The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story (DVD)

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The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story (DVD)
2014, Eagle Rock Ent.
Rating: 4.5

This 2 DVD set on the late Syd Barrett is chock full of info on the mad genius that helped put Pink Floyd on the map. Despite massive commercial success after Syd left the band there are still some that say he was Floyd and they were never the same after.   This is a true statement for better or for worse. One thing we all agree on is that he left a legacy in just a few short years.

The first DVD in this set is the main feature which is full of candid interviews with some of his bandmates and people that knew him personally. Their stories shed a light on him that is not normally written. He is shown as a human being like the rest of us and not a drugged out musician as has been written at times. Yes it was the drugs that changed him for the worse but that wasn’t the only side to him. He was a musician, friend and more to those around him. His input into the first couple of Floyd albums was immeasurable. He wrote their best material in the early days, “See Emily Play”, “ Arnold Layne”, “Bike” and my personal favorite “Astronomy Domine”. There are live performance clips of the band as well as home movies of Barrett during his time with the band. His life after Floyd is briefly touched upon including when he showed up at the studio while the band were recording “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and they never even recognized him.

The second DVD features the full interviews with his old bandmates as well as one with Graham Coxon who performs Syd”s “Love You” on his acoustic while sitting his his backyard. A very nice little tribute to the late, great Barrett. These interviews are very informative and give us a small glimpse into his world.

A very well done documentary that had begun while Syd was alive. It is tragic what had happened to him at such an early age. One could only imagine what he could have accomplished had that weekend not have had happened. Maybe he would have continued to make wonderful music? Who knows? An interesting and informative documentary with equally interesting interviews as the bonus features. Shine on Syd!