Vardan – Enjoy of Deep Sadness

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Reviewed: August 2014
Released: 2014,
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

VARDAN returns with his 12th album, we see this solo-visionary\’s producing a very primitive necro sorrowful, hauntingly melodic melancholy. We find 3 depressive suicidal black metal funeral dirges that total 36 minutes of cold, grim, oppressive, depressive hymns to the dead and dying. This is actually very good, some may find the tracks to long but it almost makes you immerse yourself into the music and you forget the time as it stands still.

Great release, love the bleakness, if I was to put my musician head on – the hihat was a little annoyingly loud but that’s just me. If you love your DSBM got listen to this guy \\m/

Review by Anubis Dracul


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Track Listing:
1. A Broken Existence
2. Enjoy of Deep Sadness
3. An Abstract Voice

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