Copenhell Festival 2014 at Refshaleoen Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhell Festival 2014
Copenhagen, Denmark
11-13/6 – 2014

Review and live pictures by Anders Sandvall



This year the Copenhell festival celebrates 5 years! The acts that performed on this year were Mercenary, Triptykon, Monster Magnet, Arch Enemy, Clutch, Behemoth, Graveyard amongst many others and as headline acts we could see Iron Maiden, Within Temptation, Twisted Sister, D.A.D. and Suicide Silence. The festival offers a wide range and variety of music and the only bigger act that canceled their performance this year was Megadeth. To replace them we got the Danish act D.A.D. who called in and they ran through their big hit album JIHAD – NO FUEL LEFT FOR THE PILGRIMS especially for the crowd at Copenhell. The band celebrates 30 years this year and have been out on a triumph tour this past year. And because D.A.D. threw a show a few hours before they was about to enter the stage at Copenhell and the band went on stage at 1pm instead of 12pm. Therefore, the festival closed at 02.00 on Wednesday, at 03.00 on Thursday, and at 04.00 on Friday. Lynch Mob also canceled and was replaced by Suicide Angels.

This year the festival mascot was drawn by Florian Bertmer who has worked with Napalm Death, Converge and The Dillinger Escape Plan. The name of the mascot was King Belial. Just as last year were three stages placed at the festival and they all had the same names as previous years. The biggest one is called Helviti, the slightly smaller one is called Hades and the smallest one is Pandaemonium. Altogether 30 bands performed on the three stages during the three days of the festival. Something new for this year was that the festival lasted for three days and not for two as it has been the previous years. The festival kicked off on Wednesday and lasted until Friday instead of the original plan which was to launch the festival at Thursday. That depended on the fact that Iron Maiden wanted to play at Wednesday night and not on Thursday and who can say no to the mighty icons? I don’t think the change of days mattered to the thousands of metal heads that visited the festival. They were happy to see Iron Maiden live on any given weekday so I think the festival did the right thing. Besides music, the visitors could also try metal karaoke, listen to metal DJ’s, demolish a car, and look at merchandise and albums from various vendors. As before, this year it was also possible to camp on the site. The camping was located before you enter the festival area.


Copenhell is located at an old shipyard outside Copenhagen and the site is called Refshaleoen where some 8000 people work there. I read in the Danish newspapers that about 14,000 tickets were sold to the festival. The shipyard closed in 1996 after being active for 100 years and besides hosting Copenhell, the place also has larger concerts as well as this years version of the Eurovision Song Contest which Denmark won last year. Refshaleoen is situated on the Island of Amager, and is located on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Due to a strike amongst the traincrew who work on the trains that go over the bridge between Sweden and Denmark, it took it almost double the amount of time to get to the festival. Instead of trains, we were forced to go by bus across the bridge.