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Interview with Stacey “Savage” Peak of Savage Master

Conducted by Robert Williams

Band photography courtesy of Hallie Jones

Louisville, Kentucky’s traditional metal onslaught Savage Master is set to release their debut full length record “Mask Of The Devil” this Halloween through Skol Records, one of the more trusted and reputable labels of the underground. I recently had the chance to visit with Stacey “Savage” Peak, the band’s vocalist, who is every bit as talented as the band’s commanding vocalist as she is as a black studded leather clad beauty. A tour is currently under works and set to kick off this November. Be sure to check out the band’s new album and witness their Satanic sorcery when they come to your town!

Introduce our readers to your band Savage Master. Let’s start with how the band initially formed. How long has Savage Master been a band and how did you all meet?

Savage Master has been a band since October 2013.  Adam Neal recruited various musicians he’s known and worked with in the past to form Savage Master after he and I met and created the concept of the band.

What is the metal scene like in Louisville, Kentucky? Was it difficult to find the right people to jam with or is there a pretty prosperous metal community over there?

The metal scene in Louisville is unfortunately sparse, particularly in the classic influenced style in which we play. We are very fortunate for the members we have.

Savage Master is set to release your debut full length album “Mask Of The Devil” through Skol Records this coming Halloween. I’ve already had the chance to hear the song “The Ripper In Black” from the new album and I’m looking forward to hearing more! Where did Savage Master record “The Mask Of The Devil” and who was the album’s producer?

Savage Master recorded the “Mask of the Devil” album at Wax & Tape Studios. The album was co-produced by Kent O’Bryan, Adam Neal and Stacey “Savage” Peak.


How did Savage Master wind up getting the attention of Skol Records?

This is a mystery that neither Savage Master nor Skol Records know. (Laughs)

Do you write the majority of the lyrics for the band or is it a collaborative effort? If so, what would you say are some of the things that influence you from a lyrical standpoint?

Adam and I write the lyrics together. For me personally,  it’s difficult to be more specific than to say “life experiences and heavy metal” because it’s as though everything I experience and think melds together in my mind and comes out of its own free will in the form of lyrics.

Do you have a favorite track on “Mask Of The Devil” or maybe a song that stands ahead of the rest in terms of having a special meaning for yourself personally?

They are all special in their own ways. Perhaps I know them all too intimately to pick a favorite.

I understand Savage Master will be hitting the road around November touring in support of “Mask Of The Devil”. Tell us more about that! Any idea which markets you’ll be hitting and or bands you might tour with?

We plan to initially tour in the eastern states and then if it seems like it would be good for us to go west, we will do that as well. We do not yet know who we may tour with but we are excited to be playing a show with Acid Witch near the end of October before our tour!

Considering Savage Master recently inked a prestigious management deal with Gabriel Management are there currently any plans in the works to perform overseas at some point, perhaps you’ll make the rounds on the European festival circuit?

We very much hope so!


Has Savage Master found the time to work on any new material since you completed the recording process for “The Mask Of The Devil”?

We have been working on a few new songs and a couple of covers since recording “The Mask of the Devil” album. I feel as though these new songs will be even better than the previous material, as we have become even tighter as a band.

From the promotional photos of the band I’ve seen thus far it would appear as though everyone besides yourself in the band wears a black hood to obscure their identity where as you’re decked out from head to toe in leather. Is this also the case when the band performs live? If so, what would you say is the significance or meaning behind the band’s imagery?

This is the case when performing live as well. The Mario Bava film “Black Sunday” has lent us inspiration.  I control these hooded executioners via Satanic sorcery.

Do you plan on filming any promotional music videos for the new album?

We have discussed filming a music video at some point.

Do you have a favorite city to perform in? Which city you performed in has made the most noise for Savage Master so far?

Chicago has made the most noise and has been the most rewarding place to play in so far. That is the only city we have played outside of Louisville. We do have a lot of love from home but the passion for metal is bigger in bigger cities it seems.

How did you originally get into metal music? Who would you name as your favorite bands?

Since birth classic rock has been a part of my life. As I grew up my parents were listening to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. It wasn’t until high school that I became exposed to extreme metal. I have found my home somewhere between these and have been enjoying a lot NWOBHM lately. Judas Priest will always be one of my favorite bands. Venom has had a big impression on how I approach performing as well. What I tend to be influenced by most are bands with strong vocals and showmanship. I know these sound like 101 basics but I have had so many favorites from time to time these seem to be the ones that will always stay with me.

A follow up on that question would be when did you originally decide to take up singing in a metal band and are there any singer’s in particular that you feel influenced your sound as a vocalist?

I got serious about finding a metal band just a few months before Adam Neal and I met. Rob Halford of Judas Priest has influenced my sound due to the very visual way he paints lyrics and really countless others have as well. Anyone who I have spent hours learning their lyrics and singing their songs has had some effect on my voice that fans will recognize even if I have long forgotten how much I used to sing those songs as I am always listening to more and more music. When I hear a vocalist achieve an impressing feat or do something interesting or cool with their vocals, I try to learn how to do it myself. Here’s a list of some bands which I have focused heavily on vocally; Witchfinder General, Warlock, Candlemass, Danzig, Angel Witch, Diamond Head, Coven and more…


What are some of your current goals for Savage Master or ambitions that you’d like to see accomplished as a metal singer?

For Savage Master our goals are to continue releasing music we stand behind and to only get better. We believe in putting on a show that will entertain metal fans in a memorable way. We feel that a lot of the entertainment and real rockin’ has somehow been lost over the years so we offer fresh blood to the lifelong fans of True Occult Heavy Metal and to show newcomers that there is good true heavy metal music out there right now. As a metal singer, I intend to keep learning new vocal techniques and improving the strength and quality of my voice. Singing is my passion and I want to explore it to the fullest.

Where should people go to check out Savage Master?

You can check out Savage Master at:

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to talk metal Stacey! Before we wrap this up do you have any last words for metal fans reading at home?

Thank you for the interview, Robert. I also want to say thank you metal fans for reading. We are inspired by the many great people supporting and sharing in our passion.