a bit and not focusing on just extreme metal/mallcore acts like earlier years. Just like last year, the festival offers metal music for all kinds of tastes. Not many people had turned up as early as we had and the area was quite empty when we arrived. The organizers had lowered the Helviti stage a bit on Thursday and put a ramp in the middle of it. There were a lot more space to move around in in the pit for the photographers so they had really made an improvement when it came to that stage. Bad Religion’s gear was already placed on the stage when we came but besides the usual amps and speakers there was nothing extra ordinary to see. A few minutes before it was time for the band to begin their show the narrator came out on stage and introduced the band. It was a different guy from last night and when he introduced the band the fans answered with cheers and clapping hands.

Bad Religion

The suitable(?) “Fuck You” kicked off the show and was instantly followed by “Modern Man”. The middle aged punk veterans set full speed ahead from the very start and it was only for the audience to try to tag along. “Recipe For Hate” followed and the members in the band are:

Greg Graffin – lead vocals
Jay Bentley – bass
Brian Baker – guitar
Brooks Wackerman – drums
Mike Dimkick – guitar

Graffin thanked fans for the amazing welcome and that it was nice to see that so many people had gathered to see the band despite the early hour. Graffin, looking like a professor, moved around on the stage and hardly stood still during the show. The band was over lit with fire this early hour so bass player Bentley had a hard time standing still and jumped from time to time on the stage. “Flat Earth Society” and “You” followed and the fans seemed to love what they heard and saw on stage. I thought that more people would have gathered to see these punk icons but the once that was there made sure that the band was feeling welcomed and sang along in most of the songs. Graffin said that it now was time for a current song in “True North” and he dedicated the song to the ones who was sitting on the hill across the stage watching the show. “Overture” was followed by “Supersonic” and “Prove It”.



This show was a solid statement from a band that still has a lot to offer the punk scene. “Can’t Stop it” followed and that title sure described the force that is Bad Religion. Graffin said that he know was about to do something he normally don’t and that was to walk out on the ramp. He said that he is not a rock star who needs a ramp and laughed. The rest of the band shook their heads and laughed and the same did the fans. Griffin said that we might recognize the next song which was “21st Century (Digital Boy)” and as expected went the fans crazy when they heard the first notes of the song. Griffin once again thanked for the support and fired off “New Dark Ages” and “Atomic Garden”.

So was it time to travel back in time to the album SUFFER and the song “You Are (The Government)”. Graffin said that they usually don’t play songs from SUFFER but this was an exception. 4 songs in a row followed from that album, amazing! “Best For You” followed and Graffin said that the audience should be proud to have such a nice festival to visit and fired off “Do What You Want” and “Suffer”. Graffin thanked for the applause and said that the next song was about everyone in the audience and it was “Infected”. The band seemed to be having a good time on stage and before the band left the stage they all thanked the fans. The guys shortly returned and fired off “Dept Of False Hope” after which the show ended with “American Jesus” as the last song.


70 minutes of Bad Religion felt pretty OK and it looked like both the fans as well as the band was really happy with the show. The set list was great and I really liked the fact that they played a few songs from the SUFFER album. Griffin is an amazing frontmen and the rest of the band felt solid, strong and hungry. Bad Religion was the perfect band for me to kick off the second day of Copenhell with.

Set list
Fuck You
Modern Man
Recipe For Hate
Stranger Than Fiction
Flat Earth Society
True North
Prove It
Can’t Stop It
I Want To Conquer The World
21st Century (Digital Boy)
New Dark Ages
Atomic Garden
You Are (The Government)
Best For You
Do What You Want
Dept Of False Hope
American Jesus

At 6 o clock it was time for the Finnish ogres in Finntroll to invade the Hades stage and most of the people that was at the festival was gathered in front of the stage to see Finntroll. I have seen the band a few times before but have never understood their greatness. I don’t really like their music and don’t understand why they are singing in Swedish when they are from Finland. The head of the stage came up to us photographers and warned us that the show might get messy and that we had to stand back for the crowd if that happened. When one of the narrators came out to introduce the band had the fans already began to chant Finntroll Fintroll and it was only for the narrator to let the band in on stage right away and the right side flame thrower went off.


“Blodsvept” marked the beginning of the show and the crowd went berserk right away. The crowdsurfing began right away and the security had to help a lot of fans over the fence and into the pit. The band members wore make up and elf ears which made them look really funny and everyone ran across the stage working really hard to get the crowd going. “Solsagan” and “Mordminnen” continued the show and singer Lillmåns only had to do a circle-sign with his hand to make a circle pit happen.

Lillmåns thanked the band in Swedish but soon changed to English and said that it was nice to be playing in Denmark and that it was time for the crowd to hear “Under Bergets Rot”. The bands battle metal sounded a lot like black metal music but the fans didn’t mind which label the music can be categorized in they purely loved the music and the band and they sure gave the band a show to remember with their crazy ass behavior that included circle pits and crowd surfs. Lillmåns said that he saw a moshpit within the crowd but wanted it to be bigger and the pit emerges right away when “Skogsdotter” was played and Lillmåns took off his t-shirt. The sound system worked perfect but I couldn’t hear any keyboards play even though there was a keyboard on the stage.


Lillmåns said that the band had a quite rough day before they came to Copenhell because their equipment had gone missing at the airport. Lillmåns thanked Clutch for letting Finntroll use their gear during the show. And so it was time for an older song with “Nattfödd” which made the fans go even crazier. There were no doubts that Finntroll has a very loyal fanbase in Denmark and it was nice to see that the band as well as the fans seems to have a really good time together. Lillmåns said that the band started to get warm but only had 45 minutes to play for and he thought that was a bit cheap. “Jaktens Tid” and the long awaited “Trollhammaren” made the fans explode in bliss and every single fan sang along in the songs together with Lillmåns. A moshpit was once again formed and several people crowd surfed their way across to the stage where the security lifted them over the fence. “Trollhammaren” ended the 45 minute show and Lillmåns thanked for the amazing support and said that the band is due to come back to Copenhagen in September.


Finntroll delivered a solid and explosive show that, if you were a fan, left nothing more to wish for. Well it should have been another 45 minutes of music maybe. Finntroll’s music is maybe not my cup of tea but it was fun to see such a dedicated fan base and a band that really appreciated to be on stage.

Set list
Under Bergets Rot
Jaktens Tid

As soon as the show was over, almost everyone in the crowd went over to the Helviti stage because it was time to see the Brazilian thrash legends Sepultura. The band’s latest studio album came 2013 and is titled THE MEDIATOR BETWEEN HEAD AND HANDS MUST BE THE HEART and it’s their second release on the label Nuclear Blast. Personally I lost interest in the band back in 2003 with the release of ROARBACK.

It’s only the bass player Paolo, and in some way also Andreas that’s left from the original line-up and I’m a bit hesitant to even call the band Sepultura today but that’s my opinion. I still have a bit hard time to cope with the fact that none of the Cavalera brothers are in the band anymore. The audience screamed and clapped their hands when the narrator came out and asked if they were ready to see the biggest band from Brazil ever…..


“The Vatican” and “Kairos” kicked off the show and lead singer Derrick Green fronted a shaved head since I last saw him live. Paulo JR had a gray hair and beard and the only one that looked like before was Andreas Kisser. Green thanked the fans and said that there are a lot that talks shit about the band but we are Sepultura and nobody else, he continued, and fired off “Propaganda”. The line-up is:

Derrick Green – lead vocals
Andreas Kisser – guitar
Paulo JR – bass
Eloy Casagrande – drums

A circle pit was formed as soon as the band kicked off the show and I saw many that crowd surfed. Kisser took the mic and said it was fun to be playing in Copenhagen and said that the band is celebrating 30 years this year and that they were going to treat the crowd with a row of old classic songs. But first off was a new song in “Manipulation Of Tragedy” in which Kisser ran out on the ramp to do his guitar solo. “Convicted In Life” and “”Dusted” followed as well as “Spectrum”. The ones that moved around connecting with the fans were Green and Kisser. Kisser said that it now was time to pay tribute to the biggest one from Brazil and Green went over to a floordrum and kicked off the song “Da Lama Do Caos” which apparently was a cover song with Kisser on lead vocals singing in Portuguese. Kisser actually did a great job on lead vocals, he sang pretty good.


The next song was dedicated to all old school fans of Sepultura and it was “Inner Self” which woke up the majority part of the fans and a circle pit was formed. Green wanted to see everybody’s hands in the amazing “Territory” and that was the highlight of the show. The entire crowd went crazy and sang a long with Green in the song. Green’s vocals sounded good, Kisser’s guitar play was edgy and Paolo Jr’s bass play was solid and Casagrande’s drumplay was heavy, in other words was this a good day at work for Sepultura. Another major hit in “Arise” continued the show and caused another riot amongst the fans and the chaos continued when “Refuse/Resist” followed.


That song also ended the 60 minute show but the crowd wanted to hear more from the Brazilian legends and they soon returned back on stage kicking off “Trauma Of War” as the first encore. “Ratamahatta” followed and Green asked if everyone was doing fine. Kisser and Green shared the lead vocals in “Ratamahatta” which made it to a duet. Green thanked so much for the support and said that they had one more song to play before they left and it was “Roots Bloody Roots” in which Green wanted everyone to go crazy. Another huge circle pit was formed and everyone literally screamed their lungs out when they sang a long with Green in the song. Green had the audience in the palm of his hand and when he wanted everyone to sing hey, hey, hey they screamed on the top of their lungs. As soon as the song ended thanked Green for the support and the band went off the stage. 75 minutes of Brazilian thrash metal had come to its end and the fans were happy with what they had seen. Sepultura did a good show but the more current songs don’t work as well as the older ones. I miss the Cavalera brothers a lot and the band isn’t the same without them. I have had a bit hard to accept that the band lives on without them but I have to admit that Green and Kisser do a good job carrying the Sepultura torch into the future.

Set list
The Vatican
Manipulation Of Tragedy
Convicted In Life
Da Lama Do Caos
Trauma of War
Roots Bloody Roots

Triptykon was soon about to kick off their show but first I had 15 minutes to reload with some water before I had to head to the photopit at the Hades stage. Triptykon recently released their second album MELANA CHASMATA in February this year. Their first album came back in 2010 and is titled EPARISTERA DAIMONES.


 I took a look at the stage and nothing much was on it. Only a backdrop with the band name and a larger drum kit was placed on stage. To judge by the quite huge amount of people that was gathered in front of the stage Triptykon was longed for. Finally came the narrators to introduce the band and the fans screamed on the top of their lungs in order to give Triptykon a warm welcome.


The fans screamed on the top of their lungs when they saw Tom G Warrior enter the stage and the first song out was “Circle Of The Tyrants” and a circle pit formed instantly. “Goetia” followed and the fans in the front of the stage were completely wild. Triptykon is:

Thomas Gabriel Fischer – lead vocals, guitar
V Santura – guitar
Norman Lonhard – drums
Vanja Slajh – bass

The sound system worked perfect and the stage was covered with smoke that blew away pretty fast because it was quite a windy evening. Warrior looked really cool with his cap and the black stuff painted under his eyes. The band felt solid and tight and knew exactly what the fellow member was doing on stage. It was Santura and Warrior that moved around the most on stage while Slajh stood still on her spot. “Altar Of Deceit” followed and it felt a bit wrong that the bands dark mysterious music should be played in broad daylight while the sun shined down from a blue sky.


Warrior thanked the fans and said that this was the bands fourth visit to Denmark ever and introduced the song “Tree of Suffocating Souls” which was followed by the old Hellhammer song “Messiah”. It was a bit hard to tell where one song ended and the other one began because some of the songs are really long and goes pretty much in the same tempo. Warrior seemed to be really happy with the response the band got from the audience however he looked also as always mean while he walked around on stage. The marathon long “The Prolonging” taken from the debut album followed but the fans seemed to be happy and formed circle pits throughout the song. That song also ended the 60 minutes the band had to play for. The fans thanked Triptykon with a massive applause and then the masses moved to the next stage to set camp for Within Temptation which was the next band on the agenda at Copenhell.


Triptykon delivered a solid show with nothing more to wish for. Both Celtic Frost and Hellhammer was represented with songs in the set list but maybe the bands doom/avant-garde metal had benefited more being performed later during the night in the dark and not in the sun.

Set list
Circle of The Tyrants
Altar Of Deceit
Tree of Suffocating Souls
The Prolonging

I, along with the rest of the crowd, headed over to the other stage in order to see the Dutch act Within Temptation led by the charismatic lead singer Sharon Den Adel. The bands new album HYDRA came in January and it is brilliant. It’s the bands 7th album and has taken the world by storm. The bands symphonic metal appeals to all kinds of metal heads and on the album guest appearances by Tarja Turunen, Xzibit, Howard Jones (ex- Killwsitch Engage) and Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum) can be heard. A lot of Swedish people had done like me and headed over to Copenhagen to attend the festival and I could hear the Swedish language everywhere I went.


It felt like there were less people at the festival during the second day compared to yesterday and maybe that was because many was there to see Iron Maiden. However now was it tome to focus on Within Temptation that had a huge backline with two wolves’ heads facing each other on a huge video screen. Two stairs was placed in the middle of the stage and on the stairs on each side were the drums and keyboards placed. A smaller podium was also placed on the stage and it was a really good looking cool backline and it contained more than the backline that Iron Maiden had the day before. The head of security informed the us that the first song was going to include fire and a lots of pyro so we couldn’t take pics during the first song, we had to wait to the second song and instead photograph the second, third and fourth song. And finally turned the clock 9.30 and it was time to see Within Temptation live on Danish soil.

Within Temptation

The video screens on stage showed the meaning Copenhell and the members went on stage while the screens lit up. The show kicked off with “Let Us Burn” and Den Adel showed up on stage after the intro had been played. Within Temptation is:

Sharon Den Adel – lead vocals
Ruud Jolie – guitar
Jeroen Van Veen – bass
Martijn Spierenburg – keyboards
Mike Coolen – drums
Stefan Helleblad – guitar

Pyros blasted from the stage and fire went up from the edge and it all looked really cool. The security let us into the pit as the first song had come to an end and the first song we could take pics during was “Paradise (What About us)”. Den Adel wore a black top and a short skirt and a white jacket and looked really cool. “Paradise (What About Us)” is taken from the latest studio album HYDRA and is a duet with Tarja Turunen who now showed up on the screens singing together with Den Adel. Den Adel used the entire stage wisely and ran across it during the show. She also jumped up and down on the podiums interacting with the guitarists.


“Faster” followed and it was only to face the fact that the bands music did really well at Copenhell and the fans seemed to be loving every minute of the show. Den Adel has the crowd in the palm of her hand during the show and it was easy to see that the band enjoyed the show as much as the fans. “In The Middle Of the Night” taken from the album THE UNFORGIVING followed and it happened so much at the same time on stage that it was hard to know where to watch. The screens showed pictures and films and pyros and fire blasted off from the stage and the members ran around but the action kept the crowd going. Den Adel said it was fun to be at Copenhell and said it was time for the next song which was “Fire And Ice”. “And We Run” continued the show and this time showed Xzibit up on the screens rapping in the song. It was a smart and very good looking way to make duets and the fans went crazy when they saw both Turunen and Xzibit. Den Adel asked if the crowd was ready to dance and kicked off the second single from HYDRA which is “Dangerous” which she sings together with Howard Jones from Killswitch Engage. The fans had really listened well to the new album and they sang along in most of the songs taken from HYDRA.


The darkness had now begun to set over the area and that made the visual effects on stage work even better than earlier. Den Adel disappeared from stage during the intro to the next song which was “Our Solemn Hour” but she soon returned back when it was time to sing and she invited the fans to sing the chorus. Right before the next song she said that democracy is very important here in Europe and that we had to be careful so that we don’t end up having the same problems as they have in Ukraine. We have to protect our democracy and solve problems in a peaceful way. Everyone in the audience clapped their hands for that and the show continued with “Iron”. Den Adel had the audience to scream on her command in the song and the fans screamed on the top of their lungs. So was it time for one of the songs I guess most of the fans had waited for, it was the big hit “Stand My Ground” that followed and all in the crowd jumped up and down singing along with Den Adel. “Covered By Roses” and “Mother Earth” continued the night and those two songs ended the ordinary 60 minute set for Within Temptation.


But of course that wasn’t the end of the show because the band came back and treated the fans with some more music with the first encore “What Have You Done” which is a duet with Keith Caputo from Life Of Agony. Den Adel said that now it was time for the fans to sing on their own and she stood on the ramp listening to the fans while they screamed on the top of their lungs. Den Adel said that the band had done a cover album of songs they liked and that it now was time to do a song from that album and it was the sexy and smooth “Summertime Sadness”. So it was time for the last songs for the night and Den Adel said she and the band really had enjoyed their time on stage and couldn’t understand why it had taken them so long to play at Copenhell. “Memories” and “Ice Queen” ended the 75 minute show and Den Adel thanked everyone for being there and for coming to the show.


I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the show because it was simply amazing. It included great music, a great stage show, cool fire works and pyro and an ass kicking crowd. Within Temptation showed why they are one of the best bands in their genre and the night belonged to the Dutch symphonic metal act.


Set list
Let Us Burn
Paradise (What About Us)
In The Middle Of The Night
Fire And Ice
And We Ran
Stand My Ground
Covered By Roses
Mother Earth
What Have You Done
Summertime Sadness
Ice Queen

The darkness had rolled in and covered the area and it had been a really long day. Luckily no rain had been pouring down and the weather had been pretty nice. The last act for the day/night was the 80’s heavy metal legends Twisted Sister. Before that Clutch was about to take on the Hades stage but I decided to regroup and find something to eat before I headed over to the Helviti stage to see Twisted Sister. The Iron Maiden beer was only sold the day before and now we had to settle for the more common beer brand Royal which tastes as good as any beer.

Copenhell have always offered a good amount of facilities and just as last year were there many toilets on the area and no one had to wait on lines in order to get to them. You could also charge your cellphone for a minor fee and there were a lot of food stands that offered a varied menu. There were also a lot of security and nurses that walked around in the area making sure everyone was doing fine and that no fights or quarrels was taking place. And so after a few beers and food it was time to see one of the absolute highlights for me during the festival in Twisted Sister. The band originally left the scene back in 1989 but was brought back to life in 2003 when they performed at the Sweden Rock Festival in Sweden and at Wacken Open Air in Germany. In 2004 came the re-recorded version of STAY HUNGRY called STILL HUNGRY. The band is now out on the Stay Hungey 30th Anniversary World Tour and they’re going to play the STAY HUNGRY album back to back.


A lot of people was already gathered in front of the stage when I came and 15 minutes before the show the head of security came  and told us that there was a risk that the show might get rough and that people were going to be lifted from the crowd and into the photo pit. There were no other restriction for the photographers and we could stay in the pit for as long as we wanted. That has never happened I think and all cred to Twisted Sister for being generous and such sports. The narrators came on stage and said that now it was time for one of the most awaited bands to make their debut at Copenhell, give a warm welcome to Twisted Fucking Sister. The intro to the Ac/Dc song “It’s a Long Way To The Top (If You wanna RocknRoll)” was played and one of the crew members came on and said Ok Copenhagen, straight from New York here comes Twisted “Fucking” Sister…and the 10 minute late show blasted off.

Twister Sister

The fans screamed really loud when they saw the band and “Stay Hungry” was the first song out. “The Kids Are Back” continued and the show was officially on, it was the first time the band has played in Denmark. The line-up is:

Mark “Animal” Mendoza – bass
Dee Snider – lead vocals
Eddie “Fingers” Ojeda – guitar
AJ Pero – drums
Jay Jay French – guitar

Snider ran around like a maniac on stage and it was hard to even see him from time to time because of his running around. He had on a black t-shirt, leather jacket and white jeans and the man has the body of a 20 year old!! To say he is fit would be an understatement; the man is in the prime of his life! Snider thanked the crowd and introduced “Shoot Em Down” and I couldn’t but be amazed by how well these middle-aged men still can handle their instruments. I knew that Snider still was a force to be reckoned with but couldn’t imagine that also goes for the rest of the band. Snider wanted everyone to stand up and apologized to the handicapped section for saying that. He said that the band celebrates the 30th anniversary of the release of the STAY HUNGRY album this year and that it now was time to fire off “The Beast” taken from that album.


The crowd went mad and even formed a circle pit during the song. Snider, French and Ojeda used the ramp to walk out on and the crowd went even crazier when the members came closer to them. Already this early into the show I was blown away by the energy the band possess on stage. Twisted Sister commands over a lot of the younger acts today and the band is really hard to beat in a live situation. Snider once again thanked us for the support and said that the band apparently hadn’t played in Denmark since 1986 and maybe it wasn’t so good idea to be celebrating STAY HUNGRY because the band hadn’t been here for so long. But maybe it’s better to celebrate that we actually are here said Snider. “Don’t Let Me Down” continued the show and Snider said…”even though we haven’t performed here since 1986 I promise you that this is the original line-up that’s standing beside me here tonight playing for you….and now is it time to play two songs that are jointed together that inspired me to dodo my movie Strangeland.” The songs were “Captain Howdy” and “Street Justice”.

You can believe the mayhem in the audience when “We’re Not Gonna Take It” continued the show and I bet that everyone at the entire festival including the vendors sang a long to the song. The audience took care of the chorus in the middle of the song and they sang loud and Snider wanted the stage to go black and the spotlights to shine at the crowd. When the song had ended Snider said that he apologized for taking so long for the band to come back to Denmark and that he wanted to hear the fans sing once more and again the spotlights was turned on the fans while they sang “We’re not gonna take it.”


French thanked so much for the support and said that he wanted everyone to put their hands in the air so that he could take a picture for the bands website. He said that this crowd was living proof that there are still people that loved proper rock n roll music. He continued by saying that there are so many fast ways to be famous these days and by that he meant all the talent shows that are around like X-factor and Idol but those shows are not built to last. Those shows produced one hit wonders and he said he was happy that his fans weren’t those types of people. He said that bands like Kiss, Iron Maiden or Motorhead have all struggled to get to the top and bands that do that lasts for ages and centuries not for a few weeks. He ended his story by introducing the proper song for the occasion “The Price”. Halfway into the show Snider wanted  the stage to go black and the lights to shine once again on the crowd and all the hands that were in the air. That was sure an intense moment to see and live and I’m glad that I was there to see it when it happened. In the middle of “I Believe In Rock n Roll” Snider said that there is only one god that we worship and that’s heavy metal. He wanted the fans to scream I believe in rock n roll which everyone did and a might chorus could be heard from the fans. Snider wanted the fans to do that three times and then he was satisfied.


Another song from STAY HUNGRY continued the show and it was “Burn In Hell” which was completed by solos from Ojeda and French after which it was time for a drum solo by Pero. Snider wanted everyone to give it up for Pero and said that the band had played a lot of songs from STAY HUNGRY but that it now was time for a song for all the old school fans in the crowd and it was time for everyone to go mental in “I Wanna Rock”. The bands second big hit brought down a huge roar from the fans and everyone in the crowd started to jump around, dance and sing. Snider said  “I Wanna”… and the fans should answer “Rock” and he did that about three times before he said that come on lets switch rock to fuck because fucking is more fun to do than rock but the best thing would have been if it was possible to do those two things at the same time. Say what you want about Snider, but there’s never a dull moment when he’s around. So he made the audience scream I Wanna Fuck a few times and he laughed and seemed to be enjoying the time on stage a lot. That song ended the set that had lasted for about 70 minutes but that was not all. After a shorter break the band came back and Snider said that the band wanted to do something special for the fans tonight. And as everyone probably knows, Lemmy from Motorhead isn’t doing too well and we want to play a Motorhead cover as a salute for him tonight and the song in mind was “Born To Raise Hell”. Snider let the crowd do the chorus and looked really happy with the great response the cover got. At the end of the song Snider wanted a camera man to come up on stage to film the crowd while singing and send the film to Lemmy. Snider looked into the camera and said that this one’s for you Lemmy, Twisted Sister and Copenhagen loves you, feel better. Snider took a look at the set list and said he was about to change it.


I know that a lot of you liked COME OUT AND PLAY he said and let’s play a song from that one in “The Fire Burns”. Snider introduced the band and said that they had one more song to play but they had to move on because they were late and over schedule and the song was “S.M.F”. In the middle of the song he wanted the fans to sing “I’m a sick motherfucker” instead of the original “You’re a SMF” and looked really happy when the crowd did as he said. That song ended the show and it was time for the mighty Twisted Sister to get off stage. The band thanked the fans for being so great and the band took a picture of them with the crowd. The 90 minute long show could have, in my opinion, lasted for another 90 minutes because it was pure joy to see the guys in action. No doubt they loved being on stage getting so much support from the fans and who can blame them, they sure are worth every single moment in the spotlights. Snider is an amazing front man that jokes around and having fun on stage and that rubs off on the audience. The set list with almost the entire STAY HUNGRY album was amazing but I was surprised by the fact that the band hadn’t played in Denmark for so long. They have performed in Sweden but apparently not in Denmark until now. Well, I really hope the band comes back really soon because the band sure threw a party.


Set list
It’s A Long Way To The Top (If you wanna rock n roll) intro
Stay Hungry
The Kids Are Back
Shoot Em Down
The Beast
Don’t Let Me Down
You Can’t Stop Rock n Roll
Horror- Teria
Captain Howdy
Street Justice
We’re Not Gonna Take It
The Price
I Believe In Rock n Roll
Burn In Hell
I Wanna Rock
Born To Raise Hell
The Fire Still Burn

A great Twisted Sister show ended the second day of Copenhell and it was only for me and my friend to head back on home again. Inside the shuttle bus people started to sing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and everyone was really happy from having seen Twisted Sister. No one was singing Iron Maiden songs the day before and it was quite obvious that the biggest crowd pleaser so far had been Twisted Sister. I arrived back home at 4.30 in the morning and headed straight to bed. In just a few hours it was time to head back to Copenhagen for the third and last day of the festival. The highlights of this second day was Bad Religion, Within Temptation and needless to say the mindblowing explosion by the name of Twisted Fucking Sister!



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