Maryland Deathfest XII, Edison Lot / Rams Head Live / Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD May 22-25, 2014

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Maryland Deathfest DAY 4



Day 4 was a lower key recovery day for most of us. The band I most wanted to see was Canada’s Gorguts, who I’ve caught twice before, recently with Carcass and in 2012 with Death to All. Gorguts is touring more extensively now supporting their acclaimed 2013 release COLORED SANDS. I’m at the barrier again and I’m ready for some tech / prog death!


Gorguts is one of the most technically proficient bands I’ve ever seen. There were doing all kinds of weird shit with the guitars and bass and it sounded crazy but killer at the same time! The first half of the set was all new COLORED SANDS material, which sounded great, especially with Luc Lemay’s elongated growls, which are toned down on the album for some reason (probably to sell more copies to a bigger audience). Then it was time for the old shit! We got a teched up “Orphans of Sickness” from 1993’s THE EROSION OF SANITY, “Nostalgia” and “Obscura” from the “love it or hate it” 1998 album OBSCURA (live everything sounds brilliant but the vocals on the album suck), and “Inverted” from 2001’s FROM WISDOM TO HATE. “Orphans of Sickness” was my favorite of the set and I was hoping for some CONSIDERED DEAD material, but we didn’t get any. Good set, about what I expected. The crowd got more intense for the older material with moshing / crowd surfing and overall everyone seemed to really enjoy the set.


Gorguts set list:

1. Le Toit du Monde
2. An Ocean of Wisdom
3. Forgotten Arrows
4. Colored Sands
5. Orphans of Sickness
6. Nostalgia
7. Inverted
8. Obscura


















After Gorguts we saw Sweden’s Candlemass, who was quite impressive musically, like a Ronnie James Dio Sabbath with keyboards. I’m not familiar with them but I will definitely check out some of their material. Every year MDF gets better, topping the lineup they had in the previous year. Security was much improved this year and there were no issues and no long lines for re-entry. You also can’t beat the merch. I got some killer 2X shirts (Sinister’s DIABOLICAL SUMMONING, Grave’s You’ll Never See…, Gorguts’ CONSIDERED DEAD ) that you can’t find anywhere else and I got some great deals on CD’s and patches. I feel very fortunate that I live 2 hours away so it is easy to get a hotel with friends and drive down. I also saw a lot of old metal brothers and met some new ones. Metalheads are the best. Looking forward to next May already! MDF rules!